Chapter 3 — Acclimating

Ting-lan woke up with her first ever hangover. As memories from the previous day flooded into her brain the hangover got worse. What had she been thinking? She’d given her children alcohol. She’d bought racy swimsuits for the whole family. She’d practically made love to her husband in the hot tub while Luan and Shen were in it with them. It had felt good at the time. More than that, it had felt right and no one else had complained.

She knew that she’d been too hard on the kids while they’d grown up. Too many parents were satisfied with their children scraping by, doing the minimum. Her children excelled because she pushed them. Shen had the kind of academic record that gave him his choice of colleges. Luan would likely attend Julliard the following year. Perhaps last night was just the whole family blowing off steam. Work hard, play hard. Wasn’t that the saying? Ting-lan rose slowly and made her way into the kitchen to make breakfast for her family.

* * *

When Luan awoke she ran straight to the bathroom and vomited. Hearing noises from the kitchen she went to investigate. After a moment her vision cleared and she recognized that person making the racket was her mother. Ting-lan wore her night gown without a robe. Luan looked down and realized that she was still wearing her bikini. Better than being naked, she figured.

“I feel like shit.” Luan said and then tensed in anticipation of her mother’s ire over the swear word.

* * *

Ting-lan winced and grabbed her head. “I feel rather poor as well. Can you grab some aspirin from the cupboard?”

Luan retrieved the aspirin, shook out a couple of pills for them both and then guzzled a bottle of water.

“Don’t overdo it,” Ting-lan said as Luan reached for another bottle. “Let that settle and then drink some more with your breakfast. Too much too quickly will make you feel sick.”

“Now that Father is feeling better will we do Tai Chi on the beach after breakfast?”

“I think that we’ll postpone Tai Chi until after lunch and go to the salon instead.”


* * *

“Yes. I booked us for a mani-pedi. It’s not for a few hours, but I thought that we could window shop on the boardwalk for awhile, just the two of us. I think it will be great to have a mother-daughter day, don’t you? We can leave after breakfast.”

“In that case I should practice the piano before breakfast.” Luan entered the living room, sat at the piano and then stared at the piano keys, trying to get her vision to focus. Her head swam and 176 black and white keys swayed before her instead of the usual 88.

After a few minutes her head and stomach settled and she began to play. She worked though the scales and her headache spiked. Each key she struck felt like her brain was being stabbed with a fork.

“Why don’t you skip the piano this morning,” Ting-lan said as she closed the keyboard lid. “My head can’t take it. Besides, we’re on vacation and you can practice any time.”

After breakfast Luan and Ting-lan headed down the boardwalk while Kang and Shen hit the hot tub. Kang had a meeting with the Princeton board of trustees later that day and he wanted to recharge with a good soak first.

Their first stop was at Trendz, a jewelry and accessory store that catered to teen girls whose fashion sense had yet to mature and women whose sense had been stunted. A heart necklace, bedazzled with rhinestones, caught Luan’s eye, but she hesitated to touch it for fear of her mother’s disapproval. Ting-lan too was captivated by a pair of golden hoop earrings to care. The only earrings she ever wore were the small diamond studs that Kang had given her on their 10th wedding anniversary, yet the hoops called to her.

“Um, Mom, do you think it would be okay if I bought this necklace?” Luan pointed to the gaudy rhinestone necklace. “I’ll pay for it with my own money.”

“That’s okay, angel, I’ll pay for it.”

“They’re having a two for one sale, why don’t you get a necklace, too.”

“Oh, no I shouldn’t. Everything in here is too flashy,” Ting-lan said as she gazed at the sparkling jewelry.

“Oh, look at that rhinestone rabbit on the gold chain. You were born in the year of the rabbit, weren’t you, Mom?”

“I’ll get the rabbit if you get the rhinestone tiger.” Ting-lan gave her daughter a conspiratorial grin.


In addition to the necklaces, Ting-lan bought a couple pairs of two inch hoop earrings. Ting-lan felt a sense of shame as she removed the diamond studs that had been in her ears for the last fifteen years and replaced them with the large, golden hoops, but she had to admit that they looked kind of hot.

For the next couple of hours Luan and her mother hit every shop that sold women’s clothes, shoes or accessories as they slowly made their way to Lucinda’s Hair and Nail Emporium. At each store they bought another item of clothing or accessory and wore it out of the store.

When they made it to the salon at the far end of boardwalk, Luan wore a black skirt that fell to her knees, a pink satin blouse, and a pair of sandals with a kitten heel. For accessories she wore the hoop earrings and tiger necklace her mother had bought for her at Trendz, several gold plated bracelets, a pair of oversized sunglasses, and a new leather purse which she carried in the crook of her arm. Ting-lan was dressed very similarly. If it wasn’t for the twenty-seven year age difference, people would have thought them twins.

