Over 400 artists, writers, activists, academics, lawyers, businesspeople, journalists and students from Pakistan and India appeal to their governments, fellow citizens, politicians and media to strive for peaceful relations between the two countries

Sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik’s piece for Raksha Bandhan at Puri beach, Odisha, with a message urging India and Pakistan to “Stop Bullets, Be Friends”

It started out as an admin note to members of the Aman ki Asha Facebook group, by volunteer moderator Samir Gupta on August 30, 2015. The pinned post he put up on the AKA group wall read:

“Peace or war?
As our governments and militaries lose their minds and continue to escalate this dangerous game of military conflict, it is the duty of all members of this group to stand together and demand peace in all fora available. We expect members to be responsible for peace and refrain from making provocative posts and comments. We expect you to be bipartisan”

Several group members commented there, expressing their support for the idea.

“Don’t let the leaders of the two countries do anything stupid like start a war. India and Pakistan are on the cusp of economic takeoff. A war will take them back to zero…” wrote journalist Ras Siddiqui.

Konchadi Vasanth Pai, an octogenarian moderator of the AKA group based in Banglore agreed. “Yes, war is no solution. Easing of tension is the need of the hour. We should be very careful in what we post here. Provocative posts and photos only whip up hysteria and generate much heat and no light.”

“Peace,” commented prominent actor and director Rubina Ashraf “….and no more Pakistan hate movies pleeeaasssseeee!!”

Another group member, Tulika Bathija in Mumbai wrote: “I am just thinking aloud, can the people of India and Pakistan write an open letter to PM Modi and PM Nawaz Sharif to pay heed to the voices of Indians and Pakistanis and call for peace. Media and politicians are relentlessly threatening each other, boasting of their supremacy and military prowess. Why can’t the peace rhetoric occupy the attention of the masses and the media? That’s possible if we as two nations come together and say, ‘I’m an Indian and I don’t want to fight with Pakistan. I want to be friends. Let me be friends.’ ‘I’m a Pakistani and I don’t want to fight with India. I want to be friends, let me be friends’.”

“What good can come out of spewing hatred?” she added. “Let’s have a petition that gets noticed not just by the Indian/Pakistani media but the international media. I completely agree with Samir, it’s quite disheartening to find news related to war on Aman ki Asha. This is not the forum to discuss war. In order to combat the war cry, the peace chant needs to grow louder, noisier and consume the very consciousness of every Indian and every Pakistani. Let’s not give our government the satisfaction that we can be swayed into a sudden upsurge of ‘nationalism’. Let’s talk peace.”

“WE REFUSE TO BE ENEMY,” asserted businessman Parmod Pahwa in New Delhi.

Pakistani retiree Javed Iqbal in Islamabad commented: “War is no solution for both the countries. We are so (full of) emotions due to media and political hypes that we are all running after the guns, instead of looking for the rose. God forbid if we enter into any war, it will end into total destruction of both the countries. Only international military industrial complex, corporates including real estate developers will be the winner.”

“War can never be the solution to any problem,” added Anil Kumar from Hyderabad, India. “Only people to people contact can only bring peace as political leaders On both sides failed to do the same at this juncture. Hopefully by this platform we will achieve the same irrespective of political differences.”

From this exchange emerged the appeal by Pakistanis and Indians for peace, an open letter to our governments, fellow citizens, politicians and media. Within hours of the appeal being sent out by Aman ki Asha members to their personal networks, the statement garnered over 400 endorsements.

Prominent signatories include well known actors Nandita Das, Shabana Azmi, Rubina Ashraf and Saba Hamid, musicians Mekaal Hasan, Rahul Ram, Arieb Azhar, and Sharmistha Chatterjee, satirist Sanjay Rajoura, lawyer Asma Jahangir, artist Salima Hashmi, writer Fehmida Riaz, filmmakers Anand Patwardhan, Ammar Aziz and Aisha Gazdar as well as several respected academics, journalists, and members of the business community.

Following is the text of the statement and the signatories received within the first 24 hours. Meanwhile, more people are endorsing the statement. Are the governments listening?

