In the process of doing research for our post today on the 15 most famous people to play minor, we stumbled onto the above photo. According to the website Irish Photo Archive, there are the fifteen
teenagers who claimed who represented the Cork minors in 1985. This Cork team would, of course, win the minor title in 1985, which is no surprise really, because by the looks of the above photograph, half the guys on this team were 30+, supporting families, working 9-5 jobs etc..

Take a close look at some of these guys. You're telling us that these guys had just finished the Leaving Cert? Is this the GAA's great Taribo West scandal?

The backbone of future Cork teams - Kieran McGuckin, John Fitzgibbon, Cathal Casey, Mark Foley, Christy Connery, Mickey Mullins and Tom Kingston - are in this photo.

Of course, maybe the bad weather explains their aged appearance.

@MarkFarrelly131 think that was the day the snrs an AI semi to Galway in appalling conditions.

— Michael Foley (@MickFoley76) August 6, 2015

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