GoPro, if you aren't familiar, is a little video camera that can be mounted on a dashboard, handlebars or helmet. It is designed to bring the viewer into the action, letting you experience what it feels like to plunge down that steep hill on a mountain bike, or ski jump off that ramp.

Now the durable little cameras are set to get their own channels on the Xbox platform. These will arrive for customers of both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, though it won't be coming until this summer.

"Our GoPro Channel app will make it easy for millions of global Xbox Live customers to watch GoPro originally-produced and 'best of' user-generated content on their televisions at home. We're excited to align ourselves with Microsoft and the Xbox brand as we believe our customers share the same desire to enjoy the type of immersive, experiential content that our cameras enable", says GoPro's CEO Nicholas Woodman.

The content will be curated, and you'll need to be an Xbox Live Gold member in order to access these new channels. The partnership will also allow Xbox users to purchase the cameras and accessories from the new app. This is Microsoft’s first foray into selling physical goods through an Xbox app.

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