Here at Check-in-London, we do much more than just offer London serviced apartments. We are also a team of Londoners with our ears to the ground when it comes to everything that is going on in London, and that's why we stand out from the crowd. Customers really benefit from our local connections and insider knowledge and the high volume of repeat business we receive speaks for itself.

But how do we do it? How do we stay on top of fast-paced city like London? And how do we know so much about the accommodation we recommend to our clients?

Here I give you a little insight into what a typical day working in the marketing team at Check-in-London is like:

As a member of the marketing team, my main role revolves around making sure the Check-in-London website is up-to-date, coordinating important details with our property partners, creating interesting content for social channels and talking about the latest events happening in London. 

Our day begins with scanning all the latest newsletters and articles on London and updating the website with any new special offers or upgraded facilities like new Apple TVs. 

One of the most important tasks of the day is adding new hand-picked properties to the Check-in-London website. We don't just feature any place on our website, so clients can be rest assured that all the accommodation we list is of a good quality and standard. After we select a property, we take great care with uploading the new listing because we want to make sure we get the details right. On average, viewers spend 8.46 seconds on our webpages, so it is important that we accurately explain the style and services of the apartment, along with informative photos, videos and maps. We also make sure we describe the local neighbourhood of each apartment from a local's point of view, as this is such an important factor when choosing the best location for your stay. 

Michael, Silvia and Colette at Hammersmith Apartments

If you have been on our website or blog, you will also surely have seen photos of our team visiting the apartments. I often join my colleagues from the sales or operations team during these visits, which we do on a regular basis so that we can see exactly what the apartments are like in the flesh (so to speak!) and ensure that we continue to offer good quality accommodation in our portfolio. 

We are usually given a guided tour and our property partner often talks us through the facilities, amenities and the surrounding area,  giving us a better feel for the apartment. This always really helps our team stay well-informed and deliver a high level of service to our clients.

I've seen plenty of styles of apartments from basic studios to luxury penthouses in Mayfair, depending on what is available at the time. We have also been to visit the desirable Dolphin House Apartments which were built just before World War II and used as a hospital and an ambulance depot during the war.

Then there are the many property launches and soirées that we attend. These relaxed events give us the perfect opportunity to learn more about the apartments and build close relationships with our partners.

Another part of my role is promoting the Check-in-London brand on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn...the list is endless! We use our social profiles as an important way of engaging with our customers and promoting not just Check-in-London but London itself! We like to find the most interesting and quirky things happening in London and I have also written about topics like Best Street Food in London and Best Outdoor Ice Rinks in London for the Check-in-London blog. If we have done something interesting around London lately then you will definitely hear all about it on either our social media, our blog or our new London Guide!

Recently, we created a fun stop-motion Christmas video instead of the usual Christmas card (you can see it here). This was quite a hit with our partners, customers and our followers and it was a lot of fun to make!

One of the best parts of working in the marketing team is creating various promotional graphics with Photoshop for our website and newsletters. This really allows me to get creative and put my own stamp on things!

For more information on serviced apartments in London, please call us on +44 843 289 8820 or e-mail us at info@check-in-london.com for rates and availability.

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