Appeal by Pakistanis and Indians for peace: Open letter to governments, fellow citizens, politicians and media

As our governments, politicians and militaries continue to irresponsibly escalate a dangerous game of conflict with its ongoing human cost, we appeal to our fellow citizens to stand together and demand peace at all fora available.

We urge our fellow citizens to be responsible for peace and refrain from making provocative statements, or social media posts and comments.

We need peace, for the sake of over 1.5 billion people in our region. We need to resolve our differences and move towards progress; aggression has never solved any differences for anybody. Our entire history bears proof of this. Peace and talks to sort out issues is the only serious hope.

We pledge to remain bipartisan and invite others to take this approach and to lobby with their elected representatives for peace and dialogue between Pakistan and India

In solidarity and with hope,

Artists, writers, activists, academics, lawyers, businesspeople and journalists (scroll down for students):

A. Rehman, Secretary-General, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and Chair, Pakistan chapter, Pakistan-India People’s Forum for Peace & Democracy

Nandita Das, actor, India

Asma Jahangir, lawyer, Pakistan

Amitabha Pande, Former Secretary to the Government of India, Delhi

Mekaal Hasan, musician, Pakistan

Shabana Azmi, actor, India

Saba Hamid, actor, Karachi

Dr Karen Gabriel, Associate Professor, Department of English, Director, Centre for Gender, Culture and Social Processes, St Stephen’s College, Delhi University

Rubina Ashraf actor/director, Karachi. Pakistan

Imran Zahid, actor, India

Anand Patwardhan, documentary filmmaker, Mumbai

Salima Hashmi, artist and teacher, Lahore, Pakistan

Samir Gupta, businessman, Ghaziabad, India

Beena Sarwar, journalist, writer, Editor, Aman ki Asha, Pakistan

Jatin Desai, Mumbai, General Secretary, PIPFPD, India

S. Haroon Ahmed, Professor Emeritus, President, Society for Secular Pakistan and Pakistan Association for Mental Health

Sharmistha Chatterjee, vocalist, Mumbai, India

Dilip Simeon, historian and writer, India

Paromita Bardoloi. Writer. New Delhi. India

Sameera Khan, Journalist/Writer, Mumbai

Arieb Azhar, Musician, Islamabad

Sanjay Rajoura, Television Host, India

Rahul Ram, Singer, India

Fahmida Riaz, writer, poet, Karachi

Dilip D’Souza, writer, Bombay

Nandini Sundar, Delhi University

Mehmal Sarfraz, Journalist, Lahore, Pakistan

Sheeba Aslam Fehmi, Editor, Mission, New Delhi

Kuldeep Kumar, Journalist, Noida, India

Anu Aga, Director, Thermax Limited. Pune

Jean Dreze, Visiting Professor, Department of Economics, Ranchi University, India

Raza Rumi, The Friday Times, Pakistan

Kavita Panjabi, Professor of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Shahzad Ahmad, Digital Rights Activist, Pakistan

Urvashi Butalia, Zubaan Publishers, New Delhi

Gul Bukhari, Columnist & human rights activist, TEPF, Lahore

Parshu Narayanan, Founder & Creative Director, Left Hook, Gurgaon, India

Marvi Sirmed, Columnist, human rights defender, The Nation, Islamabad

Bina Sarkar Ellias, editor, publisher Gallerie, Mumbai

Sheema Kermani, founder Tehrik-e-Niswan, Karachi, Pakistan

Ravi Nitesh, Member, Aaghaz-e-Dosti, New Delhi

Saeed Ahmed Rid, Faculty member, NIPS, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad

Devika Mittal, Aaghaz-e-Dosti, Delhi

Zohra Yusuf, HRCP, Karachi

Parmod Pahwa, owner Somani International, New Delhi

Yasir Ali, businessman, Islamabad, Pakistan

Manisha Gupte, PIPFPD, Women’s Rights Activist, Pune

Mona Kazim Shah/ Journalist, Physician, Human Rights activist, Student/ Dallas TX

Rafeeq Ellias, Filmmaker, Mumbai, India

Sheeraz Dahar, Sindh Government employee, Karachi.

