In the reality television series called Kitchen Nightmares, chef Gordon Ramsay is invited by restaurant owners to spend a week with a failing restaurant. As episodes progress, Ramsay identifies a host of grievous problems, and then brings the restaurants’ shortcomings to the attention of the owners. After Ramsay’s suggested changes are made, restaurants profiled in the series miraculously become successful and begin making a profit for the owners. Have you ever wondered what the success rate of Kitchen Nightmares was…how many restaurants survived…and how many failed after being on the show?

But contrary to the television series premise of Ramsay successfully rescuing restaurants and making the owners a profit, most of the restaurants featured on the series have failed. Despite Ramsay resuscitating dying restaurants, and bringing them back from the clutches of death, The Kitchen Nightmares Failure Rate stands at 62%.

The Kitchen Nightmares Failure Rate is posted on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares Blog, which tracks the success and failure of restaurants after they appear on the show. On the first two seasons of the American Kitchen Nightmares, in which Ramsay visited 21 different restaurants all over the country, all but two of them closed down. That translates into just a 9.5% success rate.

Radar Online News Editor Amber Ryland argues that Ramsay’s dismal failure at recovering restaurants only illustrates what a manufactured sham the genre of reality TV is, and claims many shows have been exposed for being scripted. Ryland notes there have been four more seasons of Ramsay helping struggling restaurants and his success rate has progressively improved.

Season 3 and Season 4 had Ramsay visiting 23 restaurants, 13 of which are now closed giving him a 43.5% success rate — an improvement of nearly 35% from the first two seasons.

Radar Online reported Chappy’s, in Nashville, Tennessee, appeared on the Fox show during Season 6 but has since closed down and owner John “Chappy” Chapman blames Chef Ramsay, who called the restaurant “bland” and Chappy “a joke,” for his failed business.

Ramsay walked off the set of the season-finale episode of “Kitchen Nightmares” featuring Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Ramsay claimed the owners, Samy and Amy Bouzaglo, were incapable of listening. Emotions got so heated on the set during filming, the police were actually called to intervene. Amy’s ended up closing temporarily, which ignited a hailstorm on social media, where Samy and Amy continued their battle with online critics on Facebook.

Last week, the Associated Press reported that Samy and Amy Bouzaglo, the owners of a Amy’s Baking Company, which appeared on “Kitchen Nightmares” will soon close its doors.

Amy Bouzaglo said she and husband Samy Bouzaglo are in final negotiations to sell the property in Scottsdale but they are keeping the Amy’s Baking Company name because she plans on making desserts for Phoenix-area restaurants and online instructional cooking videos.

Other sources report that just six of the 21 restaurants featured on the British version of Kitchen Nightmares, which ended in 2009, remain open. “Of those six survivors, just three are still owned by the same people who owned them when Ramsay stormed through their kitchens.”

Foe those readers interested in knowing which restaurants featured on “Kitchen Nightmares” have closed and which restaurants remain open, we’ve compiled a list with commentary from the Kitchen Nightmares Blog.

We’ll begin with a list of all 64 closed restaurants.

1) 2014
US Season 7 – Bella Luna – CLOSED

Bella Luna Ristorante closed 3 and a half months after filming. Rosaria says they did not fail but had a dispute with the landlord and business was up threefold after filming. The landlord however, claims they had not paid the lease in months. After the closure, it emerged that they had been selling alcohol with an expired license. The owners are currently looking for a new premises….

2) 2014
US Season 7 – Mangia Mangia – CLOSED

Reviews are mostly excellent after Gordon’s makeover and the filming of the episode with compliments on the food and service. It appears they have kept most if not all of Gordon’s changes and are following his advice. The restaurant closed in November 2014.

3) 2014
US Season 7 – Kati Allo – CLOSED

Reviews were mixed after Gordon’s makeover and the filming of the episode and they closed in April 2014. Kalamaki NYC, a Greek restaurant opened in it’s place in July 2014. Reviews looks good and it appears regulars from Kati Allo have become customers here too.

4) 2013
US Season 6 – Chappy’s – CLOSED

In the weeks that followed, despite positive feedback about the changes, Chappy went back to his old ways including the hat and temper. He has also reverted back to his old menu. Chappy has since given many high profile interviews including the National Enquirer saying that Gordon has wrecked his business.

He has since changed the menu back to the old menu as he said it chased away his loyal customers. He says the customers weren’t too happy with the new decor either. Reviews on Yelp are mixed as to old vs new. The success of Chappys now rests with the people of Nashville.

The restaurant was seized by the State of Tennessee due to non payment of taxes on Tuesday 18th June 2013. Chappy blames the appearance on Kitchen Nightmares.

5) 2013
US Season 6 – Sam’s Mediterranean Kabob Room – CLOSED

In the following months, the children have been given time off and Sam is hiring for new staff. Yelp reviews since mixed with criticisms of the food and the service. The restaurant closed in January 2014.

