As women, we should lift each other up instead of tear each other down.

When did we start believing that one person’s success meant less for the rest of us? I believe when another business consultant has a victory, it means I’m more likely to reach those same heights.

That’s how this list began.

I was sick of seeing women saying horrible things about each other on social media, so I asked my lovely readers to nominate their favorite badass female entrepreneurs.

You came through! Every woman on this list was nominated by women in my audience.

We’ve got an amazing list from lifestyle bloggers to copywriters to authors to photographers to business consultants and more.

Under many names in the list below, you’ll find quotes from the women who nominated the entrepreneur, describing why she nominated her as well as one of my favorite posts from that entrepreneur or where you should follow them on social media.

I would love for you to take two extra steps: 1) please share this list with your social media followers and 2) pick at least one woman on this list to connect with on social media, to tell her that she’s doing inspiring work.

The more positivity we put out, the less the hate will stand out.

Abagail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams

The girl boss spirit of Abagail and Emylee makes you want to spend hours on their website. They help creatives with design, branding and marketing and definitely have the ‘abundant, we-can-all-succeed’ mindset.

“These girls share a lot of actionable advice, are hilariously funny and open and make you want to be best friends with them. They also seem really down-to-earth and relatable. Even though they’ve had a great amount of success, it still seems like you can do it too – and they’ll help you get there.” -Samantha Donohue, Pawtastic Photography

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Alex Tooby

Need help with Instagram? Alex has a free 7-day Instagram ecourse you should check out.

“Her Instagram courses are amazing. What I really like about her is the honest way she shares her experiences and how she built her business.” -Andrea Szabo-Kirchmayer, Andimaginary

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Alexis Giostra

Alexis wants to help you work smarter–not harder. And, if you’re a #plannergirl, you need to subscribe to her YouTube channel.

“Alexis consistently puts out quality products that are practical and immediately useful to fledgling entrepreneurs. She has a gift for delivering solid business methodology in easily understood modules. And she really is a productivity guru! What’s not to love!?” -Debra Giuliano, Artfully Chosen Words

“Alexis is known as Miss Trenchcoat on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. I found out about her on YouTube, where she has lot of planning and productivity videos. I love her YouTube videos and her whole branding style of the “strange and charmed” theme. As she puts it, her business is for ‘quirky millennial women who are busting their butts trying to establish their career, a home, and a life they can be proud of.’ I discovered her when searching for reviews on various types of planners on Youtube and I found hers to be very thorough, interesting and useful.” -Tiffany Smith, Tiffany Scribbles

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Alisa Burke

Alisa is a mixed-media artist and she teaches a lot of online art courses. Check out her blog for DIYs, an inside look into her sketchbook, coloring pages and more..

“Judging from her blog and Instagram, her life’s non-stop creativity and adventures. I like that she’s not only teaching, but still makes her own products and pushes her art forward. It’s the kind of life and career I aspire to.” -Nela Dunato, Nela Dunato Art & Design

Allison Marshall

When you land on Allison’s website, the bright colors scream, “you’re gonna have fun hanging out here.” You’ll find tips on growing your audience and building a business you love.

“I love the valuable information she offers as well as the fact that she always stays true to who she is. She always delivers and delivers it as herself, never fronts or fakes anything. She speaks from the heart always.” -Klayci Green, Homegrown Harmony

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Alycia Wicker

Alycia helps interior design pros kick ass online.

“Alycia is badass, unapologetic, and wildly successful. She motivates her followers and clients to do more than they ever thought possible.” -Misha Hettie, Uncommonly Good Biz

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Amanda Creek

Amanda is the super talented website designer who redesigned Blacksburg Belle. I think she might be a magical wizard–she’s that good. If you’re a creative entrepreneur in need a website design, do yourself a huge favor and contact Amanda to see if she has openings.

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Amanda Goldman-Petri

Need another podcast to listen to when you’re doing the dishes or putting on makeup or folding laundry? Check out the Market Like a Nerd podcast.

“I found out about Amanda when she was interviewing a lot of top notch experts in the online business world through a daily series of interviews, which was called million dollar masterclass. She is a marketing coach for online entrepreneurs. I love her branding, her style, and her website–which looks like a comic book strip.” -Tiffany Smith, Tiffany Scribbles

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Amanda Sue Howell

Amanda Sue is my lovely virtual assistant. You might’ve seen her in my FB groups making sure everyone is playing by the rules. She has six children, runs a business, homeschools her kids, writes fiction and crochets like a pro.

