Q. Where do I go for the Craigslist site in Sacramento, California? What can you tell me about it?

A. You’ll find the link to the official Craigslist site for Sacramento below, plus a number of links to the most popular sections of the site and links to reports of scams on Craigslist in the Sacramento area.

In short, Craigslist offers free classified ads for both the person who places the ad and the person who reads and responds to it. One exception is the jobs section, where employers who post ads do have to pay a fee, while job seekers do not. You’ll find ads for jobs, cars for sale, apartments for rent, dating possibilities and more in the Sacramento area. Check the links:

1. Craigslist Sacramento - The Sacramento area version of the popular Craigslist classified sites features ads for just about anything you might need in Sacramento, from cars for sale to open jobs to apartments for rent to local services. In addition, you can peruse the Craigslist personal ads or talk in the forums sections about a wide variety of subjects Sacramento-specific or just general interest. Most ads can be placed for free, only a few categories such as employers placing help wanted ads have any cost. (sacramento.craigslist.org)

2. Cars & Trucks For Sale at Craigslist Sacramento - Find used cars for sale from dealers or from private owners in and around Sacramento. You can narrow the list by keywords such as make and/or model as well as price range. (sacramento.craigslist.org)

3. Craigslist Sacramento - Free Stuff - If you’re willing to go get it, they’re giving it away for free — free furniture, appliances, building and landscaping materials, more. (sacramento.craigslist.org)

4. Jobs at Craigslist Sacramento - Hundreds of job listings in and around Sacramento. Use the search feature at the site to narrow the list by type of job — finance, customer service, marketing, Web, etc. (sacramento.craigslist.org)

5. Craigslist Real Estate Scam Victims Sought - June 2012 article about a Sacramento area man who police say was selling timeshares through Craigslist but actually scamming respondents into giving their bank account numbers — he then allegedly stole money from their accounts. (www.sacramentotoday.net)

6. Craigslist Ad Leads to Arrest in Burglary of Vacant Roseville Home - September 2011 article about a Sacramento area man who was arrested after allegedly breaking into a vacant home and stealing a hot water heater — then trying to sell it on Craigslist. (blogs.sacbee.com)

7. Craigslist Sacramento - Pets - See dogs, cats and other potential pets in need of a loving home, as well as various pet equipment for sale in the Sacramento area. (sacramento.craigslist.org)

8. Craigslist Sacramento - Housing - Classified ads for Sacramento area apartments and rooms for rent as well as real estate for sale. There are a ton of ads; you can narrow them by number of rooms, and/or how much you’re willing to pay, and/or whether pets are allowed, etc. (sacramento.craigslist.org)

9. Best of Craigslist Sacramento - Craigslist selects a small number of “best of” posts from its various city sites, and these are the ones chosen for Sacramento, including “Gov. Schwarzenegger’s Great California Garage Sale” , “Conserve Water Urinate Into A 5 Gallon Bucket and Dump Into A Drain”, and many more. (www.craigslist.org)

10. Thieves Selling Stolen Cars On Craigslist Then Stealing Them Back - May 2011 article about Sacramento area car thieves who sold their stolen vehicles on Craigslist and then went to the buyers’ neighborhoods and stole the cars for a second time. (sacramento.cbslocal.com)

11. Sacramento PD: Craigslist Ad Triggers Theft of Puppy at Gunpoint - January 2011 article about a man who listed a puppy for sale on Craigslist and was then robbed of the puppy and other belongings by someone who responded to the ad. (blogs.sacbee.com)

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