6) 2013
US Season 6 – Levanti’s American Bistro – CLOSED

In the following weeks, the consultants continue training Dino and Tina and they are working together as a team. Reviews are mostly good. They actively post on facebook and the photos they post of the food they are serving look absolutely delicious! The restaurant closed as their father Tony retired and they no longer wished to continue with the business.

7) 2012
US Season 5 – Charlie’s Italian Bistro – CLOSED

Jonathan stayed on for a month keeping the high standards and helped them to find and train a new head chef. The restaurant is now closed, Yelp reviews after filming were mixed as to whether it has improved.

8) 2011
US Season 5 – Park’s Edge – CLOSED

After filming, the Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews are mixed but Opentable reviews are mostly good. In October 2011 they failed a health inspection after also having failed previously in February 2011. They closed in early 2014 and were reportedly looking for a new location and hoping to reopen.

9) 2015
US Season 5 – Chiarella’s Ristorante – CLOSED

The restaurant closed as of the 30th June 2015, blaming the rising costs of renting the space for the closure. Reviews are mixed. Gordon returned a year later, business is up 20% and to increase profit they are to get a liquor license. Tommy is happier and more confident and no longer depressed. Gordon is so pleased with the changes and the ongoing success that he offers to contribute towards their liquor license.

10) 2011
US Season 5 – El Greco – CLOSED

In the following weeks, progress is made however the debts were too large and too difficult for them to over come and El Grego closed in December 2011. A lot of the staff had left after the episode was filmed. Yelp reviews after his visit were mostly bad with bad comments on both food and service.

11) 2013
US Season 5 – Michon’s – CLOSED

Please note the Peach Tree Center Avenue location is still open. In March 2012 the newly opened Downtown Michon’s restaurant burnt down in a fire just a few weeks after it’s launch. The College Park restaurant featured on Kitchen Nightmares closed in August 2013. The reviews towards the end were bad highlighting poor service, a long wait and poor food.

12) 2013
US Season 5 – Zocalo – CLOSED

In the weeks after the show, the dinner services got smoother, the students became part of the team and the family and relationship between Greg and Mary was improved. The menu on their website looks delicious with reduced prices. Yelp reviews after the show seem to be mostly average, 2-3/5. The restaurant has since closed, it is reported that it closed for the holidays and did not re-open, it was visited in February 2013 by a blogger but it was already closed.

“The Russells did not respond to a call and email seeking comment, and it’s unclear exactly when the restaurant closed. But as of this week, most of Zocalo’s contents appear to have been removed. The website is still up, but the phone number is not working.

A quick review of court records reveals some major problems: a Philadelphia tax lien for $40,000; federal tax liens totaling over $28,000; and a “confession of judgment” relating to the business against Greg Russell for $39,000. And that’s without peeking into the restaurant’s revolving debt, which, at this point, is likely massive.”

13) 2011
US Season 5 – Burger Kitchen – CLOSED

Around Late August-September the place is said to have changed ownership and by October 2011 there was a new menu, team of Chefs and management according to online chattering. Yelp reviews are still coming in low, the “yelp conspiracy” lives on.

14) 2011
US Season 5 – Mike and Nellie’s – CLOSED

In the weeks following filming business was booming and the menu was a big hit.Yelp reviews after filming were mostly good. They closed on January 21st 2012. This message was posted on their website

“It is with great sadness that we announce that Mike & Nellie’s will be open for it’s final night, January 21. It’s been a great run. Thank you to all my friends, relatives and loyal customers who have been there with me for the last 15+ years. When the time is right, I will let you know where I will be.
-Mike & (Nellie)”

Chef Mike appeared on Fox show Good Day Cafe. In May 2012, Mike was reported in New Jersey Monthly as managing and cooking at Ray’s Little Silver Seafood Market but on the Facebook page on June 27th 2012 he says “Not anymore, that place is a joke.” and that he is currently “cheffing in freehold right now at Park33, mostly banquets” and “no its a restaurant also, just beginning to morph it into mine”

Mike is now working for Blue Basil Catering , who offer catering services throughout New Jersey.

15) 2013
US Season 5 – Blackberry’s – CLOSED

The restaurant closed in March 2013, according to Shelly. “I want to say we just no longer saw room for growth. We were so stagnant. We were maintaining, barely, but not able to generate the clientele we wanted,” Withers explained. “I think we gave it 10 good years. We had a wonderful time and are looking on to bigger and better things.”

16) 2012
US Season 4 – Zeke’s – CLOSED

In the following weeks, customer numbers are up and morale has improved. The restaurant is still open and reviews look mostly good since Gordon was there. They hired a new Executive Chef Michelle Matlock who had plenty of experience and some vegan specials for the menu (see blog review). As of October 2012, the restaurant closed and was sold.

17) 2011
US Season 4 – Cafe Tavolini – CLOSED

In the weeks after filming, Keith and Lisa did not commit to managing the restaurant, the relationship was beyond repair and they separated. They closed in December 2011, their answerphone had a message saying they were closing briefly for “medical reasons” but a For Sale sign appeared on the building not long after. Many customers were disappointed as they had purchased gift certificates and a complaint was made to the Attorney General. The closure appears to be due to struggling to pay rent, vendors and with debts including tax owed to the city. Their relationship could not be saved and Lisa and Keith separated. Some of the staff including Chef Michael Sirico, who Gordon was impressed by, are now working in B Line Bar & Grill in Black Rock.