“She makes me not scared to have kids and run a business. She has multiple children, but she gets stuff done. Besides being wildly funny and creative, she is one of the most supportive women.” -Sarah Fox, The Bookish Fox

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Amber Avery-Pierce

“Amber creates some of the best handcrafted soaps I’ve ever used. She is a great mom and has turned a whim of an idea into a successful business in the community. She is a reminder that taking leaps of faith are sometimes the only way to freedom.” -Molly Darlington, Madame Molly’s

Amethyst Mahoney

Straight from Amethyst: “I run Spiritual Badass – one of the only places on the internet specifically for magical business owners who read Tarot cards, do Reiki or other energy work, Angel healings, or life coaches who use these modalities. Basically it’s the place for people to go who are ostracized in other groups.”

“She is inspiring to me and I believe she is someone to be watched as she continues to reach out and empower other women entrepreneurs.” -Molly Darlington, Madame Molly’s

Amy Hoy

“She’s smart, successful, outspoken and isn’t afraid to stomp over startup/entrepreneurship myths.” -Nela Dunato, Nela Dunato Art & Design

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Anastasia Amour

Anastasia does incredibly important work. She helps women to learn to love their bodies. That’s pretty great, isn’t it?

“She inspires and encourages women to love themselves, flaws and all. She teaches women to accept themselves in such a raw way.” -Cole Nemeth, Cole Nemeth

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Anne Samoilov

Anne is your girl if you need help with your next launch (and who doesn’t want their next launch to be super successful?!?).

“Anne is sincerely interested in the success of her clients. She is professional and personable. I deeply respect Anne for her knowledge and experience. She is a delight to work with!” -Debra Giuliano, Artfully Chosen Words

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April Bowles-Olin (hey, that’s me!)

If you’re new to Blacksburg Belle, here’s the short version of what you need to know: I help creative entrepreneurs build their dream businesses around the lives they crave to live. I run a membership program for creatives, Sunday Society, that gives entrepreneurs a space to connect with other girl bosses and work on different areas of their businesses together.

Instead of talking about myself, I’ll share what some of my readers said for their nominations:

“April is the most motivating authentic badass biz hero ever! Seriously! I thank the stars I came across her CL course!” -Neesha Merani, Paper Wand

“I NEVER miss April’s posts. And I read her posts FIRST – before any other blog post!” -Renuka Weeradekare

“April is the one I ‘squeeeeeeeeee’ about when an email comes in. She has been such a force in changing everything about the way I work and market for the better. She is a great teacher.” -Angela King, Spirithorse Designs

“She’s not afraid to tell it like it is to get you off your butt and get the work done! No slacking here! It’s like she’s stalking you and knows everything! LOL! You are awesome April!” -Shelly Seward, The View from Where I Am

“April is a savvy social media and creative business coach. I became fascinated with her perceptive, practical vision delivered through a deceptively light, whimsical, disarming girly frappe. Her delight in life always encourages me to drop the deadly seriousness that will kill entrepreneurial enthusiasm.” -Deb Fels, Deborah Fels

Arianna O’Dell

Arianna specializes in helping hospitality and travel businesses with PR and marketing.

“Arianna is creative, entrepreneurial, and the very best cheerleader to her colleagues. She is fearless in that she will try and test ideas. I nominate her because she is generous in sharing her knowledge.” -Allison Durazzi, Allison Durazzi

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Ash Ambirge

I can’t get enough from Ash. Every single time I see an email from her, I bounce up and down in my seat like a five-year-old eating cotton candy.

“I’m sure Ash will grace many o’ nominations. She is one of the few entrepreneurs who speaks the truth online. Her emails are the only ones I open and read.” -Kaye Putnam, Kaye Putnam

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Audrey Roloff

Audrey focuses on helping couples build strong marriages.

“Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are strong figures with a passion for saving marriages and keeping faith strong. I love reading their articles and have implemented some of their advise.” -Andrea Foushanji, Andrea J Design

Must Follow on Instagram

Becca Piastrelli

Becca quit her tech job in 2013 and has been running The Dabblist full time ever since. Taking raw ingredients and turning them into something beautiful with your hands is one of the values her blog and business is built on.

