Last week I was invited to Pro Hair Live in Manchester by Beauty Works to get hair extensions fitted as part of the show as a demo to the hundreds of hairdressers who attended. I got a weave which involves creating a braid across the back of the head underneath the hair with braiding thread then sewing a weft of hair into the braid with a curved needle.

I've worn wefts before and find them easy to wear, they're relatively quick to fit, especially compared to something like micro rings or stick tips which take ages as little clumps of hair are attached.  My weave took about 45 minutes plus time for styling at the end - they were fitted by hair extension specialist Jason Meacher who did an absolutely fab job and was so knowledgeable about the whole process (bear in mind it was a trade show so loads of hairdressers were asking him questions).  People kept asking if my head was hurting during the braiding and it really wasn't - you can tell the braiding is tight but it isn't painful. I've had them in for a week now and there way less noticeable.  I'm not having any problems with covering the braids either.

I had BW by Beauty Works 18" Extensions in LA Blonde (613/24) put in, they're human hair - interestingly this is the I hair colour I thought I'd be when I looked at the website beforehand so hey at least I know my colour! I wanted more thickness rather than loads of length as I just wanted it to look like my hair but better so these extensions are only just a little bit longer than my own hair.  Years of bleaching and straightening have taken their toll on my hair which was really thick as a kid.

I'm really impressed with the quality of the hair, it's the same thickness all the way through and the ends are just as full as the roots, they look really natural and shedding so far is pretty minimal and I've had them in for a week now. They're 105g, just one pack and for me that's enough but if you were wanting them to add loads of length you might want a bit thicker.  The quality of the hair for the price is absolutely great and I'd happily buy these in future.  I've been umming and aahing about getting extensions and buying some online for ages but I've never been able to decide on where to get them from, now I know!

I actually got asked out on a date on my way home from the show, this never happens so I'm definitely putting it down to the power of the weave!  I had to decline though as don't think my fiance would be happy with me and my weave heading out on a date...

On a more serious note, hair extensions need a bit more TLC than your own hair.  As they don't get natural oils from your scalp they can look a bit dry which is when they start to tangle up too - I've been using Moroccan oil on mine near enough daily and coconut oil as a bit of a treat.  As I'm lazy I can't be bothered washing and drying my hair and extensions all the time so dry shampoo has become my friend and I've actually just washed my own hair on top in the past - I used to have a 24 inch weave put in years ago which was way more high maintenance than what I have in now.

Pro Hair Live was fab, I was a little early for my appointment so I had a good wander around the stalls and stages and saw some fantastic hairstyles and demos.  There was literally everything hair you could ever want for sale so if you like hair or you're looking for inspiration, I'd recommend it though it is a trade show.

There's a short video on Beauty Works Online's Facebook page of me getting my weave which I've embedded below but in case you're on a phone or something you can see it here.

Post by Beauty Works Online.

Beauty Works do a massive range of hair extensions and accessories - some of the fishtail plaits and buns they have available look gorgeous and I definitely plan to try them out in future.  You can buy Beauty Works hair extensions here.  Celebs are often spotted rocking their Beauty Works hair - most recently Georgia May Foote from Corrie and Sam Faiers from Towie.

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