After their mani-pedis, the ladies decided that it was time to eat.

“Do you mind if we don’t go home to eat?” Ting-lan asked, knowing that she should go home and make something healthy for her family. But every few feet there was someone hawking junk food, filling the air with the mouth watering smells of hot dogs, kettle corn, steak sandwiches, curly fries and other assorted deep fried treats. “I know I should make something healthy to eat, but everything out here smells so good. It seems a shame to walk all the way home.”

“I’m totally on board, Mom. What do you want to eat?”

Ting-lan looked around. It had been years since she’d any type of junk food. There were restaurants, food stands and carts everywhere, and she wanted all of it and none of it.

“Pizza! I want a damn pizza.” Ting-lan’s hands flew to her mouth. “Sorry, I guess I get vulgar when I’m hungry.”

A smile slowly replaced Luan’s stunned expression. “Well, I’m pretty damn hungry, too!”

Both ladies laughed.

Ting-lan bought two large slices with the works and a couple diet cokes. She briefly considered getting a pitcher of beer to share with Luan, but that would mean sitting in the restaurant and the ladies wanted to sit out on the beach and people watch.

“Mom, please don’t take this the wrong way, but you have been acting different lately. I’m not complaining, but you let me drink wine last night, we’re wearing clothes that would’ve freaked you out yesterday, and now we’re eating pizza.”

“I know, angel. I’ve been too hard on you and your brother. As you said yesterday, we are on vacation. It is a time to let loose and be someone else for a few days,” Ting-lan looked at a muscular, young man walking by. “Wow, can you imagine being wrapped in those arms.”

“Mom! You’re a married woman!”

“I can still look. You did think he was a stud, didn’t you?”

“Well, yes,” Luan said with impish smile. “Although I think the guy in the red shorts is hotter.”

Ting-lan let her eyes roam over the man in question. “He’s got a gorgeous tan, but I go for muscles over skin coloring.”

“Come on, Mom. Look at his six pack. It’s sexy as hell.”

“But he’s got no guns, angel. I want a man with biceps like cannon balls. Like that guy over there, the one with all the tribal tattoos.”

“Yeah, I see what you mean, Mom,” Luan said.

“You know, we should see if the boys want some pizza.”

“How are we going to do that? You and Dad won’t let us have phones and there aren’t any payphones around.”

“Well, I’ve been thinking about that. I’ve been too uptight about the phones, too.”

“Really?” Luan jumped up. “I can get a smart phone? For reals?”

Ting-lan stood. “I think it’s time. We can get phones for everyone. I saw a phone dealer next door to Henna Haven.”

“I love you, Mom,” Luan said as she hugged her mother, “This has been the best day ever. You’re like my mom and best friend rolled into one.”

“I love you too, angel.” Ting-lan said and then gave her daughter a kiss.

After buying smart phones for the whole family, Ting-lan let Luan talk her into visiting Henna Haven. She then let Luan talk her into getting matching temporary tattoos on their shoulders. Luan’s read, “Like Mother” while Ting-lan’s read, “Like Daughter”; both were accompanied by interlocking lockets.

Ting-lan tried calling the house with her new smart phone, but there was no answer so she bought a large takeout pizza just in case Kang and Shen were hungry. If they weren’t, she and Luan would eat it for dinner.

When they arrived home they found the men of the house in the hot tub. They’d moved the television outside and were watching the New York Yankees play while drinking beer.

“Have you two been in the hot tub the whole time we’ve been gone?” Ting-lan asked as she set the pizza on the bench next to the hot tub.

“No,” Kang said, not looking away from the baseball game. “We found a health club nearby that has day passes and we got in some weights.”

“Did you have your phone meeting with the board of trustees?”

“I had them reschedule the meeting. I’ll do it later in the week.”

“Weren’t they upset that you cancelled last minute?”

“Fuck them. We’re on vacation.” Kang jumped up, splashing water onto his wife as he yelled, “Yes!” He gave Shen a high five. “Two run homer for our boys.” He finally looked at his wife. “Why don’t you girls join us? The game will be over in about thirty minutes and then we can hit the beach.”

Luan raced downstairs and changed into her bikini. She looked at the makeup kit Ting-lan had purchased at the salon. After a moment of consideration she decided against wearing makeup, but kept the bracelets, earrings and necklace on. When she made it back to the hot tub, Ting-lan was already in the water cuddling next to Kang.