Vaishali Banerjee, Mumbai

Anis Haroon, former Sec. General PIPFPD, Karachi

Mira Hashmi, Teacher, Lahore

Sajni Mukherji, retired Professor of English, Jadavpur University

Waleed Gajani, Electrical Engineer, landlord Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Afia Salam, freelance journalist, Karachi

Srinivasan, journalist, New Delhi

Ayesha Siddiqa, Writer/Social Scientist, Oxford

Priyanka Sharma, Theatre Artist and Social Activist, Delhi

Kirthi Jayakumar, Lawyer, Writer, Activist, Artist, Chennai, India.

Mukesh Ropeta senior correspondent Geo News TV network,

Chintan Girish Modi, Writer/Educator, Mumbai

Fainaana Farnaam, social activist, Dubai

Kuldeep Vyas, Lawyer, Jaipur

Annie Zaman, journalist, London/Bonn/Islamabad

Sushant Taing. Writer. New Delhi. India

Michael I. Siddique, Attorney at Law, Silver Spring, Maryland

Ehsun Mirza, physician, social activist, USA/ Pakistan

Ashish Gorde, Public Relations, Bahrain

Rehman Ilyas, Director, Grand Marquee, Lahore, Pakistan.

Subhajit Naskar, Doctoral Scholar, Center for South Asian Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi

Sheharyar Rizwan, journalist, Lahore

Abdullah Khan, Freelance Writer, New Delhi, India

Shabnam Rashid, National Manager poverty and Livelihood rights, South Asia Partnership, Pakistan

Hassan Belal Zaidi, journalist, Islamabad.

Riaz Ahmed Shaikh Head of Social Sciences, Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & Technology (SZABIST), Karachi, Pakistan

Mazhar Arif, Executive Director Society for Alternative Media and Research Islamabad

Farooq Tariq General secretary, Awami Workers Party

Aman Alam, IT Professional, Bengaluru, India

Nilofer Qazi. Public policy activist & professional. Islamabad

Taha Siddiqui, Journalist, Islamabad

Rahul Ghosh, Entrepreneur, New Delhi, India.

Reema Omer, Lawyer, Lahore

Farieha Aziz, journalist, Karachi

Waqar Uddeen, Architect, Lahore, Pakistan

Zainab Raza, humanitarian worker, Karachi, Pakistan

Soulat Pasha, Businessman, Karachi

Shahid Pechuho, Social development professional, Karachi

Navin Pangti, farmer/artisan, Uttarakhand, India

Saeeda Diep, Founding Director, Institute for Peace and Secular studies, Lahore

Suez Akram, Tour Guide, New Delhi

Niketan Mhatre, Software Developer, Mumbai

Saira Hussain, physician, USA/Pakistan

Asma N., Journalist/Human Rights Activist, India

Amitabh Thakur, Jaipur

Muhammad Salman Khan, Customer service rep/ blogger activist, Karachi

Maryam Saeed, Researcher at Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), Lahore.

Rehana Shaikh, Gender and Social Development Consultant, Islamabad

Syed Mohammad Imam Manager, Transport Company, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Jaffar Memon, Chairman, We Journalists, Sindh, Pakistan

Ilmana Fasih, Gynecologist, Health & Peace Activist, Mississauga, Canada

Deepto Narayan Ghose. IT professional, Tampa, Florida

Rizwan Shah, GM, Siddiqsons Dyeing & Printing Ltd, Lahore

Mohammad Iqbal, Software Engineer, Pune

Syed Farhan Raza, an Entrepreneur based in Peshawar, Pakistan

Awais Masood, IT Professional, Lahore, Pakistan.

Irshad Ameen, Journalist, Lahore

Salman Haider, theatre artist, Islamabad

Sheema Ghani, Karachi, Pakistan

Namita Gupta, IT Professional, Bangalore

Nusrat Meerza, Pharmacist, Lahore, Pakistan

Hermith Mana, CEO, HMPK Solutions, Karachi Pakistan

Amjad Z. Mughal, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Sakina Shikari, artist, Karachi/ Kuwait

Saadiyah S Khan. CEO IOIRD. Islamabad

Desiree Francis PR Specialist, Dubai

Ahsan Arshad, Project management officer, Telenor, Islamabad

Ammar Aziz, Filmmaker, Lahore

Mohsin Sayeed, entrepreneur/writer, Karachi.