18) US Season 4 – Downcity – CLOSED

Gordon revisits and is greeted by Rico and Abby, the reveal business is up 30% and Abby rates the food a 10 again. Chef Jimmy is still there and impressing Abby. Gordon goes into the fridge and it is organised, he sits down to lunch and thinks the food is delicious. Gordon notices that there is some tension between them and Rico tells Gordon that Abby lets the volcano erupt on him instead of the staff. Food blogger Stacy Place has answered questions on her appearance on the show,

Question – Why did they say you have 10,000 followers?

Answer – People assumed since Gordon was reading my Twitter feed that the show was referring to me having 10,000 Twitter followers. I don’t. The producers had asked me how many people had read my blog and I replied about 250 per week. Multiplying that by 52 weeks, they rounded down to 10,000. Of course, 3,000 people have read it just since the episode aired! and other revelations from behind the cameras.

19) 2014
US Season 4 – Davide – CLOSED

Gordon revisits and Anthony is in front of house and Frank in the kitchen. He has the chef jacket on but his seat is back in the kitchen but only for before and after service. Gordon sits down to try some food and is served a variety of dishes, he loves them and thinks they are delicious. They are getting along a lot better. The business is up 15%. Gordon has a surprise for them and it is Shawn Thornton, a hockey player from the Boston Bruins who had won the Stanley Cup, who awards them with a Jersey. Reviews after filming were mixed, Yelp reviews are mostly 1 or 2 star whereas Urban Spoon and Zagat reviews were very positive. The restaurant closed in January 2014.

20) 2013
US Season 4 – Grasshopper Also – CLOSED

Yelp reviews were mixed after the episode aired. The restaurant was sold in October 2012 with new management, new staff and a new makeover. It is now a sports bar called the Eastside Ale House.

21) 2009
US Season 4 – PJ’s Steakhouse – CLOSED

Although business had improved, the restaurant closed a few weeks after filming in May 2009 as the takings were low and the debts were high. The owners returned to the construction business. Yelp and Urban Spoon reviews prior to closing were poor. A German restaurant called Manor Oktoberfest has opened in it’s place, reviews are mostly good.

22) 2013
US Season 4 – Classic American – CLOSED

Gordon revisits and Colleen and Naomi both look much happier. Colleen is in charge of the front of house and Naomi is in charge of the kitchen. Kevin is still cooking in the kitchen and business is up 35%. Dom is still buying the ingredients but is no longer in the kitchen. Gordon orders the meatloaf and thinks it is delicious, a 10.5/10. Colleen starts talking to him and Gordon actually just kind of mmhms while he continues eating so it must have been good! They are both very appreciative of his help. Gordon has a surprise from them both, he presents them with Long Islands Best Burger Award from Good Times magazine.In 2013, the restaurant closed posting on their website

“It is with a heavy heart that I tell you all that Classic American Restaurant has closed. I would like to thank all of our employees, friends, family and loyal customers for your support and patronage for the last 13 years. It has been our pleasure to serve you! Thank You! Colleen We will still be offering our catering services and can be reached through facebook.”

And on Facebook

“Yes it’s true. I would like to thank all of our employees, friends, family and loyal customers for all there support and patronage for the last 13 years. It has been our pleasure to serve you!! Thank you!! We will still be offering catering services and can be reached through Facebook.”

23) 2009
US Season 3 – Sushi Ko – CLOSED

In the following days, there was an upturn in business and Akira and Lisa were working as a successful team. They decided to move the restaurants location to one with a lower rent and were searching at the time of filming. The restaurant closed in August 2009. Owner Lisa believes that the relaunch was too little too late and that the business had already failed. Sammy posted this on his blog,

“After four years of being at The Lakes in Thousand Oaks Sushi Ko has shut its doors. We have all tried so hard from the beginning and put in so much effort but it just never worked out. It feels as if we have somewhat lost a part of ourselves, and it is a bitter/sweet ending. Only a few months after we filmed Kitchen Nightmares and all got rejuvenated and excited to be there again, we got the bad news. We all went from being on such a high and happy with the “new” restaurant and then shortly after got pushed to the bottom. Somehow business got worse after we filmed it and the center seemed more deserted then it ever has been.

Partly the economy, and partly ________, it was just not looking good. I am glad I got to go into the kitchen and learn the new menu and how to cook tho, it has been a great experience and I did not want it to stop. We(family) all had to bite our lips and keep it in for a month before we decided what we were going to tell everyone and what we were going to do, and it was really hard emotionally for all of us to go in there day after day knowing it was all going to end. After we started telling people with a month to go we all felt a little better. We decided to close doors to the public on the 8th of August, almost exactly four years after we opened.”

After Sushi Ko had closed Nate ‘n Al Delicatessen opened in it’s space, this has since closed and reviews were bad. In it’s place now is Unami Burger, a popular burger chain. Reviews are good.

