Computer and Internet Weekly Updates for 2015-12-05 https://t.co/5l5ik30uBq ->

Computer and Internet Weekly Updates for 2015-12-05: Trans-Pacific Trade and the Intellectual Property Challen… https://t.co/QLRGQeJUfC ->

How safe is the Internet of Things? https://t.co/80gI93fnmZ ->

Bell appeals CRTC ruling forcing company to sell fibre internet access to small ISPs https://t.co/bPpIts12vV ->

ECHR finds interception of mobile communications in Russia violated privacy rights ROMAN ZAKHAROV v. RUSSIA https://t.co/qWG6tEcfI1 ->

Dutch publishers launch fight against second-hand e-books https://t.co/5dD3rjwTLA https://t.co/5dD3rjwTLA ->

German Museum Sues Wikimedia for Copyright Infringement https://t.co/SpmRwZeEL3 ->

The App Store has a serious problem of Copyright Infringement https://t.co/FJC5w86RNb ->

Monkey's Lawyers Urge Court Against Snap Judgment https://t.co/EuwtdpXtF1 ->

Tiny Copyright Decision Gives Hard News Lovers Big Hope https://t.co/8nKL8GcWpT ->

Does U.S. Children’s Privacy Law Apply to Google? https://t.co/Fyg6FWPyQl ->

TPP impact: IP – Australian perspective – https://t.co/RuhTGMWcUz ->

Microsoft settles lawsuit against Ballmer, Gates, others over browser ballot blunder's $732M fine https://t.co/33ngkbdED3 ->

Let’s stop blaming artists for taking control of their own careers https://t.co/6ixNpO3q3F ->

Computer and Internet Updates for 2015-12-06: Infringing Sales Through Amazon Case Law: Weller v Associated Ne… https://t.co/4kzpasHReo ->

Computer and Internet Updates for 2015-12-06 https://t.co/3FrhUqFh9w ->

The TPP Is the Last, Best Opportunity for New Global Trade Rules https://t.co/rOt4LnBTBu ->

Marshall Rothstein joins Hunter Litigation Chambers in Vancouver https://t.co/Q3jJqVWRz6 ->

Canadian Tire Ltd suing Wal-Mart Canada Corp for allegedly copying clip-on Christmas lights | Financial Post https://t.co/KHU50ignrY ->

The Cybersecurity Playbook: Building Effective Attack and Breach Preparedness https://t.co/VE3oNNGHvX ->

Target agrees latest settlement over data breach costs https://t.co/PDlHpLkHCy ->

Computer and Internet Updates for 2015-12-07: How safe is the Internet of Things? https://t.co/80gI93fnmZ -> B… https://t.co/pFtbuQ7kwV ->

Computer and Internet Updates for 2015-12-07 https://t.co/0PAin3yzWJ ->

Good Tidings, Well Wishes and Unintended Consequences: Holiday Greetings under CASL https://t.co/lK3X8nPz0u ->

German court addresses GPLv3 section 8 termination provisions https://t.co/ify1ZOuTOt ->

Authors: Fair Dealing In Copyright Law If Ill-Defined Is Prejudicial To Writers https://t.co/mdClQEasLv ->

Eighth Circuit backs John Doe copyright complaints https://t.co/TMwqgJjuAC ->

Canada, Mexico win WTO nod for $1b sanctions against US https://t.co/JVz3xWjNIS – evidence that TPP disputes processes can help CDA also ->

Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams Appeal 'Blurred Lines' Copyright Infringement Lawsuit https://t.co/n8Gryy8UUH ->

Another Huge Security Hole Has Been Discovered on Lenovo Computers https://t.co/Vp9sgnmrLW ->

Trader Joe's Is Being Sued by Pepperidge Farm for Cookie Copyright Infringement https://t.co/GH4qg6LgKF ->

Les Leyne: Provincial privacy laws hampering innovations https://t.co/ta3vOOPrDF ->

After Safe Harbor ruling, legal moves to stop Facebook from sending data to US https://t.co/OaDoS6u34L ->

CSIRO v. Cisco: The Convergence of RAND and non-RAND Royalties for Standards-Essential Patents https://t.co/1UBFaFdytW ->

2nd Circuit Makes it Harder to Bring Claims against Former Employees who Take Company Information w/o Permission https://t.co/GzOYvNbLYw ->

Patents and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement https://t.co/K0ZNNY19R8 ->

Heartbleed bug infected more government computers than previously disclosed https://t.co/A1g2i0OS3B ->

France may consider public Wi-Fi ban during emergencies https://t.co/6pcRhtsdVm ->

CIBC v. Green could be a preview on how courts will handle the ‘complete code’ issue in class actions https://t.co/PNwhQrlr7f ->

TPP language on copyright open to interpretation, needs to be more clear, say experts https://t.co/q5ubZjL8yv ->

EU lawmakers, countries agree on bloc's first cyber security law https://t.co/MU5knfhpAa ->

EU outlines copyright laws that could hit tech firms https://t.co/dJMMJXUZNF ->

Computer and Internet Updates for 2015-12-08: Marshall Rothstein joins Hunter Litigation Chambers in Vancouver… https://t.co/N99PmWOSMs ->

