Summary of upcoming treatments 2014/2015:

1. Pilofocus (scarless fue HT)

2. Histogen (phase 1/2 - completed phase 1 safety successfully)

3. Bimatoprost (phase 2)

Turning Point

I think these 3 treatments will be the closest to arrive in the near future.

If any one of these treatments is successful and becomes available, it will be a huge turning point in the hair loss industry.

As I recall, Spencer mentioned that he could discuss the details of Pilofocus in more depth after the ISHRS meeting of Oct 24th. He met with Dr Wesley back in April (Episode 69). So on Oct 29th / Nov 5th 2013 (the dates of following bald truth shows), I think it's likely that Pilofocus will be discussed.

In early to mid 2014: We should find out more on the initial results of the first Pilofocus test patients.

Subsequently, larger sessions with more grafts should be available, and their results also in 2014.

Histogen is gearing up for their next phase.

If Histogen starts phase 2/phase 2b in 2014, we can then be more certain of them being on track for the release date of 2015 in Asia. If it gets delayed to a release date of 2016, we will at least know by 2015 that it is coming :)

Histogen's clinical study photos are amazing for phase 1, they show huge potential - they just need to test higher doses now, perhaps around 200 or more injections per patient.

During 2014/2015 - We should hear something from Allergan regarding their phase 2b. Allergan stated they were to test bimatoprost at a much higher dosage with a better vehicle (phase 2b), and they want to release a product that is better than currently available medications.

Bimatoprost - as Allergan are the makers of botox, I think they stand a good chance of bringing a product to market, could be better than minoxidil. Maybe the pigmentation could also help with grey hairs?

There are of course more companies working on new treatments which are also very exciting, though perhaps a bit distant to speculate on. (Replicel starts a 3 year phase 2 in 2014, so that's 2017 before any info.)

Remember, so far history has shown us one big breakthrough each decade:

1980's minoxidil, 1990's finasteride, 2000's FUE. And now it's the 2010's.

I have been following the forums for many years (one of the silent forum readers), after watching all the other companies come and go (intercytex, aderans etc.), I think we will finally have something new.

Some really exciting options are on the horizon worth talking about.

I am most optimistic though and particularly excited about the first two: Pilofocus & Histogen.

Imagine bringing back to life thinning hairs with histogen, getting some regrowth. Then filling it in with a Pilofocus scarless FUE.

For those of us who have not yet had HT surgery, the prospect of no scars at all with either treatment is of course amazing!

There is hope! :)

What can we do?

You don't have to do anything, new treatments will arrive, but here are 3 things we can do.

1.) Influence the HT doctors with our buying power, to supply new treatments.

2.) Invest.

3.) Live your life to the full now, as much as you can. (don't just wait for treatments)

or possibly even .. (yeah I know I said 3 things lol)

4.) If you have the passion for it, become a stem cell scientist

in more detail:

1. ) Inspire the doctors to supply these new techniques (to get licensing for them as soon as they can).

Remember we are the ones who pay for treatments. We have the buying power.

We can show the HT doctors our interest in better treatments and our desire to purchase them.

- if you have a consultation with a doctor, inquire about pilofocus and histogen. Ask a doctor if they would plan to offer these treatments in the future. Or maybe send an email inquiry.

If you are having an HT, perhaps they will be able to offer it, if you decide to go for a second HT?

If every time they see a patient and they hear these words, they will eventually realise the consumer demand and interest. The potential revenue streams.

If hundreds of patients ask about it, they will have to take notice.

This is partly what is so great about Spencer's show - it keeps the conversation going on these new developments.

The last big change in HT surgery was FUE, which took about 10 years to become more widely available - let's try to change that and influence a quicker acceptance of scarless FUE.

2.) Invest

If you are one of those forum members interested in raising money/kickstarters etc. for histogen: you can invest in Restorgenex on the OTC share market, after the Histogen merger.

3.) Live life (for those of us who are stuck)

Find a way to live you life now, rather than just waiting for future treatments to arrive.

Whether that's using or trying one of the 'big 3' (finasteride, minoxidil, nizoral), or using concealers, or a hair system, or even getting some FUE / HT. Or wear a hat and hit the gym, work on your career or passions/hobbies etc.

Hair loss treatment research & news is glacially slow.

You could just tune into the forums every 3 months or so - You won't miss anything.

If the forums are getting you down - try not to get too caught up reading the forums, get out there and live your life.

New treatments are on the way, so hang in there! :-)

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