“You look really nice today, Luan,” Shen said as Luan climbed into the tub. “I love your necklace and earrings.”

“You’re so sweet.” Luan gave her brother a kiss on the cheek. “You’re looking pretty good, too.” She ran a hand over Shen’s chest and then squeezed one of his biceps. “You get all this from one work out?”

“Yeah, can you believe it?” Shen flexed his arm to show off a bicep the size of an apple. “I can’t wait to hit the gym tomorrow.”

“My brother the stud,” Luan said as she accepted a beer from her father. “Why don’t you put your new muscles to good use and hold me while we watch some baseball.”

“Anything for my baby sister,” Shen said as he pulled his sister against his body.

By time the game was over Luan was feeling good. She wasn’t sure if it was the hot water mixed with the fresh ocean breeze, the alcohol, her brother’s strong arms holding her tight, or a combination. A tingly sensation ran up and down her body, making her nipples hard and giving her a gooey feeling down below. She knew that Shen felt it too; his manhood had been poking her butt for the last twenty minutes.

“Kang, can you program our phones with each other’s phone number before we go to the beach?” Ting-lan asked.

“Sure, baby. Anything for you.” Kang sat down, pulled the instructions for one of the phones from the bag and began reading.

Luan went downstairs, took a shower and then changed into her Tai Chi uniform. When she joined her family in the kitchen her mother was wearing a sarong wrapped around her bathing suit and was stuffing beach towels into a large bag. Shen was filling a cooler with beer and Kang was still reading the phone instructions.

Ting-lan laughed. “We’re not exercising today, silly girl. We’re on vacation. We’re going to find out what everyone else sees in laying about on a beach, soaking up the sun.”

Luan returned to her room and changed into her bikini and sarong. She pulled out her new makeup kit, drew fine black lines around her eyes and applied a touch of lip gloss to her lips. After untying her hair and placing her sunglasses on her head, she once again rejoined her family in the kitchen. Kang was still struggling with the instructions.

“Shen, can you help your father?” Ting-lan said. “I’d like to get to the beach before the sun sets.”

Shen helped his father with the phones and then all four headed to the beach. The girls lost the sarongs and laid down on beach towels while the boys ditched their shirts and started tossing a Frisbee to each other. They stayed on the beach until dinner time.

When they got back to the house, Shen grabbed the television from the deck and the family watched a re-run of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” while eating cold pizza. Afterwards, Luan changed into her new skirt and blouse in preparation to meet Brad at the swimsuit store. Shen and Kang decided to walk with her and then check out the scene on the boardwalk. Ting-lan decided to stay home and watch more of the Housewives marathon.

Brad raved about Luan’s new look when she greeted him at the swimsuit store that evening. He jokingly accused her of kidnapping the real Luan and replacing her with an even prettier Chinese girl, which he hadn’t thought possible since she was so pretty to begin with. Luan loved every minute of it.

Luan told Brad that she wanted him to come back to her place so that they could spend some time alone in the family’s hot tub. He readily agreed. They exchanged phone numbers and were on their way.

“You live here?” Brad asked as Luan led him to the house with the Italian flag painted on the garage door. “This is where they filmed that TV show for MTV, the one with all the Italians with the fake tans. Did you know that not one of those bone heads was actually from New Jersey? They gave the state such a bad name.”

“I didn’t know that,” Luan said as they entered the house. She led Brad into the living room by his hand. “Mom, this is Brad.”

Ting-lan tore her eyes away from the television and then stood. “Yes, I know. He was kind enough to help me pick out your bathing suit yesterday.”

“It’s nice to meet you again, Mrs. Huang. I see where Luan gets her beauty from.”

“Such a sweet talker. Call me Ting-lan, no need for formality.” Ting-lan sat back down. “Better watch out, Luan. I might just steal this one away from you.”

“You’re funny, Mom,” Luan said with a laugh. “We’re going up to the hot tub.”

“You know, there are a lot of rumors about this house around town,” Brad said as they headed up the stairs. “Some people think it’s possessed or something. Personally, I don’t know about all that, but it sure is lucky.”

“How is it lucky?” Luan asked as she stripped down to her bikini.

“Well, it not only survived Hurricane Sandy unscathed, but it also avoided being burned down in the huge fire that destroyed most of Seaside Heights in 2013.”

“That is lucky.” Luan waited for Brad to get in the hot tub and then let him help her get in. “That’s enough of the ‘no shit’ facts. It’s time to get down to some serious makin’ out.” Luan launched herself at Brad and stuck her tongue in his mouth.