24) 2010
US Season 3 – Fleming – CLOSED

In the days that followed, they embraced Gordon’s changes and Andy has his fire back in him and believes they are going to be on the right track. However some weeks after filming, they kept some of Gordons menu but returned some old favourites to the menu and old traditions popular with patrons. They also returned to serving crudites as customers sat down, offering soup of the day and caesar salad with their meal and they bought back the desert bar. The restaurant closed in October 2010.

25) 2011
US Season 3 – Anna Vincenzo’s – CLOSED

Gordon revisits and Anna Vincenzo’s has gone out of business. Gordon talks to ex server Ashton who reports she went back to her old ways, raising prices and made portions smaller. He then visits CC at home and she looks fantastic! She lost a lot of weight. She sold the restaurant to spend more time with her kids and her and Michael have separated. In Anna Vincenzo’s place Nino’s of Boca II has opened, the East Side restaurant of Ninas on the West Side.

26) 2011
US Season 3 – Mama Rita’s – CLOSED

After Gordon left Naris stayed for a few weeks to help get the restaurant off the ground, Perla was removed as Head Chef and to continue working in the catering side. Laura reverted back to her old menu from Gordon’s menu and portion sizes to mixed reviews. The Restaurant has closed but the catering business is still in business.

27) 2011
US Season 3 – Bazzini – CLOSED

Paul hired another Sous chef and there was a boost in business, Sharyn left to focus on a desert business. Gordon returns and Bazzini is still closed for lunch, after phoning the Pastry chef Sharyn he discovers they are closed permanently and they never did open at lunch. Gordon goes to visit Sharyn in her kitchen where she is baking cakes and she is doing well.

28) 2011
US Season 3 – Flamangos / The Junction – CLOSED

They went back to their old ways shortly after Gordon left and closed in April 2011. The Rail at Readington opened in it’s space, a traditional american restaurant and reviews are mostly good.

29) 2011
US Season 3 – Hot Potato Cafe – CLOSED

Danielle left the restaurant and the quality started to slip back to the old ways, the restaurant was put up for sale on Craiglist, the website is down, phone disconnected and Facebook page appears abandoned. Lloyd Whiskey Bar opened in October 2012 with restaurant, the menu looks great and reviews are good.

30) 2009
US Season 2 – Cafe 36 – CLOSED

At the end of the show, we are told that Pinto was fired and Barney was offered the Head Chefs job but left to finish his culinary degree. He was replaced by Jorge Flores. Pinto was said to be working as a chef for a family in the area. Cafe 36 closed in 2009.

31) 2011
US Season 2 – Santé La Brea – CLOSED

Gordon revisits the restaurant to find that Dean has retired and gone overseas passing the restaurant to his sons. He also discovers that Aurelio and Mark are gone too. He inspects the fridge and they discuss the restaurant saying takings are up 10% and that Sammys girlfriend Dawn is the new manager. Gordon tries the food and says it is delicious and then discovers that it is the Unchicken. After going back to the restaurant he meets with Mark who tells him that they had lost respect for him and he is now working in raw food. He asks Gordon for a job. After Gordon had been to the restaurant they returned some customer favorites to the menu and the reviews were mostly positive however they closed in June 2011.

32) 2008
US Season 2 – Fiesta Sunrise – CLOSED

The restaurant was seized in September 2008 due to failing to pay taxes that were owed. It had been closed previously in July 2007 for failing to pay taxes but paid in full and were allowed to reopen, they should have learnt their lesson then! In August 2008 there was a stabbing at the restaurant. Recent images shows it empty and boarded up.

33) 2008
US Season 2 – Sabatiello’s – CLOSED

Sabatiello’s closed in October 2008, it was reported that the owner was to open a pizzeria with his brother in Greenwich. Prior to closing there was a sign outside the restaurant and a flyer handed out that read “Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay’s favorite Italian in Fairfield County”. Since then it has become Quattro Pazzi and reviews are very good. It appears he did in fact open Sabatiello Gourmet Pizza in Riverside in December 2008 which closed as the rent was not paid. It then became Marco Polo Gourmet Pizza. Sammy has been arrested on various occasions. Sammy can now be found working as a Chef in New York at The Appalachian Market, a gas station that also serves food, Pizza being a speciality.

34) 2010
US Season 2 – Jack’s Waterfront – CLOSED

They sold the restaurant, apparently back to the old owners. It then closed in December 2010 and it was sold again and renamed as Dockside Jack’s in March 2011, it closed after a month. It was sold again and became Brownies on the Lake in April 2011, posting on Facebook.

“Brownies is returning back home to the Nautical Mile. Everyone knows that Brownies was the premier place to go on Lake St.Clair for almost 40 years. Now 14 years after it’s closing Brownies is returning but to a new location formerly operated as Jack’s Waterfront Restaurant. The “new” Brownies will be operated by the highly regarded Andiamo Restaurant Group. The opening is planned for Memorial Weekend.”