“Becca has such a big heart. She is passionate about holding space for women to make deep connections.” -Sarah Shotts, Sarah Shotts

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Bonnie Christine

I taught at a retreat that was co-hosted by Bonnie and I felt like we instantly connected. She creates lovely fabric patterns, blogs at Going Home to Roost and shares pieces of her life with her husband and two kiddos on Instagram. I have a biz crush on Bonnie–she makes running a successful business look easy (even though we all know it’s not).

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Breńe Brown

Brene is the author of multiple best-selling books and has spent over thirteen years studying vulnerability and courage.

“Brene just cuts through the crap and makes you look at yourself in a way that feels genuine and real. I’ve known so many women that carry soooo much baggage and don’t feel good about themselves. It breaks my heart when I see them struggling and continue down the same self-destructive path. I tell them to listen to some Breńe Brown. It always helps. If not right away, then gradually or later, but it always helps. I love listening to her talks, they always pump me up!” -Nancy Gaines, Yourdori Girl Photography

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Bridget Beth Collins

“I’m so inspired by Bridget’s work. Truly creative and innovative. She just released a beautiful journal with her nature art and I’m dying to go buy it!” -Neesha Merani, Paper Wand

Must Follow on Instagram

Bridget Prater

Bridget is a great example of a multi-passionate entrepreneur. If you feel like you have to focus on just one thing, take a look at Bridget’s website. You’ll find a mix of graphic design, web design, fiber art and more.

“Bridget does it all! She runs an Etsy shop where she sells woven art and enamel pins, and she is a graphic designer and she find the time to support and help other makers.” -Arielle Moore, Cake Spun

Must Follow on Instagram

Caroline Kelso Winegeart

Caroline is a self-proclaimed artist, designer and happiness hunter. From scanning her blog posts, it’s obvious that she wants to help creatives live a more passion-filled life.

“Caroline is so authentic and shares her process very openly. She takes her audience on a journey to live their most vibrant lives. I learn so much from each of her weekly emails.” -Sarah Hendler, Golden Nuggets

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Christina Scalera

I met Christina at a retreat for creative entrepreneurs that I spoke at and I never would’ve guessed she was a lawyer from spending time with her. (I feel like I can say that because my husband is a lawyer.) She’s savvy and fun and doing really cool things–like making legalizing your business easier.

“She is real on Instagram – more so than in her blog or emails. Her words are from the heart and how cool to be a lawyer that drops the corporate to help creatives!” -Mary Kathleen Scott, Discovering Breadcrumbs

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Claire Pelletreau

Feel frustrated by your Facebook ad results? Check out Claire’s blog.

“Claire is a Facebook ads specialist but I love her get-real voice that stops a technical subject from being boring. I also LOVE her podcast, The Get Paid Podcast for sharing the reality of what it takes to get paid online.” -Lucy Parsons, Life More Extraordinary

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Courtney Johnston

If you suffer from ‘no matter what I try, my sales copy sounds like a seventh grader trying to impress her english teacher’ syndrome, you should lose yourself in Courtney’s blog.

“She’s awesome and real. She gives kickass actionable advice. She also seems really down to earth and someone who will tell it to you like it is. I think I’ve got a bit of a biz crush on her when she started periscoping without looking perfectly made up. It made me believe that if she can keep it real and be successful by being herself, then maybe I can too.” -Samantha Donohue, Pawtastic Photography

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Dana Shultz

Dana creates delicious recipes with 10 ingredients or less! That’s pretty cool.

“Thanks to Dana’s awesome recipes my family eats healthier and I spend less time in the kitchen with less dishes to wash. Her recipes are easy to make, wholesome and super yummy. And her photos! They are so delicious that I want to lick the screen when I’m reading her blog. Her writing style is honest with a good sense of humour. I visit her site daily.” -Andrea Szabo-Kirchmayer, Andimaginary

Must Follow on Instagram

Danae Carson

“Danae is always supporting other people whether it’s enthusiastically sharing their stuff online, participating in their projects or featuring them on her blog. She has so much love and energy for what she does and for what others are doing too!” -Cole Nemeth, Cole Nemeth

Danielle Krysa

Danielle started her blog to share art that she was jealous of but that same art now inspires her instead of filling her with a toxic envy.