They continued to make out for the next fifteen minutes. It probably would have been a straight half hour, but they were interrupted by Ting-lan bringing them refreshments. Luan ignored her mom at first; she was lost in the moment. Brad was kneeding her ass and she was rubbing her stiff nipples against his smooth chest while they explored each other’s mouths with their tongues.

“I thought you kids might like some refreshments.” Ting-lan sat a tray laden with a bottle of tequila, a couple shot glasses, several bottles of beer and assorted snacks on the bench.

“What the hell, Mom?” Luan snapped when she broke away from Brad. “Can’t you see that we’re a little busy here?”

“Don’t cop an attitude with me unless you want your boyfriend to see you bent over my knee.”

“Sorry, Mom. I was caught up in the moment.”

“That’s all right, angel,” Ting-lan said as she turned to leave. “Try the deep fried pickles; they’ll change your life.”

Luan scooted over to the bench, poured two shots of tequila and handed one to Brad. They slammed the shots. Luan handed her glass to Brad and leaned back in her seat. The tingly feeling was back and she knew that it had nothing to do with the ocean breeze or alcohol. She was horny as hell. Her eyes lingered on Brad’s chest as he poured another round of shots and she found herself missing her brother’s new physique. Being held by Shen’s strong arms had been so much nicer than being held by Brad. The kissing had been great, but a couple times her mind had wandered and she’d imagined that it was Shen’s lips on hers. She looked down at the bulge in Brad’s shorts. At least he had one muscle that looked above average.

“Sit up on the edge of the hot tub,” Luan said as she accepted the shot from Brad. She slammed her shot as Brad moved seats. “You can have the pickles; I’m hungry for something a little meatier.” Luan pulled at the waistband of Brad’s shorts.

Brad pulled down his shorts, his erection springing free. “Tonight is going so different than I imagined.”

Luan’s heart pounded in her chest as she leaned forward and ran her cheek against Brad’s cock. Never in a million years would she have thought that she’d take a penis in her mouth of a guy she’d known for only two days. It was the action of easy girls; girls with no self respect; girls so desperate they offered up their bodies for a couple hours of male attention. Sluts. Yet, at the moment, she wanted Brad’s cock in her mouth more than she wanted anything else. She licked the length, from the base to the mushroom head and then took him in her mouth,

“Whoa, watch the teeth,” Brad said as he jerked back and almost fell backward onto the deck.

Luan flushed with shame. “Sorry.” She opened her mouth wider and tried again. She got about half his length into her mouth before she scraped him again and he jerked back, this time falling and landing with a loud thud.

“Fuck!” Brad screamed as he clutched at his back.

* * *

“Is everyone all right?” Ting-lan said as she ran onto the deck. “I heard a crash.” As she took in Brad’s nakedness her face turned almost as red as her daughter’s. “What on earth were you two doing?”

“I tried to give Brad a blow job, Mom. I screwed up and he fell out of the hot tub. Please don’t be mad.”

“Are you all right, Brad?” Ting-lan asked as she helped him stand. She’d considered giving him a towel to cover himself, but the sight of his thick erection clouded her mind.

“I’m fine. I just got the wind knocked out of me.”

“And yet you didn’t lose your erection,” Ting-lan said with admiration. “Why don’t you sit on the bench and let Luan help you out with that?”

“Mom? What are you saying?”

“You should finish what you started, angel. You don’t want Brad to think that you’re a tease, do you?”

“No, I guess not. But I didn’t do it right and he got hurt. He probably doesn’t want me to do it anymore.”

“It’s okay, really,” Brad said as he started to stand. “I should probably get going.”

“Nonsense.” Ting-lan pushed Brad back down. “Now come over here, Luan.”

Once Luan knelt in front of Brad, Ting-lan reached behind Luan and unclasped her bikini top.

“What are you doing?” Luan grabbed the cups of her top and held them against her breasts.

“Angel, if you’re going to put a man’s cock in your mouth you may as well show him your tits.”

Luan let the bikini top fall. “It’s just as well. The straps were digging into my back.”

“Well, no wonder. It looks like you’ve grown a cup size at least.”

Luan placed her hands on the bottom of her breasts and lifted them. “They feel heavier, too.”

“It’s true, there really is a curse on this place,” Brad said as he gaped at Luan’s tits. “I heard rumors about this place changing people, but I thought it was all bullshit.”

“Do you want to talk or do you want your cock sucked?” Ting-lan snapped.

“I want a blow job, Mrs. Huang. I mean Ting-lan.”

Turning to her daughter, Ting-lan said, “Now, I think the best way to teach someone a new skill is to show them how it is done properly. That way they’ll have an example in their mind when they try to repeat it.”

