I bet that all of us are huddled around the television every Sunday night to watch our favorite teams advance to the next round, or in some cases lose graciously. I am also sure that most of you wanted to bet on some team, just for fun or for making some quick money. Well, betting on the Super Bowl LI is one way to do so, but there are certain tips and tricks you need to know before you can start doing so.

Betting on the Super Bowl can be a pesky business, so much so that even most football pros and betting experts get confused. This is so because they use NFL gambling stats and betting info, which has already been incorporated into NFL rankings when determining which team will win or lose each week.

However, today we have devised a new system of our own to increase your chances of winning a wager. To determine our winning team each week and make predictions, we take into account the NFL Las Vegas odds and the NFL points spreads. However, please note that even this formula is not sure to work a 100%; the odds of winning may be increased, but a chance of losing remains, nonetheless. Read on below to track the progress of every team and make an informed, educated choice.

The following are the teams sorted alphabetically with their odds displayed beside them. The data is taken from footballlock.com

Team Names in Alphabetical Order

2017 Super Bowl LI Futures Odds

(Payout per $100 bets)

Atlanta Falcons

+$950 (19 to 2)

Dallas Cowboys

+$375 (15 to 4)

Detroit Lions

+$9,000 (90 to 1)

Green Bay Packers

+$950 (19 to 2)

Houston Texans

+$9,000 (90 to 1)

Kansas City Chiefs

+$1,000 (10 to 1)

Miami Dolphins

+$9,000 (90 to 1)

New England Patriots

+$160 (8 to 5)

New York Giants

+$1,800 (18 to 1)

Oakland Raiders

+$11,500 (115 to 1)

Pittsburgh Steelers

+$900 (9 to 1)

Seattle Seahawks

+$1,400 (14 to 1)

Now that you have seen a summary of the odds for the Super Bowl LI, let us take an in-depth view of what these odds mean.

Super Bowl LI favorites:

The current team most likely to win this year’s Super Bowl is the New England Patriots at +$160 (8 to 5), this is followed by the next competitor, which is the Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys have 15 to 4 odds of taking the trophy home this year.

First, an insight into the playoff strategy of the New England Patriots:

The Pats are thriving and solidifying their place in NFL seasonal rankings after the list of competitor narrows down. Since the regular season of the Super Bowl is over, the playoffs are now taking place. The New England Patriots have won the first round of the playoffs at 13-2, and after the events of week 16 have already been crowned as the winners in the eyes of most. The Pats currently rank at +190, which is a major improvement from +220 points last week.

Next Are the Dallas Cowboys:

According to a lot of football fanatics, the Dallas Cowboys had lost their touch, but this was not the case at all. The Cowboys lost to the Eagles, which surprisingly worked in their favor because it resulted in Tony Romo gaining popularity as a stud backup quarterback.

Super Bowl LI Frontrunners:

Frontrunners speculated to win the current Super Bowl include, the Pittsburgh Steelers with odds of 9 to 1, the Atlanta Falcons with odds of 19 to 2, followed by the Green Bay Packers with odds of 19 to 2 as well, the Kansas City Chiefs are next with odds of 10 to 1, the Seattle Seahawks with 14 to 1 odds of winning, and lastly the New York Giants with odds that are 8 to 1.

Let us now take a closer look at each of the team’s stats individually:

The Pittsburgh Steelers: this is yet another team, which looked very promising in the playoff, especially with Ben Roethlisberger and Le’Veon Bell playing so splendidly. Both players have contributed to the popularity of the team this season. Most pundits even predict that if they keep on playing this way they might make a tremendous comeback into the Super Bowl, owing to the lack of competitors in the AFC.

Atlanta Falcons: in my opinion, the Atlanta Falcons have to be the most underestimated team in the playoffs. Despite also having a bye in the playoffs, they are still behind the Green Bay Packers when it comes to successfully winning. The Atlanta Falcons have three-star players, who if used widely could make or break this entire game. The first one is Matt Ryan, the second one is Julio Jones, and the third one is Dan Quinn. Dan Quinn is a hidden gem if I am honest; he is a better defense than most people think him capable of.

Green Bay Packers: the Green Bay Packers had a rather warm season, to say the least. The odds of them winning were as low as 80 to 1 at one point in the season; however, after Aaron Rodgers called the shots, the Green Bay Packers ran the table. The odds of winning rose to 8 to 1, which is remarkable given how horribly the team played earlier this season.

Kansas City Chiefs: this is yet another underrated team in the playoff, which is not getting its due credit. The Kansan City Chiefs have the bye in the playoff but remain far behind the Pittsburgh Steelers if you look at the odds of being successful. Andy Reid had 19-2 both in the playoffs and regular seasons, which might mean bad news for the Steelers.

Seattle Seahawks: since Earl Thomas went down, the Seattle Seahawks have been struggling with their defense. As a result, the team has let themselves go this season, especially after that debacle of playing against the 49ers. Consequently, the odds of them taking the trophy are extremely low, but it should not come as a surprise to you given how hard they are struggling at the moment.

New York Giants: Eli Manning has played spectacularly this season and in the playoffs. He made the defense of the Giants particularly strong, so much so that they managed to beat the Dallas Cowboys twice. Odell Beckham Jr. is yet another gem that the New York Giants have in their hand. If they keep on playing with the same determination, the Giants will surely increase their odds of winning.

Super Bowl Longshots:

The current teams for the Super Bowl Longshots include the Detroit Lions, the Houston Texans, the Miami Dolphins, and the Oakland Raiders.

Now a summary of their progress throughout the current season:

Detroit Lions: the Lions have had to make a rather difficult journey to the playoff; it is a miracle that Jim Caldwell and Matthew Stafford even made it to the playoffs. The Detroit Lions will have to win one more game to make it to the Super Bowl. They currently have a score of +5000 according to the NFL, which is extremely low. The team will have to make absolutely no error if they want to come back from this debacle.

Houston Texans: the Texans have also had a rather difficult season as well since they let go of their quarterback. The Houston Texans can advance one more round, but I doubt that it will go any further than this because a win will probably send them to New England. This would be hard for the Texans to win.

Miami Dolphins: the odds of the Miami Dolphins can increase incredibly if Ryan Tannehill were capable of playing. However, Adam Gase has made this nearly impossible. The Dolphins have to play against the Steelers, which might be more daunting than it sounds, despite Miami defeating Pittsburgh already this season.

Oakland Raiders: the Raiders were deemed by many to win the Super Bowl this year, but had a steep drop once Derek Carr went down. It seems almost impossible to make any progress now, and even if they do win the playoffs, they will be heading to New England as well for the divisional round.

Now that you have an idea of how each team is doing, it is for you to decide on which team to bet. But please remember that winning comes with a chance of loss as well, so bet accordingly. Do not gamble away precious money or belongings, but if you do bet then please be very careful.

I would suggest starting betting with a $100 to minimize any serious risks. If you win, then you can certainly gamble more. But I would just like to reiterate that gambling is a dangerous game of chance, it can go either way; hence, be prepared to suffer the losses, if any.

Nonetheless, I hope that your favorite team wins and you have a reason to rejoice.

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