35) 2010
US Season 2 – Hannah & Mason’s – CLOSED

The restaurant closed in February 2010, according to Chris due to less customers, the state of the economy and also Gordon’s new menu and concept alienated the loyal customers. He returned to the previous menu but that did not stop the restaurant closing. A post on the Zagat page blames Gordons new menu for the closure. After filming Chris was teaching part time at the local college and looking after his children. Chris is currently Associate Research Chef at Pinnacle Foods Corporation according to his linkedin profile. It is rumoured that Brian Kelly was chef at The Lamp Post in Jersey City, NJ in 2010.

36) 2009
US Season 2 – J Willy’s – CLOSED

In the weeks that followed they have kept Gordon’s changes and had won a barbecue competition with their signature sauce. The restaurant closed 4th February 2009. The note posted form the owner says that it closed due to food prices increasing and customers decreasing, they had the choice of cutting the quality or closing so decided to close. Rick and Tricia also closed their restaurant Damon’s Grill, which also had bad reviews. Rick is now working in finding, restoring and selling classic cars.

37) 2011
US Season 2 – Black Pearl – CLOSED

The restaurant closed just 4 days after airing. David has a massive rant about Gordon on the internet blaming him for the 50% drop in sales. I’m sure the fact he came across as/acted like a total idiot on national TV had NOTHING whatsoever to do with it and someone/David also continued to post things about Gordon on their website after they had closed. Gordon revisits in the next series but by this time Black Pearl is closed and Hog Pit is open in it’s place.

38) 2008
US Season 2 – Trobiano’s – CLOSED

The restaurant was seized by the state for not paying taxes and as a result closed in October 2008. Anthony then became a Chef at Speranza Food Studio which closed in 2011. He is currently Executive Chef at Cirella’s Restaurant & Bar in New York. Anthony and Tiffany are still married and had a daughter in March 2010.

39) 2009
US Season 2 – Giuseppi’s – CLOSED

The restaurant closed in July 2009, they blamed the economy and lack of a liquor license for the closure.

40) 2010
US Season 2 – Handlebar – CLOSED

When Gordon revisits it is still open and Gordon enjoys his meal. After filming the revisit it closed, it was then sold and reopened in 2010 as Skybox Restaurant and Sports Bar, this then closed in 2011. The pub then became Benchwarmers Tavern and Grill, a sports bar.

41) 2010
US Season 1 – Campania – CLOSED

Joe won Chef Central’s Bergen County Ultimate Chef Competition in 2008 and came Runner Up in 2009. In September 2010 Joe sold the restaurant to Campania Holding Corp and 8 days later committed suicide by jumping off the George Washington Bridge into the Hudson river , other information has come out since his death including a relationship with a waitress Jessica, a cocaine overdose and there have been various court cases relating to his life insurance policy. The restaurant closed completely in January 2011. Sage Restaurant, an American/Italian restaurant opened in it’s place on 29th March 2012 with mostly good reviews.

42) 2011
US Season 1 – Lelas – CLOSED

At the end of the episode we hear that both Ricky and Tabitha excelled in their roles but that Lela’s had closed by the time the episode aired as although the business was up in numbers Lela’s debts were too high to be able to continue. In it’s place now is Aladdin Jr Restaurant & Cafe, a Mediterranean restaurant with good reviews. Ricky went on to become Executive Chef at The Corner Butcher Shop in La Verne and later working for Silver Spoon Catering, he is currently working at Hollywood Park Casino.

43) 2012
US Season 1 – Finn McCool’s – CLOSED

Gordon revisits, the family relationships are better, business is good but Buddy had a heart attack in the previous year and was taking a break from the restaurant. He had been able to pay himself a regular wage. Brian won a local competition for Best Chowder in a Chilli and Chowder Competition. In 2009, Buddy sold the restaurant to Michael Mancuso, a stunt pilot however Brian Mazzio was still the chef, Jason Mazzio was Bar Manager and Melissa was Head Waitress.

The Bar/Restaurant hosted local bands, charity events and comedy nights. The restaurant closed in March 2012 and was reported on Yelp to be boarded up in June 2012. Since the restaurant closed, Jason has been working as a courier, at various restaurants and bars including Shuckers, Joe’s American Grill and Buoy One. Brian opened Shuckers with a childhood friend in 2011 and has worked at Oakland’s Restaurant & Marina, Sundays on the Bay and had expanded into catering. Jason and Melissa have since made another addition to the family.

44) 2008
US Season 1 – Sebastians – CLOSED

After Gordon left, the old menu returned with the combination concept back on the menu. The restaurant closed in January 2008 for “family reasons” as the family returned to Boston. Chef Q is seen in Season 4 of Kitchen Nightmares in a revisited episode as the Head Chef at Casa Roma and says Sebastian just disappeared. It looks like Sebastian is now running a Tree Removal/Landscaping company and a financial/business consulting firm with wife Nichole. Sebastian had a role in 2013 movie Angels Around Me as a detective.