Ting-lan opened her mouth and slipped her lips over the head of Brad’s cock while stroking the base with her hand. She pulled back, licked around the head, up and down his length and then slid her mouth over him again, taking more of him in her mouth. She repeated this a couple times until she was able to get most of him in her mouth.

“That feels amazing,” Brad said with a moan.

Ting-lan let Brad’s cock slip from her mouth with a pop. “Think you can do that?”

“I think so.” Luan exchanged places with her mother and then tried to repeat her performance.

“Remember to stroke with your hand,” Ting-lan said as she watched her daughter slide her mouth over Brad’s cock. “Also, don’t try to take too much in at first. I can teach you some exercises that will help you deep throat a cock, but for now, stick with baby steps.”

Luan continued to work Brad’s cock. After a couple minutes he announced that he was going to come. Luan looked at her mother for help.

“Stay where you are, angel,” Ting-lan said as she placed her hand on the back of Luan’s head and kept her on Brad’s cock. “This is your reward for a job well done.”

Brad grunted a couple times and Luan tried to swallow as best she could. When she pulled away from Brad, semen trailed from the corner’s of her mouth.

“He tastes pretty good, doesn’t he?”

“You guys have to get out of this house. It’s cursed,” Brad said as he tried to catch his breath.

“You sound like my grandmother from rural China,” Ting-lan said as she walked away. “She was a superstitious old woman who lived in a hut and worked in a rice paddy, what is your excuse?”

“The curse is real,” Brad yelled as Ting-lan disappeared into the house.

“Do you really believe that the house is cursed?” Luan asked Brad as she wrapped herself in a towel.

“It has to be. You and your mother act so different from yesterday. Not only that, but your tits are bigger and so is your ass.”

“You know, when we arrived our real estate agent was acting real weird. My dad said that she was a normal business woman when he first saw the house, but she looked like one of those party girls when I saw her on Tuesday. She might know what’s going on.” Luan hurried downstairs to find Lynn Masterson’s business card.

* * *

Ting-lan sat in front of the television and tried not to cry as she watched Luan and Brad head out into the night. Luan wore a short skirt and a sleeveless top which exposed the henna tattoo on her shoulder that read “Like Mother”, something she’d been proud of until earlier that evening. As she reflected on the blow job, her shame was nearly unbearable. She considered getting drunk, but until the previous night she’d never been a drinker. Letting her children get drunk seemed tame to giving her daughter’s boyfriend a blow job while she was in the room. It had seemed so sensible at the time. Luan was obviously inexperienced at fellatio and it was a parent’s responsibility to teach their children.

Ting-lan mulled over Brad’s assertion that the house was cursed. Certainly strange things had happened recently, Shen and Kang had gained nearly ten pounds of muscle in an afternoon and Luan breasts had grown a cup size. Yet, it wasn’t uncommon for women’s breasts to swell during menstruation and the men’s muscle was probably a temporary pump that happens after a vigorous workout. That didn’t explain why she was so fucking horny.

Ting-lan rose and poured herself a large glass of crown royal and then sat in front of the television again. She tried to distract herself with “Real Housewives”, tried to resist fingering herself, tried to resist the impulse to go find Brad and let him fuck her. In 25 years of marriage she’d never considered straying for a moment. Tonight it was all she could do not to leave the house and fuck the first cute guy she found.

* * *

While Ting-lan fought her sexual urges, Luan and Brad talked with Lynn Masterson outside of the night club, Club Karma. She wore a dress that covered most of her breasts and waist and little else. Tattoos of vines and roses rose up her sides and she’d obviously spent a lot of time at a salon. Her nails were long and painted, her skin had an orange tint of a fake tan, her makeup was applied thick and her hair had been bleached and teased. She puffed away on her cigarette as Luan told her what had been happening to her family.

“Your boyfriend is right and wrong, sweetie. There is a curse, but it’s on the hot tub, not the house. Anyone who spends time in it gets jersified.” Lynn looked Luan up and down. “It looks like you’re on your way.”

“What do you mean ‘jersified’?”

“Guidos and guidettes. Men and women obsessed with their bodies, tanning, tight skimpy clothing, partying, and sex. I’m sure you’ve seen them on the boardwalk and beach. They’re hard to miss.”

“You knew this and you used the hot tub?” Luan pulled at the hem of her skirt, trying to make it cover more of her legs.

“My third husband had just left me for some little skank. I’m sick of men leaving me for trashy women. I’ve gotten so much cock in the last couple of days. It was the best decision of my life.”

“Is there way to stop the jersification? No offence, but I don’t want my family ending up like you.”