Kashif Chaudhry, physician/writer, Boston USA.

Rahul Sharma, IT Projects Manager, Bangalore

Hassan Raza, Journalist/Blogger/Activist, Islamabad, Pakistan

Jayaprakash Yadagiri, businessman, Telangana, India

Reema Abbasi. Journalist, author. Karachi

Parth Yadav, Banker, Agra

Nadra Huma Quraishi, Education Specialist English Language and Research, Karachi

Hoori Noorani, publisher, Karachi

Zaakbar Ali, Lawyer, London

Usman Ibrahim, Lecturer, Lahore.

Rubab Mehdi Rizvi, Lawyer & Rights Activist Islamabad.

Avipsa Das, IT Business Consultant in London

Geet Chainani, co-founder of Life Bridges, New York

Samra Muslim, Communications Professional, Karachi

Laramie Morrism Pediatrician, Karachi

Aftab Siddiqui, dentist, Hyderabad, India

Sadaf Aijaz, housewife. Lahore, Pakistan.

Amna Buttar, physician, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Syed Farid Maharaj, Dargah Sharif, Ajmer Sharif, India

Shabbir Ahmed, D. G. Sindh Judicial Academy, Karachi

Saida Haider, housewife, Karachi

Kiran, BE. Chennai, India

Hareem Sumbul Bhatti, Finance & Management Professional, Karachi

Manmohan Singh Panesar, Carer, Southall, London

Umair Ali Nayyer, Accountant , London

Rafiq Kathwari Rafiq Kathwari, Poet/Activist, New York

Animesh Verma, Indore, India

Natasha Javed, Consultant, UNICEF Lahore

Tariq Jamil Khan, businessman, Karachi

Asma Durrani, Software engineer, USA

Samina Noman, Lawyer/Mediator, Islamabad

Krishna Prasad, scientist, Hyderabad, Telangana India

Salma Mahmud, teacher, Karachi

Anil Kumar, Engineer, Hyderabad, India

Zahid Makhdoom, public servant, Vancouver

Santosh Kr. Pandey, Development Consultant, Tokyo

Serfaraz Alam, Research Scholar, Patna

Rashida Dohad, activist, Islamabad

Farhat Rabia, QA and Training professional, Karachi

Rizwan Azam, Area manager, London

Haider Rai, Accountant, London

Firoz Khimani, Jalgaon, India

Tulika Bathija, Educator, Mumbai

Mahnaz Rahman, Resident Director Aurat Foundation, Karachi

Yasmeen Kazi, pediatrician, Karachi.

Surjit Anand, Marketing Professional, Delhi

Soniah Kamal. Novelist, Pakistan

Arif Pasha, builder and developer, Hyderabad , Sindh

Ras Siddiqui, Writer/Journalist, Sacramento, California

Ahmad Rafay Alam, lawyer, Lahore

Avinash Kulkarni, Self Employed, Hubli, India

SimratPal Singh, IT Engineer, Sydney

Ruchhita Kazaria; Founder, Owner; Aarcee Enterprises, Kolkata

Rahila Farooq, lecturer, Wuhan, China

Dinesh Raja, entrepreneur, Chennai

Mian Hussain Ahmed, landlord, ex-Honorary Magistrate, Okara, Pakistan

Sanjeev Kumar Garg, Businessman, New Delhi

Reema Amin Vice Principal Lahore Preschool Gulberg, Lahore

Heramb Chaturvedi, Professor of History, Allahabad University

Almas Zahra, lecturer, Multan

Rajeshwar Ojha, HR IT, New Delhi

Syeda Jasmine Jaffer, housewife, Karachi, Pakistan

Simmi Waraich. Psychiatrist. Chandigarh. Punjab, India

Nazzia Momina, Business owner at Mariam Lifestyles, Karachi

Hari Krishna Prahlad, Retired Banker, Chennai

Muhammad Salman Khan, Assistant Finance Analyst, Karachi, Pakistan

Nidhi Shendurnikar Tere, Independent Researcher, Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Muhammad Riaaz, Writer, Lahore

