LinkedIn company pages were introduce in 2011 and already have millions of businesses up and running. Company pages can be used to seek out new employees, announce company news, form business partnerships and brand businesses. Small businesses can take full advantage of LinkedIn company pages just like the biggest corporations.

Why LinkedIn Company Pages Are Important

An established LinkedIn company page can benefit your businesses credibility by helping you to create and brand your image and manage your online reputation. Just like a normal LinkedIn profile, you can also get recommendations and establish new connections.

Company pages also let you show off your products and services. LinkedIn company pages provide a job board for posting job opportunities and seeking new employees. There are also analytics available to get insight into who is viewing your page. Company pages also appear in search results which provides another channel for bringing viewers in.

What You Should Put on Your Company Page

Your LinkedIn company overview provides information about your business to other LinkedIn users and companies. Your overview should be written to focus on the benefits you offer and how you provide these benefits. Develop your overview with your visitor and prospects in mind.

Your page can help you showcase your products and offerings, but more importantly it provides visitors with insight into your company culture. Use your profile to add some personality to your professional image and brand your company message. This personality is the spirit of your brand and sets you apart from other companies in your industry.

LinkedIn company pages let you upload pictures, video, website links and other multimedia content. This content can help your profile stand apart and uses visually engaging components to attract and involve visitors. When visitors are given something to do on your company page, they are more likely to stick around and hear your message.

LinkedIn Company Page Promotion

Typically you can get your company page up and running in under an hour, and it’s completely free to do so. Don’t be afraid to invest the time you need to do a great job though, as it will show in the final product. Once your page has been established, announce the new page on your LinkedIn profile. Then make an announcement on all of your other websites and channels such as your blog, social media profiles and newsletter.

A quick way to start bringing traffic to your page is to use LinkedIn Ads. LinkedIn Ads is a paid advertising network that allows you to target specific demographics on LinkedIn. You can focus in on certain profiles and LinkedIn will match your ads up with your preferred demographic.

Offering incentives can also be an effective way to promote your page. Offer freebies, discounts or other goodies to new followers. Provide members with an incentive to recommend your page to others.

Content for Your LinkedIn Company Page

Just like your business website, the most effective way to keep people returning to your profile is to keep fresh, valuable content coming. You can set up feeds to pull new posts from your blog, news feeds or other LinkedIn profiles. If you continue to provide valuable content to your followers they will return and recommend your company page to others.

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