“None taken, sweetie. Just stop using the hot tub. I don’t know if you’ll go back to normal, but you won’t change anymore.”

Luan turned to Brad. “We should get back home and tell my mom. Then we can track down Shen and my dad.”

“Shen is inside Club Karma with your dad. I saw them dancing with a couple guidettes less than thirty minutes ago.”

“Can you tell them to come out here?”

“Come in and tell them yourselves.” Lynn dropped her cigarette to the boardwalk and crushed it out with her stiletto.”

“We’re both under twenty-one,” Brad said.

“Let me take care of that.”

Lynn led them to the front door of Club Karma. When the bouncer asked for ID Lynn whispered in his ear and rubbed his crotch. The bouncer waved Luan and Brad inside while Lynn rubbed her body against his.

House music hammered in their chests and made their ears hurt as the couple wound their way through the dark club. The smell of perfume, sweat and booze cloyed at their noses. Colorful lights rotated on the ceiling, nearly hypnotizing Luan. She clung to Brad’s arm, fearing that if they separated she’d never find him or the exit again. Nearly a hundred people bounced up and down on the dance floor and nearly as many crowded around a bar.

“Do you want something to drink?” Brad asked.

“What?” Luan yelled.

Brad pointed at the bar and then made a drinking motion with one hand. Luan nodded and then let Brad lead her to the bar where they were ignored by the bartender for the next several minutes. While they were waiting Shen appeared. Luan smelled cigarette smoke on him when he hugged her.

“What are you doing here?” Shen yelled.

“Looking for you and Dad. I need to tell you something important,” Luan yelled into Shen’s ear. She turned to the bar. “What the fuck do you have to do to get served around here?”

Shen slapped the bar, getting the attention of the bartender. He held up two fingers. “Two Jager Bombs.” He turned back to Luan. “Dad is fist pumping on the dance floor. I’m going to dance while you two drink. I’ll be back with Dad in ten minutes.” Shen headed out onto the dance floor, fist pumping the entire way.

Luan watched her brother and father dance with a couple tanned beauties while waiting for their drinks. Five minutes later the drinks finally appeared. As Brad paid for the drinks a tanned, heavily muscled man approached Luan.

“Damn, you’re lookin’ sweet, baby.” He held out a drink toward her. “My name’s Donnie, but you can call me ‘The Deuce’. I noticed you didn’t have no drink. Have this one and then dance with me.”

“I’m with someone,” Luan said, not accepting the drink.

“She’s with me in fact,” Brad said as he stepped in between Luan and Donnie. The guido had him by a couple inches.

“Beat it pal, before I beat you.”

“Leave us alone, please,” Luan said.

“You’re the one who’s going to get the beating if you don’t get out of my face,” Brad yelled as he shoved Donnie.

Luan stood transfixed, wanting to be horrified that people were about to fight again, but finding it secretly thrilling. A girl had to be pretty hot looking to have guys fighting over her. Brad swung a fist at Donnie, caught him in the shoulder and then doubled over when Donnie slammed him in the stomach. Donnie chuckled at Brad’s bent over form and then readied a fist to finish Brad off. The guido’s head snapped to the side as Shen blindsided him.

“One shot, bitch!” Shen yelled at Donnie’s prone form. “One shot!”

“Let’s see you do that again when someone is ready for you.” A pair of guidos challenged Shen, probably friends of the unconscious man.

“You will need to go through me first,” Kang said. “You will regret threatening my children.” He leapt into the air, kicked one tanned Italian and then the other with the same foot. He landed, nailed the speaker with an open palm and then elbowed his buddy. They collapsed on the floor next to their friend.

“We need to get out of here before the cops come, Special K,” Shen said.

“I told you not to call me that,” Kang said. “But you are correct. We need to get out of here.”

The four of them fled out the side door. Luan gave Brad a kiss goodnight and then followed her brother and father down the boardwalk toward the house.

“Why did you call Dad ‘Special K’,” Luan asked her brother.

“Cause he’s dumb as fuck now.” Brad pulled a pack of cigarette from his pocket. “Want one?”

“No,” Luan said as she watched her brother take a drag off his cigarette. “When did you start smoking?”

“Tonight. Dad started too. They taste pretty good. You should try one.”

“We need to get home, fast.”

As they neared the house they noticed that the Ford Explorer was missing. Luan removed her phone from her purse and called her mother. There was no answer. While leaving a message she heard the sound of high heels clicking on payment from behind. It sounded like a couple people were scurrying toward them. She turned to see Gia and Adriana mincing their way toward the house.