“I love that Danielle took something that many of us feel deep down–that envy and fear of competitors and instead of being a “hater” or letting it discourage her, she turned it into something spectacularly positive–a whole brand, podcast, books, etc. celebrating those competitors.” -Janet Taylor, Household Art

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Danielle Pedersen

“There is no way to see her work and not fall in love. She creates the most beautiful ceramic creatures that feel magical.” -Neesha Merani, Paper Wand

Must Follow on Instagram

Danielle Spurge

I’ve known Danielle for years, starting out when she was finding her footing selling on Etsy. Now, she’s practically a rockstar in the creative realm. I send creative entrepreneurs her way pretty much every single day. She’s a go-to resource for makers and handmade shop owners.

“Danielle keeps it real. She runs a great podcast and she tells it like it is. No sugar candy coating from this girl. You can tell she cares about her audience and wants to spread creativity and success.” -Tricia Bertrand, Jewels by Trish

“She is no nonsense, shares useable information for product sellers, and is not just for Etsy.” -Angela King, Spirithorse Designs

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Denise Duffield-Thomas

Money issues? Denise is your gal.

“I love Denise’s nurturing and very female attitude. I also love the way she shows up all over the place, always adding value.” -Lucy Parsons, Life More Extraordinary

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Elise Blaha Cripe

Elise is the creator of the Get to Work Book that you can check out right here.

“I love that she’s taken a relatively simple idea and turned it into a tightly focussed line of products. By really focussing on her ideal customer and listening to them, she’s built a beautiful brand and product line. She also has a wonderful, thoughtful podcast.” -Janet Taylor, Household Art

Must Follow on Instagram

Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman

These are the two women behind the incredibly popular blog, A Beautiful Mess. Whenever I’m having a rough day, I click over to A Beautiful Mess and I’m instantly happier while scrolling through pretty photos, unique DIYs and fun fashion posts.

I’ve also been subscribed to their Happy Mail monthly subscription since they launched it and it encourages me to send out physical mail every month. I highly recommend it!

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Emily Quinton

You could spend hours on Emily’s website and Instagram feed, because her photos are gorgeous. Plus, she gives lots of actionable tips that you can apply to your own photos immediately. If you’re a maker, you need to check her out.

“Emily is a wife, a mom and an entrepreneur. She has four kids, runs a successful biz with her hubby, and takes weekend off. She is professional and just so sweet. She is real with her audience and gives us insight into how she successfully does things personally as well as in her business. (She runs courses on photography. If only I lived in the UK, I’d attend her courses live!)” -Tricia Bertrand, Jewels by Trish

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Emily Thompson

One of the things I love about Emily is that she’s unapologetically herself. Always. She’s funny and confident and she’s one of those people that you want to spend more time around because of the way you feel when you hang out with her.

Emily co-hosts a podcast with Kathleen Shannon that is filled with valuable advice for creative entrepreneurs.

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Erin Blackwell

Over the past six years, Erin has photographed more than 300 women. She loves making women feel great about themselves through beautiful photos.

“Her photography work is beautiful but she is also extremely generous with her knowledge to other photographers. She started a local women’s professional photographers group that has over 200 members for the purpose of elevating the whole profession and each other. She loves helping women see just how beautiful they are.” -Maria Rote

Must Follow on Instagram

Erin E Flynn

Erin offers support to website designers and her blog is packed with content that will help you up your web design business.

“She truly cares about her clients. Her work, her advice, her efforts in the web design and development industry all come from a ‘community first’ place. Personally, she’s gone above and beyond to help me and my business. She’s really smart and just does business well.” -Amanda Creek, Amanda Creek Creative

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Fiona Humberstone

If you’re struggling with branding, you need to pour yourself a cup of tea and dive into The Brand Stylist. You’ll need the cup of tea because you’ll probably spend a good hour (or more) reading through Fiona’s blog posts.

“She is the best teacher on brand styling with the kindest heart on earth!” -Monika Burger, Eimotion

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Gina Horkey

Gina will help you escape the 9 to 5 by starting your own freelance business.

“Gina is a perfect example of the entrepreneurial spirit. She provides affordable courses for getting started as a freelance writer or virtual assistant. Gina has built an active and vibrant community of freelancers who generously share encouragement and job opportunities. Priceless!” -Debra Giuliano, Artfully Chosen Words

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Gudy Herder

Gudy is a trend expert specializing in interior design and lifestyle. Warning: the images on her website will suck you in so get ready!

“She has a beautiful understatement of style and I love her work more than anything. It is full of fresh ideas and endless inspiration!” -Monika Burger, Eimotion

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Heidi May

As a knitter, Heidi’s cozy yarn photos on Instagram make me want to cuddle up and knit a chunky scarf while watching Friends on Netflix.

