One of the most popular content management systems used by webmasters is WordPress. WordPress is a free open source tool available to everybody and the most popular blogging software. Because it is open source, web hosting companies such as BlueHost are able to easily offer it to their customers. In fact, there are about 60 million websites that are currently running WordPress. Yes, 60 million!

While a lot of web hosting providers offer WordPress hosting or WordPress compatibility, BlueHost takes it a step further. Their shared web hosting is geared towards WordPress and BlueHost makes it very easy for their users. BlueHost already preloads WordPress into their cPanel control panel allowing you to install WordPress within minutes. In this article, we are going to give you step by step instructions on how to install WordPress on BlueHost.

Installing WordPress on BlueHost is very easy. The first step that you do is log into your BlueHost cPanel control panel. We have discussed in great length in other BlueHost articles the benefits of using the cPanel and installing WordPress from it is one of the reasons. You will see the WordPress logo and the text “Install WordPress” on the main features page of your control panel. Simply click on this and your WordPress installation will begin.









After clicking on the above icon, you will be taken to the MOJO Marketplace for BlueHost. This will open up a new window in your browser and is normal. No need to freak out! You will see near the top of the new window the WordPress logo and which version you will be installing. The BlueHost MOJO Marketplace always will have the most current version of WordPress. Click on the green “Install” button.

After clicking on the Install button you will be given the option of which domain you want to install WordPress to. It will look like this:

If you have multiple domains in your control panel, it is important that you make sure you install WordPress to the correct domain. Not doing so can cause your other domain to crash and not work properly.

After you select your domain you need to click on the check domain button. This can take up to a minute or so but once it is completed you will see a screen similar to this:

Check on the “I have read the terms and conditions of the GPLv2” option and then the Install Now button. Your WordPress installation will now begin. A short time later your new WordPress website will be up and running!

From this point the ability to create, edit, or publish your website is easy. A main advantage of using WordPress is that you have the option to a ton of WordPress themes. Some of these themes are free and some are paid themes. They all have the same basic concept and allow you to easily add widgets, plugins, pages, and posts. Widgets are basically columns on the top, bottom, or side of your theme that allows you to list stuff such as calendars, recent posts, blog roll, or just plain text. Plugins are great little applications that can do everything from spell check to social media tools. There are currently over 30,000 WordPress plugins that you can choose from within your administrator panel.

Not only does BlueHost make the WordPress installation easy, but the BlueHost support has a ton of great WordPress tutorial articles to help you. These articles range from everything such as installation tips to installing a new WordPress theme to preventing spam on your WordPress website. This just shows you again how dedicated the BlueHost customer support is to you and why they have won numerous web hosting awards for their service.

WordPress websites aren’t just for beginners. There are a lot of BlueHost users that run eCommerce websites, personal websites, business websites, and blogs from WordPress. What started off as simple content management system back in 2003, has turned into one of the best tools for webmasters. When you pair up WordPress with our BlueHost coupon you are on the right track! Save money by using the below BlueHost coupon link and start your WordPress installation within minutes!

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