“You guys are so dead tomorrow. We know where you live and Gino and Joey are going to fuck you up.”

“We don’t want any trouble,” Luan said.

“Yeah we do,” Kang said.

Gia stormed up to Kang, her face inches from his. “They got arrested because of you. They’re getting out of jail on Friday and they’re going to kick all your asses.”

“If they come here, they’ll regret it,” Shen said.

A warm fluttery feeling spread through Luan’s torso as she watched her brother talk tough. “We didn’t mean for anyone to get arrested, but they’ll pray for the police to come and save them if they try to fuck with my brother.” Luan said. “He’s not called ‘One Shot’ for nothing.”

Luan told her father and brother about the hot tub and how it had been changing them. They all agreed that that they’d never use the cursed object again. Kang assured his children that he’d have it dismantled and removed from the house before the week was out.

* * *

Ting-lan stared out onto Temptations’ dance floor, at the throng of young, beautiful men and women bumping and grinding to the music’s pulse pounding beat. She’d tried to stay home and wait for Luan’s return, but when a commercial advertising the night club interrupted “Real Housewives of New Jersey”, her resolve crumbled and before she knew it she was climbing into the Ford Explorer and then driving across town. She wanted to dance, desperately. She wanted to dance with one of the hot, young studs, his hands roaming over her body as she twisted and twirled before him.

At the same time she yelled at herself to leave, to go home to her husband and children. Yet, she stayed, captivated by swirling lights as they reflected off the sparking jewelry and shimmering dresses of the young women dancing with the tall, muscular young men. She envied the attention the girls drew from the men, hating them for their youth and beauty and herself for craving the attention of a group of boys barely out of their teens.

Despite her self-loathing she studied the ladies, their makeup, tight dresses, flashy jewelry, designer shoes, the way they danced, they way they touched the guys when laughing at their jokes. Ting-lan looked down at her drab dress. It covered her legs to the shin and her chest to the neck. It had been her favorite dress until she’d entered the club. Now she wanted to burn it. And her ugly shoes. If she had a shiny dress and a pair of tall stilettos, one of the guidos on the dance floor might pay her some attention.

“Would you like to dance?”

Ting-lan turned to the voice. A man in his early twenties, wearing a blue, silk dress shirt and expensive slacks flashed a friendly smile at her. He had Italian facial features, large diamond studs in his ears, and the best tan money could buy. Ting-lan looked around to see if he was talking to someone else.

“I’m talkin’ to you, beautiful.” He held out his hand. “I’m Alberto Fantone, but my friends call me Alpha Dog.”

“I’m Ting-lan. I do not know how to dance to this type of music.”

“Just let your body move. There’s no right or wrong way. If you’re still unsure, just look around and do what the other ladies are doing.”

Ting-lan let Alberto lead her onto the crowded dance floor. She was hesitant at first and mostly swayed in place, not moving her feet. Alberto raised a fist into the air and pumped out a beat as he rocked his hips back and forth. Ting-lan looked to the other ladies on the dance floor, facing their partner, mashing their enhanced chests onto the man’s body or facing away, bent over, rubbing their posteriors against their date’s crotch.

“You know, you’re pretty hot for an older chick,” Alberto said.

“You think I’m pretty?” Ting-lan felt her face flush.

“Yeah, I’ve always had a thing for chinks and milfs.”

“What’s a milf?”

“One hot mama that I’d like to fuck.”

Ting-lan slid her hands over Alberto’s biceps and then pulled his arms around her waist. “You think I’m a hot mama, Alpha Dog?”

“Yeah, you’re hot, a chinks, and a mama. Just my type.”

Ting-lan turned around, bent over and grinded her ass against Alpha Dog’s growing bulge. He grabbed her hips and kept her there.

After several dances Alberto led Ting-lan off the dance floor and bought her a whiskey sour to quench her thirst. He held her close to his body as they drank, his hand roaming from her waist to her breasts and back again.

“Let’s get out of here, Mama Chinks.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Alpha Dog. I’m a married woman.”

“Don’t give me that married woman bullshit,” Alberto said with a snarl. “You want to fuck just as much as I do. I can smell it on you.”

“I’m not denying that I want to fuck. I’m not ready to cheat on my husband.”

“Then why did you come here? Why were you grinding up against me for the last half hour? You some fucking tease?”

“I’m not a tease!” Ting-lan grabbed Alberto’s groin. “I’ll give you a blow job, but I’m not having sex.”

“Fine with me,” Alberto said with a smile. “Follow me. I know someone who works here and you can suck me off in the office.”

“First, let’s drink some more,” Ting-lan said. “No offense, but I need to be drunk to do this.”