“I aspire to be the Velvet Acorn! She has 222664 sales on Etsy since 2010. She also has a shop on Ravelry where she always has something in the top 50 patterns. She has a short and sweet website, no blog, and only posts a little on Instagram. She creates cute patterns, mostly for kids, and sells really well. She’s extensively copied which aggravates me, but I guess that’s what happens when you start to become successful. Anyway, I when I feel down, I look at Heidi May’s numbers and make myself get back to work. Seeing someone make it work inspires me that if they can, then I can, too.” -Patty McGuire, Pattymac Knits

Must Follow on Instagram

Jamie Jensen

Jamie will teach you to incorporate sassy, smart, and soulful stories in your copy.

“Her writing is amazing! She always makes me laugh. Besides that, she is the kind woman who also has business savvy. As if that weren’t enough, she has a movie on Hulu!” -Sarah Fox, The Bookish Fox

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Janet Murray

Have questions about PR, press releases and getting media coverage? You’ll find all your answers and more on Janet’s website through blog posts and podcast episodes.

“Janet is a powerhouse of expertise who uses her 15 years of experience as a journalist to teach entrepreneurs how to get national press coverage for their businesses. She’s brilliant at online community building but also brings everyone together in her stylish in-person events.” -Lucy Parsons, Life More Extraordinary

Must Listen to Podcast Episode: Five Ways to Get More Media Coverage in 2017

Janice Sullivan

Janice is a fine art photographer specializing in fine art macro photography. She has a ton of energy and is willing to experiment and try new things.

“She’s a wonderful photographer and an awesome teacher (in The Arcanum). She’s inspirational!” -Jeri Mearns, Jeri Mearns Photography

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Jasmine Star

Jasmine left law school for photography and now teaches creative entrepreneurs how to build successful businesses.

“Jasmine is a strong entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable with her audience. She is a dynamic teacher who makes learning enjoyable. Her Facebook posts are so very inspiring and motivational.” -Sarah Hendler, Golden Nuggets

Must Follow on Facebook

Jen Carrington

Jen is a creative coach who works with purpose-driven creatives to build more fulfilling lives and businesses.

“She’s a quiet voice that’s unassuming but strong and caring. She doesn’t roll with trends or seem to be in a hurry like so many people online seem to be.” -Mary Kathleen Scott, Discovering Breadcrumbs

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Jen Funk Weber

Jen has been a crafter and needleworker all of her life and her website focuses on DIY, conservation and creativity.

“Jen Is living her dream life, traveling the world, doing what she loves. She is encouraging and helpful but will also give you a kick in the arse when she knows you need it. Her travels and experience give her a wonderful, unique outlook on life’s problems and situations.” -Cara Vincens, The Hooting Pirate

Jen Olmstead

Favorite line on Jen’s website: Friends don’t let friends have boring websites. YES! The Tonic Site Shop is handcrafted, completely customizable websites for modern creatives.

Must Follow on Instagram

Jenna Kutcher

Jenna is a photographer, educator and artist.

“I appreciate her attitude towards community building. She’s helped me to build my business and learn how to advertise using social media in a way that attracts buyers instead of followers.” -Arielle Moore, Cake Spun

Must-Listen to Podcast Episode: Starting a Movement and Fostering Community with Natalie Franke

Jennifer Kem

Jennifer will help you get seen, get heard and get paid. Check…check…check!

“She’s a powerhouse entrepreneur. Every product she launches sells out, she works with some of the biggest names on TV (through her agency KemComm) and is generous with her time and knowledge.” -Kaye Putnam, Kaye Putnam

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Jenny Penton

“Using her art, Jenny helps woman not only take care of themselves but also to lead a better life. The life they were meant to live. She is the mother of 8. EIGHT! And encourages woman to look beyond their motherhood to their own unique talents and bring them to the world.” -Cara Vincens, The Hooting Pirate

Must Follow on Instagram

Kelsey Baldwin

I just started reading Kelsey’s blog posts and I’m already a huge fan. (That must-read blog post below might’ve made me cry.)

“Kelsey is so inspiring, she surpassed huge obstacles and found herself in an extremely tough situation and made it through. She’s her own boss and I love everything she does.” -Monica Aguinaga, Monica Aguinaga

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Kris Carr

I’ve had the opportunity to see Kris speak at three conferences and every time, I leave feeling more motivated than ever to make healthy changes in my life. Through one of Kris’ books, I realized that I was allergic to gluten and when I stopped consuming gluten, I felt so much better. It changed my life.

