Finally there’s a reason to purchase a Nintendo Wii U. Some of the company’s top developers gathered this week to check out the new open-world 2015 Zelda game.

Zelda was shown off at The Game Awards via a video recorded at the company’s studios in Japan.

Lead producer Eiji Aonuma controlled the game while original Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto added some commentary.

In the game preview we are privy to some first looks at a new zoomable world map on the Wii U gamepad and action on the TV.

Based on the map, the new world of Zelda is enormous. In fact, Aonuma said it can take five minutes to span the distance of the map from one end to the next. The map is so large that Aonuma joked with the crowd that he was still promising a 2015 release.

Nintendo fans clamored to see the new Nintendo preview of Zelda, racking up 665,000 YouTube views in the first 24 hours of release. More than 4,000 upvotes have been given to the preview.

Link has a sailcloth in the game, a sort of gliding parachute device seen in Skyward Sword. He can also set waypoints from a first-person mode. Go first-person, spot an area of interest, mark the waypoint and then go to it. This speeds up gameplay and adds a cool effect into the mix. Link can get also get arround quickly by riding his horse, Epona. You can also shoot arrows and swing swords from Epona. One of the coolest effects was watching Link jump off Epona in slow-motion to prepare an enemy attack.

If Zelda is not your type of game — Star Fox will debut before Link hits our screens.

The entire Zelda compilation has been a big selling point of the Nintendo gaming console. When the massive Zelda world debuts to the public, we will likely witness an increase in Nintendo Wii U sales.

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