Q. Where can I find used commercial ovens for sale online?

A. There are a number of restaurant supply companies that offer used commercial ovens, as well as plenty of listings on eBay and Craigslist. The 10 sites below offer good options for used ovens, including industrial ovens, too.

1. eBay - Over 1,000 used commercial ovens up for auction or immediate sale here, from large double stack convection ovens to countertop ovens to pizza ovens. Makers include Hobart, Blodgett, Garland, Vulcan, more. (www.ebay.com)

2. Kerekes - About 25 used commercial ovens from this restaurant equipment supplier, including used Alto Shamm, Blodgett, Duke and other brands of ovens. Selection includes large commercial ovens, countertop units, used pizza ovens, more. (www.bakedeco.com)

3. ACityDiscount.com - About 20 used commercial ovens for sale here on our last visit, including used Blodgett double stack convection ovens, used pizza ovens, conveyor ovens, more. (www.acitydiscount.com)

4. Used Cooking Equipment from Burkett Restaurant Equipment - About 20 used commercial convection ovens, conveyor ovens, deck ovens, combi ovens, and rotisserie ovens for sale here. (www.basequipment.com)

5. Used Cooking Equipment from Restaurant Equipment World - This site doesn’t make it easy to zero in on just ovens, but check out their used commercial cooking equipment section and you’ll find a good selection of ovens within it. (www.restaurantequipment.net)

6. Craigslist - Click through to see listings for used commercial ovens on Craigslist classifieds sites nationwide. (www.google.com)

7. Jean’s Restaurant Supply - We saw a handful of used commercial ovens among the 40 or so pieces of used restaurant equipment here. (www.jeansrestaurantsupply.com)

8. UsedVending.com - There are a number of used commercial ovens listed for sale here, but you’ll have to sift through all of the used restaurant equipment listed here in order to find the ovens. (www.usedvending.com)

9. Used Industrial Ovens from LR Equipment - Large and small used industrial ovens for sale, including inert gas, clean room, burn-in, and vacuum ovens. (www.lre.com)

10. Used Industrial Ovens from Finishing Machine Inc. - A limited quantity of used industrial ovens for sale here. (www.finishingmachineinc.com)

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