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Kris Windley

Kris taught a segment during my CreativeLive bootcamp about the writing process and I felt like everyone watching had some ‘a-ha’ moments: ‘wait…I’m supposed to write the rough draft and edit at different times?’ (Try it. It makes a HUGE difference!)

“She is flat out authentic everywhere she is. You can see her personality shine through automatically. And it’s a personality worth seeing!” -Mary Kathleen Scott, Discovering Breadcrumbs

“Kris has a great style of teaching that mixes a don’t-stress-out-about-this attitude with real talk and a powerful writing toolbox. She’s great at making writing accessible for new writers and helping experienced writers tighten up their skillset. (Plus she makes adorable printables with little kittens wearing wing tip glasses.)” -Sarah Shotts, Sarah Shotts

“I nominated Kris because of her talent and tenacity. She’s a little voice in the back of my head, encouraging me and giving me some no nonsense “head mistress” talk as well. I love how she has grown her biz and fine tuned it little by little. I love that she’s so positive and giving, even when life is not always the easiest for her. She is the epitome of a BA biz lady to me.” -Nancy Gaines, Yourdori Girl Photography

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Krista Miller

Krista is another superhero in my eyes because she helped Amanda Creek with the coding for my website. (Thanks Krista!)

“She provides abundant value for ladies in business, specifically designers and developers, but also people who are trying to navigate the online business world. I really value the advice she gives through her blog and love her Facebook groups!” -Amanda Creek, Amanda Creek Creative

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Kristin Thompson

If you want to land more speaking engagements or want to build a business around speaking, you have to check out Kristin’s website.

“Kristin is a rock star. She walks her talk when it comes to helping other entrepreneurs grow through speaking. I love learning from her. (Through her courses and also through her example!)” -Kaye Putnam, Kaye Putnam

Must-Watch Video: How to Use Speaking To Attract New Coaching or Consulting Clients

Lain Ehmann

Lain covers topics from personal development to productivity to community building and has worked with many well-known internet marketers including Pat Flynn and John Lee Dumas.

“Lain is smart and funny and kind. She is an amazing business woman and a great encouragement to women. She has a great knack at seeing women’s talents and unique abilities.” -Cara Vincens, The Hooting Pirate

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Laura Hollick

Laura is an award-winning artist and creative spiritual entrepreneur. Her website feels like a playground for adults.

“She’s unique, stands out from the crowd, gives permission to women to express themselves. Her yearly Soul Art Day is a treat to find one’s true essence.” -Ana Matamoros, Ana Life Design

Take Her Quiz: What Kind of Creative Spirit Are You?

Laura Miller

Laura published her cookbook in May: Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. If one of your resolutions for this year is eating healthier, you should take a peek at her recipes.

“I love how open and real she is as an anxious, introvert, vegan. I relate with her on many levels and not only enjoy her blog and Instagram but also her YouTube videos. She makes me laugh and accepts my quirkiness.” -Andrea Foushanji, Andrea J Design

Must Try Recipe: Raw and Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

Lauren Hooker

Elle and Company is such a pretty website. But, even better, it’s filled with value-packed blog posts for creative entrepreneurs.

“I love this fact that’s she’s so open about her entire business and shares her knowledge freely. I also love that even though she’s monetizing through courses, it’s not the only content she puts out. She still blogs regularly at least twice a month and has awesome webinars on various topics each month and leaves them up for FREE! I also love that not everything is directly related to a product or what she’s trying to sell. It’s helpful, informative and actionable and makes me trust her so you can bet your boogie when I have enough money to invest, I’ll invest with her.” -Samantha Donohue, Pawtastic Photography

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Lisa Congdon

I always get questions from artists who want to know what they should blog about and I always use Lisa’s blog as an example of an artist who does blogging right. I constantly go to check if there’s anything new and I enjoy all of her posts–whether they’re short or long or in between.

“Lisa has taken her artistic talent, and by reaching into many different income streams, made her art and name a fantastic brand.” -Janet Taylor, Household Art

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Madeline Shayne

Madeline is a talented photographer that creates such unique pieces of art with her photos.

“I love her photographs. She has a wonderful ability to tell a big story with just one image. Her photos remind me of those big Hollywood productions.” -Anja Griessmeyer, Cat and Raven

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Mariah Coz

I stumbled upon Mariah over

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