Serial entrepreneur and world traveler Melissa Lim’s new luxury beauty and personal care line, MelissaWithLove.co, has not only won over sophisticated customers with the most discerning tastes, but is also trusted by recognized organizations and brands such as Miss America, Hint Water (SF-based beverage company), award-winning LittleSoya.com, etc with bespoke personalized options to make unique statements.

MelissaWithLove.co is a global luxury online retailer founded in Los Angeles with strong presence in San Francisco, New York, Florida, Austin, Houston and metropolitan cities in UK and Europe offering premium organic beauty and personal care products well-loved by affluent, powerful, modern, stylish global consumers who appreciate the finer things in life. Typical customers include New York Times bestselling authors, Emmy-Nominated Reporters, Hollywood celebrities, beauty and health editors and many other online influencers.

MelissaWithLove.co products are handmade with the highest-quality ingredients sustainably-sourced from around the world such as the freshest goat’s milk from non-GMO goat’s in New Zealand, bamboo charcoal from Japan, Shea butter, Camellia seed oil etc, and scented with rich essential oils like lavender, rose, lemongrass, sweet orange, etc. Did you know? Goat’s milk is what the ancient beauty queen Cleopatra uses for her bath ritual. Lavender, from France, has a sweet, floral scent and is so safe it can be used extensively on babies and children. It is relaxing and soothing and can help reduce stress and high blood pressure.

These ingredients and scents have anti-bacterial, anti-acne, detoxing, purifying, deep pore cleansing and whitening therapeutic effects which is great for eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dermatitis and damaged skin. MelissaWithLove.co products leave your skin moisturized, softer, stronger and healthier.

You can’t go wrong giving these as useful and beautiful gifts with whimsical, fun pastel packaging! It is handmade with so much love and bound to deliver nothing but pure happiness and joy.Melissa Lim is also a writer, speaker, actress, model and host. Her experience of working for a women’s website with focus on fashion and beauty as well as other top high-traffic online portals which has millions of unique viewers and sold for hundreds of millions, also helped in making her current venture successful.

The people she meets and the places she travel to inspire Melissa’s timeless artisanal collection when she was not able to find something that fits her high standards. Her skin is the living testament to her products.

The pastel colors represent her childlike feminine dreamy unicorn dreams. The bold colors reflect her go-getting fearless spirit to create the world she loves. The black and white colors represent the sleek, professional, timeless, grounded, classic side of her. She identifies customers just like herself and creates products that meet their unique needs.

All her products can be found on melissawithlove.co

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