Time Changed, Better Cameras Came; but no one produced Instant Picture… STOP! This won’t continue as Lomography unleashes Lomo’ Instant Camera to give you the print of your Captured Snap!

source: kickstarter

Ohh Yess!!! Now you can instantly view your clicked Picture Physically with the mighty Lomo’Instant Automat Camera… What? Ha- Lomo Instant Camera will shoot the Fuji Instax Mini film through a process that automatically clicks in any environment and gives you the Captured Pic at your hand. Seriously now you don’t need to go to any studio shop for printing your Pictures or copying in your desktop because Lomo’Instant Automat will do it itself at that moment. How? By instant Smart adjustment of aperture, flash output and autofocus process, Lomo clicks some marvellous shots of the region( of bright or dark rooms) and shows them in the form of mini films.

You must have thought to get the image out of the Camera once in your life! It’s not less than a big Dream that you can enjoy the moments in a better way with the instant view of the Snap Physically, not Digitally. It doesn’t stop here; it lets you capture the best moments of your life by Different lenses such as Wide Angle lens, Fish Eye lens, or with Gliters. It depends on your shot whether you want a wide view shot or closeup shot or shots with colour, everything can be done with them.

source: kickstarter

Lomo Instant Camera has just simple 3 step focus system and Remote control lens cap which is the best in terms of instant cameras according to the veteran Photographer, Matt Day- Exactly. Lomography Cameras are made to let you enjoy the every moment of Life- the way you want. No matter what happens. In an interview, the Lomography team says,”The Lomo Instant Camera is the culmination of their designing of an instant camera”. That’s really true. This team has always made some extravagant Cameras for the people to enjoy the moment and change the Way the people live their life erstwhile. Consequently, with the smart accessories and smart system Lomo Instant Camera are the Best one can have to get the best clicks of your life instantly and fastly.

Core Features of Lomo’ Instant Automat:

Advanced Lens System

Wide angle lens, plus Fisheye, Portrait and Close-Up lens attachments available to give the best shots

Shooting Modes

Click pics with auto-flash on for immediate great results, or manually take control of the creative shooting modes (with flash and w/o flash).

Long Exposures

This exposure lets you capture some thrilling pics in low light, dawn/ dusk or nighttime shooting. Use lights to get some never thought images instantly!

Fujifilm Mini Film

Available in Huge Amount in the World

Infinite Multiple Exposures

Merges multiple shots in one frame to make a single outstanding shot

Tripod Mount and Cable Release Thread

Advanced extras for ultra-impressive instant photography!

Lomo’Instant Automat is running its 6th Kickstarter campaign to take the pre-orders from the Backers because of their successful previous products. Moreover, this product will be shipped to the backers in the late of 2016 or early 2017 with a price of $96 only and retailers will pay more for Lomo’ Instant Camera i.e. $146.

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