About Chakras: Chakra Balancing for Busy People: Restore Holistic Wellness, Stimulate Healing, and Create a Mindful Lifestyle in 7 Days or Less (Chakras, Mindfulness, Yoga, Crystals, Essential Oils) by Marta Tuchowska:

Chakra Balancing for Busy People- The Best Cup of Coffee for Your Soul!Have you ever wondered why some people are always happy, balanced, and move forward with their goals and lives? Have you ever wondered why some people are able to create the life they want and live their dream? Finally, have you ever wondered why some people manage to remain focused, balanced, and composed, even when facing difficult situations and challenges in their lives?It’s all about ENERGY!Do you want to achieve real, vibrant health and holistic wellness? If the answer is yes, I would like to welcome you to the Holistic Seekers Club. We are in the same boat. We are looking for wellness, happiness, and fulfillment. We want real health from the inside out. We know that it’s not only about eating healthy and exercising… Even though healthy activities like balanced nutrition and fitness help us feel better and re-balance our inner energy as well as calm chaotic thoughts and emotions, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Are you ready to dig deep? -Are you sick and tired of feeling physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted?-Are you fed up of listening to the same excuses “I don’t have time” every time you set some time aside for self-care?-Are you longing to create a spiritual practice that works for YOU?-Are you ready to give yourself the gift of inner peace and unlimited energy as well as creativity?Well my Dear Reader, this is exactly what I teach you in this book…I specialize in holistic coaching for modern, busy people (I am one of them). I provide you with simple and practical spiritual and self-care tools that WORK. The solution is right in front of you!Here’s a Preview of What You Will Learn From “Chakra Balancing for Busy People”:-Introduction: Chakras, Inner Energy, and Holistic Wellness-Day 1 – The First Chakra – Get Your Power Back and Create Your Own Way-Day 2 – The Second Chakra. Embracing Healthy Pleasures of Life-Day 3 – The Third Chakra. You Deserve to Be Confident-Day 4 – The Fourth Chakra – Love Yourself and the Universe. Love Will Set You Free!-Day 5 – The Fifth Chakra – Express Yourself and Create Personal Success-Day 6 – The Sixth Chakra – Embrace Your Intuition and Let It Guide You in Your Spiritual Enlightenment-Day 7 – The Seventh Chakra – The Spiritual Connection to Your Highest Potential and Fulfillment in All Areas of LifeNATURAL THERAPIES DISCUSSED IN THIS BOOK: -Mindset and Self-Coaching-Aromatherapy-Crystals and Natural Remedies-Yoga-Chakra balancing via everyday activities and hobbies-Nutritional practices to balance chakrasSick and tired of feeling sick and tired?Take positive and purposeful action today…Get your copy of “Chakra Balancing for Busy People” and discover the power of holistic wellness!This is going to be an exciting, healing journey…

