B.C. and Alberta weather warmer, cooler weather predicted for eastern Prairies and Ontario

B.C. and Alberta weather this summer expected to be warmer and drier than normal. Image courtesy AccuWeather.

After a nasty, long winter in Alberta, AccuWeather is predicting a warmer and drier summer for western wild rose country as well as B.C.

High pressure will be king over B.C. and western Alberta, bringing the regions above normal temperatures and less rainfall.

Winter weary Albertans along with sun worshippers will likely enjoy the increased temperatures.  However, warmer weather, reduced rainfall and the pine beetle infestation could raise the risk of large wildfires in western Canada.

Pine beetles have killed large sections of pine forests in B.C., leaving behind dead, dried out trees which are fuel for wildfires.

In central and eastern Canada, the weather service reports that a persistent dip in the jet stream across the regions will likely lead to an increase in cool spells this June and July.  A consequence of the cool weather in eastern Canada is the late ice break up on the Great Lakes this spring, which has delayed the normal warming of the lakes.

During the first half of summer 2014, these cooler-than-normal lake temperatures will have a cooling effect on the surrounding areas, including Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie and Toronto.

The good news is the below-normal temperatures combined with lower humidity levels will reduce the threat for severe weather this summer from the eastern Prairies into northwestern Ontario.

Atlantic Canada will have a cool start to the summer, however, by the second half of the season, warmer and more humid conditions will prevail.

During the first half of summer, near-normal rainfall is expected across most of Atlantic Canada.  In the second half of summer, the region will transition into a period of above-normal rainfall as a more moist, southerly flow takes over, bringing heavier, tropical rainfall late in the summer.



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