45) 2011
US Season 1 – Seascape – CLOSED

The table side flambé service was bought back by Marilyn, Scott had trained new chefs but 5 months after the show was recorded the Seascape had been sold. According to various posts scattered on the internet when Gordon left it went back to the way it was before. The Seascape was renamed The Coast at some point yet never seemed to have opened and was sold and is currently J & R Steak House, their website is here. Reviews on J & R look good.

46) 2009
US Season 1 – The Mixing Bowl – CLOSED

Over the next few weeks, the customer numbers were up as was profit, the restaurant hosted the first First Annual Mixing Bowl Mile fun run and Billy was leaving the kitchen during service to meet the customers. Gordon revisited and it looked like the restaurant was doing well, profits were up, Mike’s management skills had improved and their marriage was better. However the restaurant closed in January 2009, in it’s place now is Greek Delight, a Greek restaurant.

47) 2009
US Season 1 – Dillons (Purnima) – CLOSED

Martin tried to sue Gordon and prevent the episode from being aired but the case was thrown out of court. Gordon revisits, the place is clean and customers are invited to see the kitchens and how clean they are. However, Purnima closed in 2009/2010 , the photo below shows it closed and empty, the website however is still active. The Reprise Room at Dillons closed in April 2009. Vikas Khanna is now at Junoon Restaurant.

48) 2008
US Season 1 – Peters – CLOSED

Gordon revisited and all looked well, Peter had replaced the chefs in the kitchen and seemed to have started helping in the restaurant. Reviews after Gordon visited say the place was just as bad after he left. The restaurant closed in December 2008 and the restaurant next door has expanded into the space.

49) 2008
UK Season 5 – The Granary – CLOSED

Gordon returns 6 weeks later, the restaurant is busy with 45 in for lunch. Business is increasing and Martin is leaving, he is going to start a government funded cookery workshop for teenagers. The young Chef “Chav” is working with one of Martin’s former colleagues in a hotel. Gordon sits down for lunch and is impressed with the local lamb on the menu and impressed with the red mullet broth and Nigel admits that he was wrong. Gordon asks the evening customers to fill out customer feedback forms to be read after service, the customers love the food and service.

In January 2008, The Granary was the target of an arson attack just 2 weeks after the show aired and was seriously damaged in the fire, the authorities believe it was related to a similar arson attempt that was made 2 weeks earlier. The building was up for sale by auction in October 2008.

50) 2008
UK Season 5 – The Fish and Anchor – CLOSED

Gordon revisits a month later, Mena was in hospital overnight and has recovered. As he approaches he sees the building has been repainted white! The business has doubled and they are starting to break even. Gordon takes a flick through the reservation book and calls a few to make sure they have not been arguing, the customers loved the atmosphere and food. Gordon witnesses a dinner service and he sees that Mike has gained control of the kitchen and has mastered his menu. He tells Caron that there is a big change in both Mike in the kitchen and her in the dining room. He presents Mike with a Fish & Anchor cook book to write down his recipes to replace all the cook books he once had.

The Fish and Anchor closed in 2008 and was sold in 2009. Previous customers say that after Gordon left things started slipping again and the reputation didn’t really recover as the locals were still put off. It appears that the Fish and Anchor has reopened but under new ownership.

51) 2008
UK Season 5 – The Priory – CLOSED

Gordon went back and they hadn’t listened to him, they weren’t putting the message out that they were a grill and the carvery had come back. Toby was no longer there. It looks like Scott is still the owner, in 2008 they reverted fully back to a carvery with mixed reviews. The Priory became La Capilla, a Spanish tapas restaurant, which has since closed.

52) 2009
UK Season 5 – Piccolo Teatro – CLOSED

Gordon revisits and the restaurant closed a few weeks after filming and Rachel’s father was left to repay the loans. Rachel went on to become a hooker, yes you are reading that correct. India was initially offered work experience by Gordon Ramsay at Boxwood, she then went on to work at Shaw’s International Bistro and later Cafe Fish, she was a fantastic asset to Rachel and she didn’t see it, I expect good things will come from India, she is clearly a fantastic chef! Restaurant still for sale in 2009 and 2010, information needed on whether anything has opened there.

53) 2008
UK Season 5 – Ruby Tates Loves Fish Restaurant – CLOSED

Gordon goes back and orders a takeaway fish and chips incognito putting on a Scottish accent, Chef Alex has been let go and loves is successful. In late 2008, Loves Fish Restaurant closed due to the credit crunch.

54) 2007
UK Season 4 – Rococo / Maggie’s – CLOSED

Gordon revisits and the restarant is busy, they are averaging £5000 a week and Gordon sits down to try the food. The menu is full of locally sourced items and he tries an onion bahji and a local sole dish with cockle butter. He loves the onion bahji and the sole is delicious too. Tim refuses to give Gordon the recipe to the bahji. Maggie’s closed in September 2007 and they were forced to file for bankruptcy. The restaurant passed to Tony and Karen Lombari who opened Luigi’s in June 2008, which then closed and it is now Market Bistro, serving local produce with food cooked fresh from scratch. It looks delicious and they even cure and smoke their own meat and fish! Internet sources tie Nick Anderson to The Wiveton Bell and The Bell at Kidlington, just outside Oxford but these are unconfirmed.