“You do what you gotta do. I don’t care if you need to sacrifice a chicken before you suck me, just as long as I nut.”

After several rounds of shots, Ting-lan felt ready to fellatiate Alberto. Once in the back room he dropped his pants and sat on an office chair. Ting-lan knelt and then sucked his cock like it had been bitten by a cobra and she was trying to save his life, all the while cursing herself. She cursed herself for being weak, for betraying her husband, for sucking a different man’s cock for the second time on the same night. She cursed herself for being too resolute. If she was going to cheat, she might as well go all the way. Now Alpha Dog was going to get off and all she was going to get was a mouth full of cum. She’d go home horny and unsatisfied to the arms of her husband. She hoped she could still be satisfied by someone over thirty. She hoped that she didn’t recoil when Kang tried to put his old man hands on her.

“I’m getting close, baby.”

Ting-lan pulled her mouth off Alberto’s cock for a moment. “Cum for me. Cum for Mama Chinks.” She stroked Alberto’s erection with her hand and then licked its length before swallowing him until he hit the back of her throat. When Alpha Dog’s cock swelled in her mouth, she pulled back until just the head was in her mouth, letting his cum strike her tongue briefly before swallowing, savoring his salty goodness before it filled her belly.

* * *

Luan was back in Club Karma, on the dance floor grinding away to the music. She caught her reflection in one of the mirrored walls and barely recognized herself. Her skin was several shades darker and had a distinct orange tint. She wore heavy makeup and a tiny dress that exposed most of her enormous breasts and barely contained her rounded ass. Her neck, ears, fingers and wrists were buried under gaudy jewelry. Between the pouf in her hair and the platform heels she stood nearly six feet, almost as tall as the heavily muscled man she was grinding against. She reached back, grabbed his hands and placed them on her enormous chest. As he squeezed her tits she ran her long, pink fingernails up his bulging forearms.

After the dance she kissed the guy, pulled a cigarette from her purse and went in search of her date. Several tanned guidos sprang at her with lighters, eager to be the one lucky enough to light her cigarette. She took a long, satisfying drag and then spotted Brad and Donnie at the bar, both carrying a drink toward her. As she accepted the drink from Donnie with one hand, she cupped his crotch with the other.

“Thanks for the drink, baby,” she cooed into Donnie’s ear and then kissed him.

“Hey, get away from my date,” Brad said.

“Get the fuck out of here, Brad. I only date guidos,” Luan said.

“This isn’t you, Luan,” Brad said. “You’re a nice, sweet girl. You’re going to go to Julliard and become a concert pianist.”

“Fuck you! I’m a guidette. I’ll always be a guidette,” Luan shrieked. “Beat the fuck out of him, Donnie.”

Donnie slammed his fist into Brad’s face while Luan laughed. He swung again and began to change. With every blow Donnie slowly transformed, looking more and more like Shen. By time the fight was over Donnie was gone and Shen stood over an unconscious Brad.

“You’re my hero, One Shot,” Luan cooed as Shen took her into his massive arms.

As Shen’s lips touched hers Luan woke up.

Luan sat up in bed and shivered, the feelings her dream had roused still vibrant and alive. She’d felt so sexy, so alluring, so powerful, making men hard, making them fight. Yet, she didn’t want to become a guidette, she wanted to become a concert pianist. She still could. As long as she stayed away from the hot tub, she could still realize her dream. Of course, if she spent a little more time in the hot tub, being a guidette would become her dream. A little more time in its warm embrace and she’d have the tits that drove men wild. Sure, she’d be a vapid, fashion obsessed, slut, but she’d love every minute of it. She’d be happy as a guidette, she knew that, so what was the problem? All she had to do was go upstairs, soak the night away and in the morning she’d live happily ever after as a buxom guidette.

After a half hour of internal turmoil she got up and made her way to Shen’s room. He woke up as she crawled into bed with him.

“Are you all right, Luan?” Shen asked groggily.

“I had a bad dream. I need to be held.”

Shen pulled Luan’s body against his with a strong arm. The fluttery feeling returned to Luan’s belly. She tried to ignore it and the warm, damp feeling between her legs as she snuggled up against her brother, her head resting in the crook of his arm. She no longer wanted to go to the hot tub. She wanted to stay in her brother’s arms forever. Luan wanted to feel guilty about how much her brother’s warm body and his masculine scent turned her on, but at least she wasn’t turning herself into a guidette.

Something told her that she’d never be able to sleep alone again. Her bed partner may not need to be Shen, but he’d need to be well muscled and smell as good as her brother. She drifted off to sleep with a contented smile on her face.

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