like launching a small ship.At present, you may have hyperemesis mini dress gravidarum like a commoner, but eventually you will also have access to things like a wet nurse, so my sympathies run only so deep.Imagine if you had this, and a preschooler, and were pulling a shift at Marks and Sparks?As of this chat, you are still rail thin and catwalk ready.In about two months time, however, you’ll be googling those Danish photos of you, buff and naked.Man, those were the days!Pants that fit; dresses with waistlines.You’ll still have to swan around at various functions, but come spring, there might be enough fabric from the train of your wedding dress to get one decent maternity ball gown made up.Dear Duchess of Cambridge: Like you have any choice!Remember: the hand that rocks the cradle rules the nation and diaper backwards is repaid!I am forever improved by motherhood.Via my blessed events, I learned how to look on the bright side.I learned how to persevere.this, too, shall pass.I learned how to govern my loyal subjects in utero.Even if, these days, I’m nothing more than a figurehead.Your comrade in arms,JaneP.Soon, you’ll be hearing a lot about crowning.It’s not the coronation you and Will have been talking about.Women still fighting for their rights after Arab SpringThey smuggled ammunition to the rebels.They treated the wounded and were wounded themselves.They rose up against the tanks, tear gas and water cannons, and were beaten for protesting in Tahrir Square, Freedom Square and on the streets of Libya and Tunisia.were thrown in jail for staging a march.The women of the Arab Spring have fought hard alongside their husbands, brothers, sons and fathers as dictators such as Muammar Gaddafi, Hosni Mubarak, Ali Abdullah Saleh and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali were overthrown; victories were celebrated, new flags were flown.waiting, pushing and hoping they, too, will emerge freer than ever.at a crossroads like no other time since the uprisings erupted in 2010.said Heide Gottner, who works with sexy mini dress Amica, a Germany-based women’s organization with field workers in Libya and the West Bank.Women fought for and demanded their rights.Now we see that they’re sort of the losers of the revolution.Nowhere is that more true than in Egypt, at least so far.Just this week, the country’s assembly approved a draft constitution that was widely condemned for not only failing to advance women’s rights, but actually rolling them back.as one of the grounds for prohibiting discrimination but that article was removed.which could see women lose the right to sue for divorce, a freedom championed by the deposed first lady, Suzanne Mubarak.RelatedKelly McParland: Two images display Middle East’s savagery, hopeAfter the revolution, women’s rights in Yemen have mostly stayed the sameTens of thousands of Egyptians protest as Morsi-led government races through approval of new constitutionEgyptians again descend on Tahrir Square to protest President Morsi’s power grabMs.Mubarak had also pushed for a political quota system favouring female candidates, but since her husband’s ouster and the emergence of the Muslim Brotherhood, that provision was axed.said Samer Muscati, a researcher in the women’s rights division at Human Rights Watch who monitored Libya’s July elections.I guess we’ll have to see what happens, but at this point, there’s no concrete evidence that women are really better off in the Middle East because of the Arab Spring.For one Franco-Libyan activist, that is more a clarion call than a concession of defeat.The woman, who was reached by the National Post in Tripoli and asked not to be named for security reasons, said female revolutionaries are battling on.is working behind closed doors in village communities where, for example, women are secretly getting counseling for wartime rapes.Gottner’s colleague, Christina Hering, in a telephone interview from a Tripoli hotel alongside the Franco-Libyan.Everything is transitioning.The government is new and the constitution will be written anew.They understand they have to fight.They don’t know if they will succeed, but they’re party dresses cheap strong and will give it their all.Certainly, there have been some headline-grabbing gains in the region: A Syrian woman, Dana Bakdounis, unveiled herself on a Facebook page devoted to the rise of women in Arab countries; a Yemeni woman, Tawakkul Karman, was named the first Arab Nobel Peace Prize winner;without male supervision; Saudi Arabia, apparently infected by the Arab Spring movement, sent female athletes to the Olympics and Saudi women are actively fighting for their right to drive.But for every step forward, it seems there has been a leap back.thanks, in part, to strict gender quota requirements.But the percentage of women in Egypt’s new parliament has fallen from 12% to less than 2%.Libyan rebels are saving women from social death by marrying those who were raped and discarded by their families as a disgrace, but last month a Tunisian woman was accused of violating modesty laws after she says she was raped by police.Amica has opened three women’s centres in Libya to train women in English and computer skills, but psychological counseling takes place behind closed doors because it is taboo for a woman to discuss wartime sexual assaults.Indeed, the direction of women’s rights post-Arab Spring is still incredibly, and dauntingly, fluid.As extremist and secularist constitution-writers wrestle for the pen in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, will women find themselves more or less free?More or less protected from discrimination?in the eyes, at least, of the law of those three lands?said Isobel Coleman, director of the women and foreign policy program at New York’s Council on Foreign Relations.this is going to be a very long process These are very real-time debates going on in all of these societies.In Tunisia, Mabrouka M’barek is at the centre of it.working to redraft the constitution.Unlike Egypt or Libya, Tunisia already has a strong and active civil society, including a

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