Ranjan Kaushal, Banker, New Delhi

Saeeda Farooq, social worker, Lahore

Jagrup Khara, agriculturist, Haryana, India

Nabeela Nazir, social activist, Lahore

Munshi Verma, IT, New Delhi

Zaheer Alam Kidvai, Educationist, Karachi

Nudrrat Khawaja, journalist, Lahore

Mukta Lall, Retired, New Delhi

Konchadi Vasanth Pai, Retd. Company Executive, Whitefield, Bengaluru

Annie Ali Khan, Writer, Karachi

Zameer Mohi Uddin, Officer in Bank of Baroda, India

Milind Kher Milind Kher, CEO, Mumbai

Tariq Fazal, Businessman, Lahore

Rashmi Talwar, journalist, Opinion writer on India Pak and Kashmir, Amritsar, India

Anam Zakaria, Development Professional, Educationist and Researcher, Islamabad

Sarah Islam, Advertising. Kolkata, India

Yasser Latif Hamdani, Lawyer, Lahore

Javed Iqbal Head of Department of Business Administration and Commerce, Indus University, Karachi, Pakistan

Mustafa Kidwai, Consultant, London

Ambika Bhargava, Architect, Indore

Shafique Siddiqi, Lahore

Farrukh Hammad, Academia, Lahore

Jalila Haider, advocate, Quetta, Balochistan

Alokendra Nath Mitra, Kolkata

Ershad Mahmud, Rawalakot, Kashmir, Pakistan

Virendra Kaul, New Delhi

Nandini Manjrekar, Mumbai

Fatima Afridi, Physician/Joppa, MD

Shaily Iqbal, Freelance Editor, Ghaziabad

Devalina Kohli, Delhi

Abhijit Bhadra, Software professional from Hyderabad, India

Wasfia Jalali, Media Strategist, Dehradun, India

Saeed Ahmed, Playright, Writer, Author, Lahore

Hamid Abdul, designer, Surrey, BC, Canada

Shiraj Jahafar Syed, Senior EPM Consultant, Dubai.

Madhavi Bansal, member Aaghaz e Dosti, Delhi

Snober Alan D’Cruz Islamabad.

Neha , PR Executive , Delhi..

Shruti Nagar, Freelance copy editor, Mumbai (India)

Aunohita Mojumdar, Editor, Himal Southasian

Zalla Khattak, consultant, Islamabad

Abhinav Jain, Software Engineer, Ghaziabad, India

Rajiv Ramanujam New Delhi

Seeme Hasan, social activist, U.S.A

Aalia Rasheed, Cricket analyst, Islamabad

Abhay, Engineer, Vellore

Dr Abdurrehman Khan, Peshawar, Pakistan

Ameya Pathak, B E Electrical, Pune

Natasha Mustafa. Doctor, Karachi

Reshma Khan, Teacher, Jabalpur

Anil Gupta,Hospitality Consultant,Mumbai

Ajmal Hussain, Senior Designer, Lahore

Aijaz Zaka Syed, journalist and columnist, Pakistan

Jaikishan Lal, Darbhanga, Bihar

Azhar Mushtaq, freelance writer Poonch, Kashmir, Pakistan

Vinerjeet Kaur, lawyer, Delhi

Babar Hameed, Human Rights activist, Pakpattan Sharif, Pakistan

Haider Raza, consultant, Lahore, Pakistan

Jasveen Mintu, social worker, New Delhi

Syed Salman, Karachi, Pakistan

Lala Hassan, PIPFPD Karachi chapter & Co-Conveynor Asian Lawyers Human Rights Network for South Asia

Mohammad Tahseen, ED South Asia Partnership Pakistan and Chairperson Pakistan Civil Society Forum, Lahore