55) 2007
UK Season 4 – Morgans – CLOSED

Gordon returns to the restaurant and the biggest change is in the kitchen. Phil has left, a positive step and is gaining experience as a Sous Chef and Emma has been promoted to Head Chef. She has a new dish on the menu, which impresses Gordon. Helen has stepped in and computerised the books, a big change from Sandy’s chaotic approach. In February 2007, Sandy put Morgans up for sale for £99,000. Morgans was sold and became Oddfellows Restaurant in December 2007 but closed in 2010/11. Head Chef Phil went on to work at Blue Bar but was jailed for theft for stealing cheques from his new employers after leaving Morgans. After Oddfellows was closed, Caveau, a french restaurant opened in it’s place. The restaurant has excellent reviews. Laura is seeking work as a model/actress and has had a bit part in Hollyoaks as a beautician. She came 4th in the Miss Merseyside beauty pageant.

56) 2011
UK Season 4 – The Fenwick Arms – CLOSED

Gordon revisited and only one of the original chefs was still there. Brian was back in the kitchen and controlling the menu once more and general morale was very low with most of the staff looking to leave. The plates had started to emerge from their wrapping too and a rival pub “The Highway Man” had recently opened just down the road and had noticeably affected their business.

In 2009, Brian and Elaine moved to The Ship Inn in Aldborough claiming that the new menu at the Fenwick drove away trade. The pub was bought by new owners and continued to operate as The Fenwick Arms. It also had a major revamp. However… In 2011 the pub closed and was put up for sale.

57) 2011
UK Season 4 – La Parra de Burriana – CLOSED

Gordon revisits a few weeks later and the Spanish food is still on the menu, he is making a profit and has managed to pay off some of his debts. Gordon revisited again, a year on and they were back to serving bog standard food, the locals were coming back but the tourists still weren’t coming in for lunch. There was no Spanish local dishes on the menu. Gordon took him to the beach for a cook off of his boring Pesto Pasta vs Paella, the customers loved the paella and were coming back in and it all set to continue. But…The website is down and according to a post from the Donkey Sanctuary, Lawrence did a runner at some point but the Donkey Gordon gave them has been rescued!

58) 2009
UK Season 3 – La Gondola – CLOSED

Gordon revisits and Steve and Gareth had left to work in a pub serving microwave food. The owner had trialled a few head chefs before settling on Wayne, not wanting to make the same mistakes. Danny is still there as assistant chef. Gordon likes Waynes food and is glad Danny is more involved. The restaurant closed and went into voluntary liquidation but the Hotel reopened in 2009 available for Wedding Receptions and had a refurbishment. Unable to find anywhere to book a room so unsure if the Hotel is still open.

59) 2007
UK Season 3 – Clubway 41 (Jacksons) – CLOSED

Gordon revisits and things had gotten worse, Nigel is gone with no reason given and a bus terminal had cropped up out the front and they appeared to have given up closing the restaurant for the winter months. Gordon sends Dawn out to drum up business with a Kids Eat Free promotion, it works and the restaurant is packed once again. It looks like it could work… but… a few weeks after airing the restaurant was closed. In 2007, the Market Street Diner was taken over by new owners and as far is still open.

60) 2007
UK Season 2 – Momma Cherri’s Soul Food Shack – CLOSED

Gordon revisited, comments on her new celebrity status and Momma Cherri’s had moved into a much larger restaurant renamed as Momma Cherri’s Big House. Although fully booked far in advance with many extra chefs. The Chefs were struggling and the food had gone back to pre-prepared, frozen and passionless food. Both Gordon and the customers were disappointed with the bland food and small portions saying they would not return. Gordon stays an extra week to help them sort out the food. In 2007 Charita released her cookbook “Momma Cherri’s Soul in a Bowl Cookbook”. Head Chef Brian also left in 2007 to focus on art projects.

In July 2007 the restaurant was inspected and scored 0 stars in the food hygiene ratings. In 2009 the restaurant closed with large debts and administrators were called in. She then opened Momma Cherris Speakeasy also in Brighton but this closed after just two months. Charita Jones has made many tv appearances on various cookery programmes including This Morning on ITV, Market Kitchen on the Good Food Channel and many more gaining her the “title” of a celebrity chef. In 2010 an Indian restaurant called Rasa opened there and in 2012 an Indian restaurant called Chaula’s has moved into where the Big House used to be.

61) 2011
UK Season 2 – D-Place – CLOSED

Gordon returns and Israel and Tara are no longer running the business, it went into receivership and the lease was put up for sale. Gordon speaks to Philip who is still there and Gordon visits Israel and Tara at home. Speaking about the business things appeared to pick up but it was too late for them, the brewery took back the business losing them lots of money. It was bought by new owners and reopened as Saracens. Philip Blaise said that they had people complaining about the new menu but it was obvious in the episode they were going to struggle to turn it around. Since then it has remained open and is highly successful.

