With Pinterest’s growing popularity in the U.S., it’s no surprise that other countries are adopting the social media site quickly too. In 2013, Pinterest saw a 125% increase in international traffic and Pinterest is now offered in over 20 languages. With the expansion and growing global adoption of Pinterest, the opportunity for brands to make a big impact globally is very favorable.

After Pinterest’s success with its localized version for France, Épingler meaning “pin,” additional localized versions have now expanded to the UK, Italy, Japan, Russia, Poland, the Nordics, Turkey, Czech Republic, Indonesia, and South Korea. Also noteworthy is how Pinterest caters its service to these countries. Japan’s localized version wasn’t just Pinterest translated into Japanese, it also had unique subcategories catered to appeal to the Japanese people, like art, hairstyles, design, products, and food.


In Semiocast’s publication released last July, the research company shared that 71% of Pinterest users are from US. Following the U.S., the countries with the most registered pinners include Canada, the U.K., Australia, and Mexico. Analytics firm comScore shared that in August of 2013, 60% of Pinterest traffic came from the U.S., 20% from Europe, and 10% from Asia Pacific. Semiocast also shared that in June of 2013, 55% of all newly-registered users were from the U.S., meaning almost half of all new pinners in June were international.



With Pinterest’s popularity spreading across the globe, it’s only natural that travel and Pinterest go hand in hand. With the recent release of Pinterest’s Place Pins, a partnership with Foursquare allowing pins to be associated with locations attached to a visual map board, the interest in travel planning on Pinterest has slowly taken off.

One of HelloSociety’s international Pinterest influencers, Luke Dean-Weymark from Australia, has two Place Pin travel boards with over 850K followers on both boards. Luke is currently planning a trip to Central America and South America and created this board, in hopes of advice for the best spots to visit, an organized place to keep inspiration, and for travel research.

We asked Luke to share his experiences with Pinterest, travel planning, and new Place Pins:

“As a bit of a travel-addicted photographer, Pinterest is my favourite online research tool. Pinterest serves three main functions in my travel research: Locating unique and interesting destinations to visit and photograph, gaining feedback from other users about certain locations via the pins comment section, and it’s also a great place to store information which i’ve found online about locations for trip planning.

At the moment, I’m planning a trip to South and Central America, so I’ve been using Pinterest to locate and collate interesting information and images on places that i’d like to check out on my trip this September. If I have questions about a particular spot, I ask questions in the pin’s description, and usually hear back from people all over the world who have been to the destination with a response or suggestions based around the location.

One of Pinterest’s most recent features is the Pin map, which allows users to add their individual pin’s location to a digital map. For travel and photography nuts like myself, this type of functionality is a massive assistance to trip planning. However, I’ve tried using the “Add to Pin Map” feature a load of times, but have found it to be quite unreliable in finding the correct location (or any location at all). But hopefully [with] the partnership with Foursquare, the service will improve over the next few months.” – Luke Dean-Weymark

Luke and partner Nat in Tuscany for a 7-day bike tour trip

Luke’s Central & South America Place Pins travel board has gotten a lot of interaction: over 20K repins, an average of over 466 repins per pin, and over 125 comments total. His Travel Inspirations board has over 280 pins, with consistent repins in the hundreds to over one thousand.

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