Perhaps it says something about Rory McIlroy’s ascension in the golf world that he’s attracting a level of media stupidity often reserved for Tiger Woods. First, after a discussion of McIlroy’s ruptured ankle (which he sustained playing soccer with friends), someone off-camera at Fox News said “He’s a leprechaun, I can’t stand him.” Here’s video:

There's a #TeamCaro supporter at Fox News. (via @ScottLLove) pic.twitter.com/u0qn0HVHt8

— Chris Chaney (@Wrong_Fairway) July 6, 2015

Host Harris Faulkner has said she didn’t initially hear the comments, which suggests they may be from an inadvertently-live mic not on the set, and that her reaction was about the way McIlroy reportedly broke up with then-fiancée Caroline Wozniacki over the phone last year:

Ugh, did NOT hear that said when we were live. MY reaction was re: his reputation of the not-so-nice fiance firing. https://t.co/uB20MbF0ey

— HarrisFaulkner (@HARRISFAULKNER) July 6, 2015

Speaking of Wozniacki, she brought out perhaps an even dumber media reaction after her match Monday at Wimbledon. She was talking about sexism in the scheduling, and then was asked for a “message for Rory McIlroy”:

Caroline Wozniacki calls out #Wimbledon for sexist scheduling … then promptly asked a question about Rory McIlroy pic.twitter.com/8vO9lpoAyy

— Mark Masters (@markhmasters) July 6, 2015

Here’s video of the question and Wozniacki’s great look at the moderator in response, from CJ Fogler:

@AndrewBucholtz Caroline Wozniacki's response to a question about ex-fiancée Rory McIlroy's injury was devastating pic.twitter.com/yKkWqDVmOb

— CJ Fogler (@cjzero) July 7, 2015

Apparently, in addition to not knowing who wins matches (for the second time in just over a year) or who’s currently coaching the Williams sisters, some tennis media aren’t up on the current state of players’ relationships (and also think that they’re relevant press conference questions). Add that to the long list of problems with modern tennis coverage.

That’s not the only problematic comment about McIlroy, though. Consider golf legend Tom Watson, who called McIlroy’s injury “stupid” because he dared to do something athletic outside golf. Watson’s entitled to his opinion, but the level of criticism we’ve seen for McIlroy for what shouldn’t have been that risky of an activity seems out of proportion. With McIlroy still talking about possibly returning for the British Open, though, the coverage of him’s only going to increase in the runup to that tournament. If this week is any sign, that’s going to lead to even more awfully dumb moments.

[Devil Ball Golf, SB Nation]

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