62) 2006
UK Season 2 – La Lanterna – CLOSED

Gordon revisits, the preprepared vegetables are gone and the kitchen is much cleaner. Alex is doing prep, making his own deserts and home made ravioli. Gordon tries his food and likes it. He cleared £20,000 of debt, takings are up and he is paying himself a wage. On airing, the meat pizza and the vegetarian incident didn’t go down too well causing outrage amongst vegetarians. Alex speaks to the press and says he is making around £4,000 a week and is making profit. In 2006, the restaurant closed, there is not much information on this, only that the building can be seen up for sale in the picture below.

63) 2009
UK Season 1 – Moore Place – CLOSED

After Gordon revisits and the restaurant is still purple. Andy is still in the kitchen. Andy tells him the burgers are flying out. The owners reported that the Ramsay burgers were selling well and sales were up. Mark has left to run his own pub as have most the old kitchen staff except Herve and Andy. Gordon sends in Food Critic Matthew Ford undercover to find out if things have changed and he liked the food. Gordon sits down in the bar and orders off the bar menu, which is full of deep fried food. He discovers the bar is letting the restaurant down and suggests incorporating the restaurant menu into the bar. Gordon throws the deep fat fryer into the lake. After appearing Richard told the press that they were having customers from America and Australia who had seen the show and had no regrets. Nick told the press that they were so busy that he was in the kitchen helping flip burgers to help with the rush.

It is reported that the restaurant started to go back to it’s old ways. The owners sold the business and it became Esteem Bar and Restaurant which also closed and was bought by Moore Place Holdings. There was an application to knock down Moore Place and turn it into flats but it was rejected. In 2009, Moore Place was to be knocked down and a new hotel built in a slightly set back location. In 2011, that still hadn’t happened and a company was looking to turn the site into a care home. In September 2011, permission was granted to demolish the hotel and build a care home in it’s place.

64) 2009
UK Season 1 – Bonapartes – CLOSED

When Gordon revisited the first time, he found out Tim had been given 2 written warnings and he was “chilling” on what should have been a busy night. Lee had been moved onto the bar and Tim was back to his old ways as the fridge was full of rotten food and there were mussels in the sink. The restaurant was quiet. By the end of the programme he was sacked. After the show was aired Sue was very public about the show stating she felt bitter about it and that she wanted to sue Gordon. Gordon returns to Silsden again for the second revisit, Sue refuses to do an interview on camera but speaks to Gordon off camera and tells him she is looking for a buyer. He also meets with Tim who tells him that Sue had not hired another chef and was just running it as a bar. After closing, Bonapartes became Reflectionz in 2006, it was put up for sale at £350,000 in 2009.

List of 39 Kitchen Nightmares restaurants that remain Open

1) Costa Del Nightmares – Quelcuttis Tapas – OPEN

Gordon returns a month later for a surprise visit, the restaurant is busy, they are making money, paying themselves a wage and no longer drinking in the restaurant. Terry is enjoying cooking in the kitchen and they have added their own dishes to the menu. Reviews since Gordon’s visit appear to be very positive, with compliments on the friendly service, food and entertainment also offered.

Mark Haggan’s comments on his visit are that “The food was excellent, and remarkably well priced. The staff were great, and could not have been more friendly or helpful. If you find yourself in the area, it’s certainly worth a visit.”

2) Costa Del Nightmares – La Granada Divino – OPEN

Since Gordon left they are taking £5,000 a week and Gina and Milan have taken a step back from the restaurant allowing the staff to run the restaurant. Reviews since Gordon’s visit appear to be very positive, with compliments on the service, food and presentation of the food and they appear to have kept the concept of sharing platters that Gordon introduced.

3) Costa Del Nightmares – Le Deck – OPEN

Over the past month, Le Deck is averaging 15,000-20,000 per week and Stuey is now the Head Chef as Steve has returned to the mountains. Tim is taking a step back and allowing the staff to do their jobs. Reviews on Trip Advisor are mixed since Gordon visited the restaurant with complaints mainly focusing on poor service. There are also negatives about food prices and quality.

4) Costa Del Nightmares – Mayfair / Jacks Chicken Shack – OPEN

Gordon returns to the restaurant 4 weeks later and they have kept the chicken theme for the restaurant. Gordon arrives at lunch time and the restaurant is busy. Another Juan has been hired to replace Juan and the kitchen has kept up the cleaning regime. They are averaging 500 Euros a day and John has sold the cars but hasn’t repaid his parents a penny from the sale. John has control but he hasn’t managed to persuade Jack to retire.

John writes an IOU to his parents and it is put inside the till. In the 3 months prior to airing, they are averaging £1500 a week, John has sold 2 cars but still hasn’t paid his parents back. Recent reviews however tell of overpriced, disappointing food. The owners have reported that both customer satisfaction and sales are up.

5) US Season 7 – Zayna Flaming Grill – OPEN

After Gordon’s visit. Fay went back to her old ways and as a result Vanessa and Amel left the restaurant, Brenda however is still asserting some level of leader

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