Leio A.V., research associate, Bangalore

Maria Rashid, Activist and researcher, Islamabad

Dipak Dholaia, retired Government employee, People’s Alliance for Democracy and Secularism (PADS), Delhi

Seema Jaffer, CEO Bond Advertising , Karachi

Divyanshu Verma, Software Developer, New Delhi

Rehan Mazhar, Digital Media Consultant/Activist, Karachi

Chandan Gowda, Professor of Sociology, Azim Premji University, Bengaluru, India

Ovais Sultan Khan, Member, Core Committee, People’s Alliance for Democracy and Secularism, India

Umang Kumar, IT consultant, India

Karamat Ali, Pakistan Institute of Labour and Education Research and PIPFPD, Pakistan

Mazher Hussain, Executive Director, Confederation of Voluntary Associations, Hyderabad, India

Badri Raina, writer, poet, retired professor, Delhi, India

Farah Zia, Editor, The News on Sunday, Pakistan

Arani Roy, Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia, Boston, USA

Kumar Sundaram, Co-Editor, IndiaResists.com

Aisha Gazdar, filmmaker, Karachi

Angana Chaterjee, scholar, San Francisco

Sarita Kumari , social activist, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Ammar Khalid, teacher, Islamabad

Ravi Kallianpur, Global Citizen, U.S.A

Farooq Ishraq, Entrepreneur, Lahore

Manisha Sethi, India

Afshan Bokhari, art history professor, Cambridge, MA, USA

Aabida Ali, Activist, Karachi

Sanchit Aggarwal, Businessman, Yamunanagar, India

Shawana Shah, Peace activist, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan

Ajmal Abbas Marketing Manager Textile firm Lahore

Ayesha Zee Khan, Writer/activist, Lahore

Mainak Das, Professional Employee, Kolkata

Aamir Zakauddin Writer, activist and book seller, Rawalpindi

B.M. Sheikh. V.P.O. Sihunta,Dt. Chamba,H.P. India

Zakia Sarwar, teacher, teacher trainer, Karachi

Rabin Chakraborty, retired teacher of the University of Calcutta

Muneer Memon, Society For Secular Pakistan, Karachi

Khalil Khatri, MD, APPNE, Lexington, MA, USA


Devang Shah, Student, Vadodara, India

Ghazanfar Ali, writer & Engineering student, Islamabad

Amrishu Kumar, Student, Allahabad

Asad Mehmood, a student of Doctor of Pharmacy, Islamabad

Poornima Sardana, Student (Museum Studies), New Delhi

Noman Quadri, Student, Karachi

Prakash Kumar, student, Bhinmal, Rajasthan, India

Qurban Ali/ Student, Sindh, Pakistan

Aakash Chandran, Law Student, Delhi.

Alee Reza Meerza, Student, Lahore

Pratibha Pancholi, Graduate Student, New Delhi

Fawad Hasan, Journalist and Student (NSF), Karachi.

Anushruti Savarnaya, stylist/Law student, Jaipur

Hamza Baloch, Rights Activist & Student. Karachi

Bhaskar Bharadwaj, Student, Hyderabad, India

Usman e Ghani, student Punjab University, Lahore

Devang Shah, student, Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Khushboo Danish, Student (12th grade), Co-founder at Indo-Pak Peace Project, Bhit Shah, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan

Seema Duhan, Student, San Francisco

Abesh Bera, Student, Vellore, India

Shoaib Taimur, Entrepreneur/Student, Karachi

Mohd Talha Alvi, Student, Vellore, India

Sumon Maity, Student, Kolkata, India

Shaarif Bashir, Student, Lahore

Ankit, Student, Gurdaspur, India

Debalina Bera, Student, Kolkata

Kasturi Sanyal, Student, Vellore

Anasua Das, student, Kolkata

Sammanika Rawat, Student, Kolkata

Ashik, student, Agartala, India

Khurram Abaid Shah, Student, Lahore

Baibhav Bishal, Student, Vellore, India Roshan Raja, Student, Vellore

Koushika Das, Student, Vellore

Talha Javed, Medical Student, Lahore

Hardeep, Student, Delhi

Nishka, Student, Vadodara

Sanyam Seth, Student, Amritsar

Ritika, Student (Law), Jammu

Syed Abreez, Student, Vellore

Digjoy Samanta, Student, Vellore

Anshuman, Student, Navi Mumbai

Sayani Sahu, Student, Vellore

Upal Karmakar, Student (B.Tech), Vellore

Manushree Bannerjie, Student, Bangalore

Suneel, Student, Vellore

Ayushi Singla, Student, Bathinda

Shashank, Student, Vellore

Rajarshee, student, Kolkata

Preetham Gampa, Student, Kanpur

Swastik Sen, Student, Vellore

Kaustabh Roy, student, Kolkata

V.Datarkar, student, Nagpur (Maharashtra), India

Maitreya Das, Masters Student, Kolkata

Soumyadipta Roy, MSc Student, Vellore

Souritra Dasgupta, Student, Vellore

Visesh Tulsian, Student, Navi Mumbai

Neha Goel, Student, Navi Mumbai

Anupam Sharma, Research Associate, Bangalore

Nabil Ashraf, Undergrad Student, Lahore

Ujala, Student, Nagpur

Sreshtha, Student, Mumbai

Medha Majumdar, Student, Kolkata

Aastha, Student, Hyderabad, India

Areeba Nadeem, Student, Lahore, Pakistan

Pranit Krishna, Student, Vellore

Amit Birdi, Student, Jammu, J&K

Danish Mushtaq, Student, New Delhi

Muhammad Junaid Qureshi, Student, Islamabad

Binu dua, Student, Vellore

Kiran, lawyer, Ahmedabad

Isha S, Law Student, Srinagar

Avantika Jain, Student, Jaipur

Priyanka Chevour, Reseach Associate, Bangalore

Nishesh Kumar Sinha, Principal, Vadodara

Monishita Dey, Student, Kolkata

Srijan Sharma, Student, Jaipur

Aruj Bansal, Businessman, Delhi

Shobhit, student, Mumbai

Mayank Karnani, Student, Delhi

Chaitanya Parikh, Student, Vadodara

Ammar Umer, Student, Lahore

Sudipta, Student, Vellore

Dharmendra Singh Chandel, Student, Vellore

Simran, Maam, Vadodara

Khushwant Fatnani, VIT Student, Raipur

Muhammad Haris, Student, Lahore Pakistan

Divyansh Goyal, Student, Vellore

Saad Nadeem Sheikh, student and President Debates Society FAST-NU, Lahore

Sharmistha Banerjee, Student, Vellore

Mahrukh maqsood, Student, Lahore

Rakshita Neha, Asst. System Engineer, Noida

Rishi Dhongani, student, Vadodara

Meehsum Abbas, Student, Lahore

Stuti Mehrotra, Technical writer, Moradabad, India

Chetan Malhotra, Student, Vellore

Ammar Abdullah, Student, Lahore

Haider raza, Engineering student, Lahore

Dhara Patel, Student, Vadodara

Siddhant Meshram, Founder & President: Azad Youth Organisation, Nagpur

Aurosikha Das, Student, Bhubaneswar

Radhika Vidyarthi, student, Bhopal

Sunabha Das, student, Chennai

Anurag, student, Vellore

Shobhit Narang, 12th Grade Student, Surat

Diptomoy Banerjee, student, Kolkata

Srijita Chaterjee, student, Vellore

Srinjita Bhattacharya, student, Mumbai

Dhruv Kela, student, Hyderabad, India

Prithwijit Sarkar, student, Texas

Pritha Das, student, Kolkata

Aparajita Dhuria, student, Mangalore

Rutwik Joshi, student, Nagpur

Ujjwal Agrawal, student, Gorakhpur

Devender, student, Vellore

Siddhanth Vyas, student, Nashik

Shruti Sharma, student, New Delhi

Pallavi Sinha Roy, student, Vellore

Sameeksha Arogyaswamy, student, Chennai

Lavanya Sridharan, student, Vellore

Vaishali Mahalingam, student, Bangalore

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