I would like to offer readers an experience graciously given me by Sathya Sai Baba back in 1989. This experience was brought back to memory only when reading the story given by “Heart2Heart” on 13th May 2010.

Heart2Heart did an interview with Mr Raja Reddy, Baba said to Mr Reddy:

If you are a devotee of Vishnu, you will see the parama-jyoti (Supreme light) coming from My heart; if you are a devotee of Shiva, you will see it from My forehead – where the third eye or the Jnana netra (eye of wisdom) is located.

Back in late 1987. I knew nothing of Sathya Sai Baba, nor had I ever heard the name. It was only until 1988. when praying from the depths of my heart did God answer me the very next day. You may remember the story of the experience I was given when invited to sit at séance. When first I entered the home of this medium woman, I came face to face with a large oil painting of Sathya Sai Baba. In that story I mentioned how the eye’s of Baba would follow me, and how the eye’s would often blink as if alive. This is how God answered me by arranging to have me sit in a séance where He would get my attention through a painting.

I guess this is what is called a calling from God, and I grabbed at it with both hands and still today firmly have a tight grip on it where I will never let it loose, no matter what. I have always strived hard in working towards the opening of the third eye…or, the inner-vision, this I would try to develop through constant meditation whether it be at home or within spiritual circles (séances). My whole outlook on life was always on the development of this inner-vision as well as connecting with those in spirit, I wanted to know what happens when we die... who meets us at the time of death... where do we go... etc, etc, etc. This has always been my goal ever since I can remember. But of course God has always been at the forefront of my spiritual desires.

After learning more about Sai Baba through the books I would read and hearing what devotees were saying Him to be (GOD), greatly got my attention. My attraction towards Baba increased rapidly from the many experiences granted me. I found a beautiful full-length photo of Him sitting in an orange chair, this I had enlarged and framed which hangs on the wall in my office along with another photo taken in 1992. This photo is of my brother and I standing next to Swami in His interview room. The full-length photo of Swami sitting in His chair I did sit before one day in meditation.

Something in the photo this day got my attention while my eyes were closed. On opening my eye’s I saw in the position of the third eye on Swami’s forehead, a small pin dot of white light take form. As I watched with fascination it grew larger and its brilliance intensified. This light was incredibly bright as it continued to grow in size. Then after some seconds it stabilized. As I kept watching I saw a door open within the light, then with excitement building within me Swami stepped through it. He looked at me and smiled then turned and walked back through the door, closed it, and was gone. In the place on Swami’s forehead where the light began is a large letter (B). It’s not noticeable until one looks closely, then its easily seen even from a distance. I wonder if the light I was shown tells me that once I was a devotee of Shiva? In another life that is.

Author: Rev. Wayne E Farquhar


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