OMG - five years have passed and only now I came across this one.
Quite accidentally yesterday I found myself browsing through the pics I took at the event, so the memories flew back. And then David's review...

So, what you really missed (and should regret!) was the Bachman Turner show - to me probably the best one of all the festival, which also made of me a fan of the band that previously I'd known only from a hit or two. I also immensely enjoyed the Zappa Plays Zappa concert. Their rendition of "Peaches en Regalia" sent shivers down my whole body. What a treat! Steve Hackett I remember being really tedious (and the presence of woman dressed Nick Beggs did not help much). Wishbone Ash - great to hear whole "Argus" with guest participation from Ted Turner. Asia was pretty good, indeed. Then Heaven & Hell - nice to see Iommi, Hughes & Butler, but somehow, for me it was not as memorable gig as I expected. What I remember is Glenn holding his mike at certain point with the other end up to his mouth. And yet he could be heard
Finally - ELP. My impressions were mixed, however. Keith was struggling in places (his hand not fully recovered), Lake's voice - well, we know what it's been like since 20 years or so, only Carl kept up with old standards (and only he was critical about the performance). Still a memorable show, but I didn't get myself around to buy the DVD (even to have a glimpse of myself in the crowd - and I can be seen there!). Anyway - great two days with great music in a great company.
Next years's edition was a less impressive one, although definitely worth seeing for Black Country Communion concert - one of the last they gave together. Also Thin Lizzy gig was something worth catching. Jethro Tull - with Ian's voice surprisingly good it was also a decent show. Caravan - seing (and practically hearing) the band for the first time, I was pretty impressed, but then, checking their back catalogue I could not resist the feeling how "empty" was their music. Two main stars - Judas Priest and Dream Theater did not disappoint and proved that both of them deserved their slot.

What a shame that such festival stopped only after two editions

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