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Hi, my name is Marta and my mission is to help you become passionate (and motivated) about wellness, alkaline lifestyle, healthy living, healing, spirituality, and self-growth, which can happily make you achieve all your health and life goals. I specialize in holistic lifestyle design for modern and busy individuals. I make it doable and fun – even when you think you don’t have the time, trust me – you can do it. I love assisting people in all kinds of body-mind transformations. I write wellness, health and holistic personal development books for people who want to revolutionize their health and achieve a better quality of life through mindful decisions and balanced lifestyle choices. I deliver simple, doable tips that do not imply any sort of brutal sacrifices, unrealistic cleanses, fad diets, or endless hours on yoga mats (unless it makes you happy!).My strong point? I am able to explain complex topics in a no-nonsense, straightforward manner. I believe that all kinds of transformations are a life-long journey. I don’t promise the world, but I realistically deliver simple step-by-step strategies which you can immediately implement to start feeling a positive difference. I call myself a positive realist.I focus on taking action. So instead of reading “empty definitions” full of undecipherable jargon that is hard to understand in the real-world (unless your background is medicine, science, or similar) you’ll get information in plain English, plus practical motivational tips that can be implemented immediately so that you get the results you want, fast. And the good news is, you won’t feel like you have to give it all up!Becoming healthier and happier doesn’t mean following the latest diet craze, cleanse, or torturing yourself with endless motivational guru materials. True body-mind changes happen when you take simple actions on a daily basis, and it also doesn’t mean that you have to give up your favorite treats or activities forever. Balance is the key. In other words, it’s your new, holistically-friendly habits that help you to achieve your health goals and feel amazing. My background is Holistic Health and Healing. I am certified in holistic nutrition, aromatherapy, reiki (II level) and massage therapy. As a seeker, I continue to learn and investigate. My passion for holistic wellness and self-growth also led me to study NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), hypnosis, relaxation, homeopathy, alkaline diet and advanced personal development – something that is currently the core of all my programs, books, and coaching. Health forms part of personal development. No amount of smoothies will help if you are not willing to dig deep. This is what I call the real holistic approach- healthy mind, body, and spirit. It’s not only about herbs and recipes. It’s mostly about your own mindset.I believe in regular achievement in all areas of life, and my mission is to do the best I can to serve my readers, clients, and basically the whole world by creating content that can help them to solve specific problems that I have also experienced myself and struggled with for years, such as how to have more energy, how to get motivated, how to lose weight, get fit, release anxiety, feel more focused, and so on. This is why I continue to learn more about natural therapies and a whole range of meaningful advanced personal development practices. Everything I write about I also practice myself. While I admit that I am not a perfect guru, I am definitely a do-ro. My mission is to lead by example and continue to create a lifestyle that inspires others for years to come. If I can pass my experience, learning, and knowledge on to just twenty people and they in turn teach others, I would be a happy woman.”Okay Marta, but aren’t you just another weight loss/dieting author? What is this alkaline thing all about?” I hear you ask.If you take a look at my Amazon bookshelf, you will notice that I am a big advocate of alkaline foods and lifestyle, but I wouldn’t define myself as a person who tells others to go on a strict diet. You see, it’s not about dieting – it’s about lifestyle, and this is what my alkaline books are all about. Eating more alkaline foods has really helped me to improve my health dramatically, and I am very passionate about sharing my knowledge with other people. Thanks to the alkaline way of eating and living (combined with other natural practices like homeopathy) I was able to fight off uveitis attacks – a severe eye disease. I feel really grateful that I was given an opportunity to see this amazing world and it was a wakeup call to me. My disease made me realize I had to be honest with myself. I thought I was healthy, I thought I knew it all. But I didn’t. I had to become a Holistic Warrior and learn to fight for my health and wellness. Now I am here to show you how you can do it too.It’s not about eating less, it’s about eating right.I believe that we are all different and we all have unique styles of living and eating, which is why there is no preaching in my books. Instead, you will find more than enough information, inspiration, and motivation to create your own path. I encourage my readers to take lots of action, but do it from a position of self-love and confidence – it’s not about perfection. I always say that you can achieve more success in health (and other areas of life) when you aim to be just 70-80% awesome and 20-30% relaxed. Being a victim of emotional eating and binge eating myself, I believe that it’s not about dieting, but about a sustainable lifestyle that works for you. In all my books, aside from the actual information, I provide you with simple motivational tips so that you can stay on track, and even if you get off it, there will be no judgment. After all, it’s not about perfection, but progress – and nothing is set in stone. Take what you like and reject the rest – my books will offer you full guidance on how to do just that and how to combine the alkaline diet and lifestyle with other nutritional choices you may have chosen for yourself and your family. All my books and tips leave space for your unique customization. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, paleo, raw, or gluten-free, I welcome all of you.Learning more about health does not have to be boring, not with me! I also love entertaining my readers by squeezing in some real life stories, examples, and anecdotes. I also believe that holistic wellness and happiness are attained if you become committed to working on not only your body, but also your mind and soul. This is how you can improve all areas of your life, create the body you want, and achieve personal success. It’s not only about what we eat and ingesting natural remedies, and even though I’m really passionate about alkaline diet concepts and natural remedies, I need to be honest with you – if you want holistic wellness and health, you need to work on your mind. Just as if you want more mental energy and focus, you would also need to work on your body. It’s all interconnected. Great physical health helps you to feel good and radiates positive energy. This state creates a focused and happy mind, and from there you can focus on creating an abundance of happiness in all areas of your life.Wouldn’t it be great to get up a bit earlier every day feeling amazing, and actually look forward to starting your day? Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate those afternoon energy crashes and stop being dependent on caffeine? Wouldn’t it be great to transition your eating patterns to one that is more natural and eco-friendly? And wouldn’t it be great to start losing weight naturally (or maintain your ideal weight) without torturing yourself with calorie counting and unrealistic starvation diets? Focus on long-term success. Focus on vibrant health.Whether you are an entrepreneur, a professional climbing a corporate ladder, a freelancer, an artist, a busy mom or dad, a traveler, a student, or a business operator, you can always benefit from more energy and zest for life, right?Well, if you’re looking for long-lasting changes, you have come to the right place. I am just about to show you exactly how you can improve your physical, mental, and emotional wellness by implementing truly holistic lifestyle change strategies that will result in a new, happier, healthier, and more fulfilled you.Vibrant health also means more happiness, better relationships, and even a “healthier” bank account balance. Trust me on that one!Let the journey begin!You can learn more about me at:HolisticWellnessProject.comBe sure to grab your free Holistic Resources at:www.holisticwellnessproject.com/subscribe-newsletter/I hope we will meet again,With lots of love,Marta

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