As an academic, Liberal MP critiqued TPP copyright rule he may have to support | iPolitics https://t.co/69xDxEHpu7 ->

Computer and Internet Updates for 2015-12-08 https://t.co/fLJ6T9xdnw ->

Who’s Who Legal — Canada: Technology Media & Telecommunications Analysis 2015 https://t.co/H6lj8krfyn ->

The great anti-spam cash grab https://t.co/38CNA49pRC ->

CASL is a bad law: CASL is a bad law and cannot reasonably be justified on any basis. On that issue, I recomme… https://t.co/DqtG8sFUxW ->

CASL is a bad law https://t.co/nUacS51rUO ->

TPP, CETA present Canadian businesses with a 'unique' trade opportunity https://t.co/hIKczw83lb ->

Copyright case over “Happy Birthday” is done, trial canceled https://t.co/7vWWTlDp3f ->

RIAA lawsuit kills Popcorn Time-like free music streaming site https://t.co/NPrkffwKa8 ->

Florida newspaper fighting judge’s order to unpublish online news https://t.co/hyupePEuMB ->

Principles and Priorities to Guide Congress’s Ongoing Copyright Review https://t.co/BAyW0ErHT6 ->

The Weeknd Hit With Copyright Lawsuit Over "The Hills" https://t.co/NN6VWU38s7 ->

Ahuja v Politika, High hurdles for claims against foreign defendants under section 9 of the Defamation Act 2013 https://t.co/gWPw6qHUcD ->

CRTC Executes CASL Warrant as Part of Botnet Take-down https://t.co/9FPSkJMPxm ->

A Guide to Critiquing Copyright in the Digital Age https://t.co/lnEPlvyqIg ->

Computer and Internet Updates for 2015-12-09 https://t.co/pVosGm63AH ->

Computer and Internet Updates for 2015-12-09: Another Huge Security Hole Has Been Discovered on Lenovo Compute… https://t.co/Y6hgXdsVD9 ->

'This isn't NAFTA,' US trade representative says about Trans-Pacific Partnership https://t.co/CyDyzzaHpU ->

CASL: A high-level look at the looming disaster https://t.co/iViBpn0DSO ->

WIPO Copyright Committee Hears Case For Exceptions For Museums https://t.co/hSaE5cTI1Z ->

CASL Has Teeth, With Significant Enforcement Against Businesses That Aren't Traditional Spammers https://t.co/FO51yE29hm ->

Cybersecurity at the UN: Another Year, Another GGE https://t.co/tHDiyt4HNN ->

EU plans to harmonise contract laws for supply of digital content and online sale of goods https://t.co/lGVPP0sCaM ->

6th Circuit holds that targeted ads are commercial advertising or promotion https://t.co/VIBtKp3VIu ->

Piracy is increasingly hazardous, says Digital Citizens https://t.co/xmj7tCIj2s ->

Privacy Commissioner tables annual report on privacy in the federal government https://t.co/52i8TjRMF8 ->

Agreement Reached on First EU-Wide Rules to Improve Cybersecurity https://t.co/FOlJXksZrJ ->

Wyndham Settles FTC Charges https://t.co/xDvJXdLVJK ->

CASL: the looming disaster https://t.co/BKqDAT9rYX ->

CASL: the looming disaster: Another day, another article slamming CASL. Yesterday it was called “a bad law” in… https://t.co/dZDcsot9AZ ->

Insurer now offering “troll insurance” for victims of online harassment https://t.co/PTNCYCjnDg ->

Aurous Shut Down, Marketing by Lawsuit gets TKO https://t.co/S4WW5Ff6IW ->

National | The TPP and the evolution of investor rights, part 1 https://t.co/quvANtMWxX ->

RT @LawyerNexus: Canada: Ontario Court Of Appeal Decision On Standard Of Review Of A Standard Form Contract – Borden Ladner Ger… https://… ->

RT @pierceipctr: Ruling means UK courts will not overturn decisions by domain name dispute resolution panels, says expert: A UK… https://… ->

RT @Music_Canada: Is it festival season yet? #MeasuringLiveMusic has more on festivals in ON & more: https://t.co/UIsywoCLbm https://t.co/1… ->

RT @DACSforArtists: UK visual arts economy is flourishing yet artists are under-paid, says @CISACNews & @UNESCO report: https://t.co/odPx29… ->

New Presentation on Piracy Data at January Conference; Earlybird Deadline Approaching https://t.co/CYlGkCgu9g ->

National | TPP and the evolution of investor rights, part II https://t.co/rk4eOanFwM ->

Computer and Internet Updates for 2015-12-10 https://t.co/JvyzRmib49 ->

Computer and Internet Updates for 2015-12-10: Computer and Internet Updates for 2015-12-09 https://t.co/pVos… https://t.co/qtAi5E0N9t ->

Cyber-safety Act struck down in Crouch v. Snell, 2015 NSSC 340 https://t.co/d36Qw9vcuS ->

Pirate Bay Founder: 'I Have Given Up' https://t.co/He8z14Xc8h – says illegal services are losing legal battles ->

Computer and Internet Updates for 2015-12-11: Insurer now offering “troll insurance” for victims of online har… https://t.co/pufEtWEnp4 ->

Computer and Internet Updates for 2015-12-11 https://t.co/KH0eHmy3v3 ->

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