NameJet.com is the Goldnames favorite website where to place domain name backorders. Day by day “we” try the best to prepare a compact list of pre-drop domain names. This takes a lot of time and energy. Names selection is done following a certain rules and strategy. Thousand and thousand domain names are dropping each day, the main task is a skilled squeezing of everydays huge drop list. It doesn’t automatically mean that at the output side you will see the ideal domain name to backorder. It’s just a vision of Goldnames with pre-filtered domain names, some of them may have value, some may not. You need to do a final analyze yourself to gather the names you like. Few words about the process as a whole: compiling and squeezing is performed manually, with the help of FreshDrop.com website (still prefer the old classical web interface and it’s available, ask support). Finally the domain names are sorted in descending order by an age. Order of sorting is due to the fact that older names usually have more weight, because they are registered long time ago in the past. But absolutly everything count, not the age alone, backlinks, Google page rank, Dmoz listing, website history, domain itself, and so on

You always have the option to choose what you like.

Welcome and Enjoy!


Pending delete domain names:

dermik.com 1996 dermik

statology.com 1997 statology

bonecare.com 1997 bonecare

quax.com 1997 quax LLLL.com

romsnet.com 1997 romsnet

collington.com 1998 collington

ceol.net 1998 ceol LLLL.net

usfax.net 1998 usfax

bigcasino.net 1999 big casino

lapuk.net 1999 lapuk

smellsnew.com 1999 smells new

sexualexposure.com 1999 sexual exposure

salonmercurio.com 1999 salon mercurio

willmington.com 2000 willmington

ap-it.com 2000 ap-it

rregister.com 2000 rregister

cahra.com 2000 cahra LLLLL.com

veiligheid.com 2000 veiligheid

bindfaden.com 2000 bindfaden

ketrix.com 2000 ketrix

thinkmore.net 2000 think more

motel-reservations.com 2000 motel reservations

russiareport.com 2000 russia report

toobot.com 2000 toobot

agabi.net 2000 agabi

janelewis.com 2000 jane lewis

child-seat.com 2000 child seat

jonhaley.com 2000 jon haley

satec.net 2000 satec

lastminutecheck.com 2000 last minute check

ourfarms.com 2000 our farms

plasmaproductions.com 2000 plasma productions

reisebuecher.com 2000 reisebuecher

reisecheckliste.com 2000 reisecheckliste

stillmountain.com 2000 stillmountain

superreisen.com 2000 superreisen

gold-finger.com 2001 gold finger

bartanen.com 2001 bartanen

coirnoir.com 2001 coir noir

bogati.com 2001 bogati

welcometobavaria.com 2001 welcome to bavaria

bluelondon.com 2001 blue london

ilikecorn.com 2001 i like corn

psicoanalisti.com 2001 psicoanalisti

avertissements.com 2001 avertissements

mercerforum.com 2001 mercer forum

marketingyour.com 2002 marketing your

online-essays.com 2002 online essays

shakela.com 2002 shakela

irhost.net 2002 irhost

vodabar.com 2002 vodabar

kayakstore.net 2002 kayak store

davemoon.net 2002 dave moon

movie-land.com 2002 movie land

sinisa.com 2002 sinisa

vburo.com 2002 vburo

drbergman.net 2002 dr.bergman

pokerplayersclub.com 2003 poker players club

whatwomenknow.com 2003 what women know

justinsavage.com 2003 justin savage

neolaia.com 2003 neolaia

reformen.net 2003 reformen

relsy.com 2003 relsy

soilfarm.com 2003 soilfarm

tutora.com 2003 tutora

usskydiving.com 2003 us skydiving

skyclass.com 2004 sky class

medima.net 2004 medima

my35.net 2004 my35

emanweb.com 2004 eman web

demean.net 2004 demean

peec.net 2004 peec CVVC.net

santramon.com 2004 santramon

hundestar.com 2004 hundestar

skiboo.com 2004 skiboo

milanhighschool.com 2005 milan highschool

domainedition.com 2005 domain edition

devresearch.com 2005 devresearch

bertelli.net 2005 bertelli

kilogramm.com 2005 kilogramm

floorcord.com 2005 floorcord

specialnumbers.com 2005 special numbers

arsanjan.com 2005 arsanjan

tcprovider.com 2005 tc provider

grapeservices.com 2005 grape services

antioxidans.com 2005 antioxidans

carsdonations.com 2005 cars donations

dwqw.com 2006 dwqw LLLL.com

portaltoheaven.com 2006 portal to heaven

adultwebsite.net 2006 adult website

spacedrone.com 2006 spacedrone

hsiz.com 2006 hsiz LLLL.com

oilvsgas.com 2006 oil vs gas

powertodomore.com 2007 power to do more

gyneko.com 2007 gyneko

exposit.net 2007 exposit

uocx.com 2007 uocx LLLL.com

xiaoxie.net 2007 xiao xie

cheburashka.net 2007 cheburashka

socialscore.net 2007 social score

carbonlender.com 2007 carbon lender

theapostille.com 2007 the apostille

coinroom.com 2008 coinroom

wildandsweet.com 2008 wild and sweet

yogacutie.com 2008 yoga cutie

powerty.com 2008 powerty

andrimania.com 2009 andrimania

callingname.com 2009 callingname

expertenzeit.com 2009 expertenzeit

unigallery.com 2009 unigallery

pilotseo.com 2009 pilot seo

comeandfollowme.com 2009 come and follow me

baconballs.com 2010 bacon balls

eggsbox.com 2010 eggs box

mallorca247.com 2010 mallorca247

fishnetsuk.com 2010 fishnets uk

sevendollarseo.com 2010 seven dollar seo

muzonclub.com 2011 muzon club

46548.com 2011 46548 NNNNN.com

39434.com 2011 39434 NNNNN.com

87480.com 2012 87480 NNNNN.com

54244.com 2012 54244 NNNNN.com

24979.com 2012 24979 NNNNN.com

tcpserver.com 2012 tcp server

tumba.net 2012 tumba

abi24.net 2012 abi24

namihosting.com 2012 nami hosting

65021.com 2013 65021 NNNNN.com

868588.com 2013 868588 NNNNNN.com

903030.com 2013 903030 NNNNNN.com

web-factory.com 2013 web factory

eudrone.com 2013 eudrone


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