Instead of doing just a list of the top video games of 2013. I figured I’d give you the run down of the best games of 2013 that I actually played. Sure there were a ton of great titles. But there was no way I could spend the time to play them all. So here is my short list of picks below.

Note: These aren’t in any real order. I either liked them or hated them. If one is on top of the other.. its only because I didn’t want to try and sort them from best/worst. :)

Bioshock Infinite

I bet you thought I was going to say Call of Duty! No, on the top of my list of games that I played has to be Bioshock Infinite. With its gorgeous environment set in the sky, to the homage to U.S. History and not to mention the spells, gunplay, and of course the Skyhook helped bring this game to the top. That and the storyline was awesome! Then take Elizabeth who was able to rip open different worlds. You have a nice solid game that was alot of fun to get immersed into. It’s free for download this month to PlayStation Plus members – so this alone almost pays for the $49.99 price tag for a years subscription!

Grand Theft Auto V

What? Its not #1 on your list? Well to tell you the truth? It was close. Rockstar Games came out with a game changer with Grand Theft Auto V. It pushes the old PlayStation 3 to its limits. The amount of detail they put into the game is mind boggling! The environment is probably one of the best I’ve seen in a game. I spend days putzing around and still wasn’t able to do everything in the game. You can get lost just trying to find cars, doing the awesome side games, purchasing weapons, and wreaking mayhem wherever you go. Although the 3 Main Characters aren’t your typical ‘heroes’ you do end up enjoying where the story takes you with each of them. Trevor happened to be my favorite if not for anything else just to see where he will pop up next after you haven’t played him for awhile.

GTA Online was a whole other experience for me. To me it was the epitome of complete anarchy. If you didn’t go into the game with your crew you were pretty much toast. I loved the different game modes, leveling up. I didn’t like the in-game griefing that was rampant when I last played it.

If you haven’t played GTA V yet? Then you really need to borrow, steal (j/k!), or go out and buy the game. It is an experience you just don’t want to miss!

FarCry 3

I have liked the FarCry series. Now that they finally moved away from it just being a video graphics card worst nightmare.You play as the hero Jason Brody who has to save his friends and family from the ruthless drug lord of the island full of pirates you unwittingly decided to Skydive onto…  Besides the silly plot the game was fun to play. You had to rank up your character, gain experience points, gather herbs and flowers, kill animals to upgrade your bags, and of course upgrade your weapons and gear as well. The missions started to feel kind of repetitive, and by the time you climb yet another radio tower to open up more of the island… you were starting to think “Am I playing Assassins Creed?” Overall it was a pretty decent game and I had fun playing it.

Borderlands 2

Rarely is the Sequel to a game better than the first. Borderlands 2 became available on the PlayStation 3 for Plus members over the holidays so I figured I’d snag it. I wish I would have purchased the game sooner! With its insane array or arsenal, the ‘cell shader’ graphics, and the over the top characters made this game a lot of fun to play. That and they are still providing additional DLC content to the game which will extend the life of it quite a bit. If you are looking for a solid shooter than this is a must have to add to your library!

Tomb Raider

The reboot of Lara Croft was a big deal when it was originally released. This was another PS3 Plus Free Download. I had heard mixed reviews of the game. But I have to say they did a pretty great job with the game. This is more of a prequel on how Lara Croft became the current Archeologist/Treasure Hunter badass we all know and love today. It is definitely emotionally charged as you struggle with Lara through the levels. The overall storyline and game play were great. The environments were sometimes choppy. In the end it was worth the journey to see Lara survive and grow up.


Well, Minecraft finally became available for the PlayStation 3 in December. So I had to pick it up. Rather than do a silly review of the open world sand box/adventure game. I’ll tell you that they did a great job with the game port. The controls seem a bit clunky coming from a keyboard/mouse but they were fairly easy to pick up and use after a few minutes of play time. If you like adventuring, crafting, and creating then Minecraft is definitely on the top of games to play. Available only through the SONY PlayStation Store.

Torchlight II

This is the sequel to the original Torchlight that came out in 2009. Now with a longer campaign, 4 different classes which you can customize, and of course your pet companion. This makes for a fun hack and slash dungeon crawler. With WoW like aspects to it from crafting/enchanting and fishing. It seems more like what Diablo III should have been like. That and the ability to download and install mods make the game a lot of fun without all of the necessary time to spend playing it. This game is great for casual gamers who want to jump into a Dungeon then jump back out. You can pick it up from Valve’s Steam online store for around $14.99!

Call of Duty Black Ops II

Although the game grew tired and old by the time Call of Duty Ghosts came out it was still one of my favorite in the series. Set in the very near future where a terrorist manages to take over all of the drones in the worlds military. Its far fetched storyline and Campaign mode was a different take from the basic corridor games of past campaigns. Online Multiplayer was great – as long as you had a good connection. Otherwise it was frustrating. I really did like Black Ops II though – from its custom player cards, to some great maps, guns, perks, and kill streaks. It was definitely a lot better than Modern Warfare 3 or the current Ghosts game.

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Hitman Absolution

This was one that had a ton of hype around it. I mean c’mon now. Assassin Nuns in Leather! Awwww Yea! Oh wait. The game sucked. Although it tried to appeal to a broader gaming audience. This dumb down version of the popular Hitman series missed it’s mark. It was a far cry from its earlier games although the graphics and world were nice. But once you get past the Nuns and the shower cut scene, you were wishing you were playing one of the originals in the series. I’m sure Agent 47 would have offed himself if he could in this game. So if you haven’t played it yet? Don’t.

Unchartered 3: Drake’s Deception

Yes, I know I’m very late when it comes to this game. It was another PS3 Plus find. Now I wish I had the first two to play! This game’s a mix of Indiana Jones mashed up with Tomb Raider. We go back to the beginnings of Drakes early adventures as well as his current one. Although it gets a little confusing at first the story and gameplay make up for it. I didn’t like the combat system all that much. But the puzzles and movement made up for it. If you like adventure/puzzle games that will keep you on the edge of your seat this game is a must have to add to your library.

Path of Exile

This is a free online MMO-ish/Dungeon Crawler. Path of Exile is just what it sounds like. You pick one of the classes offered in the game. They will tell you a brief backstory of why they are being exiled… well you get the point. Then when you enter the world you will have to complete quests to earn better gear and upgrades. It isn’t 100% polished but for a free online game? It is probably one of the best out there! Make sure to check it out here when you get the chance! Only for PC btw.

PlayStation Plus Membership

If you hadn’t noticed I mentioned SONY’s PlayStation Plus service quite a bit. For the $49.99 price tag for a years membership I was able to play a lot of games I would have never have been able to afford to begin with. This month alone (as of January 2014) I get Bioshock Infinite, Devil May Cry, and an indie title Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons which looks interesting. And I get some pretty deep discounts, free avatars etc. that make it worthwhile to get.

** This is on the PlayStation 3. PS4 users do get some free games and I’m sure as more titles are ported they will be getting more content through the consoles life span :)

What Were Your Favorites?

Now its your turn! What were your favorite games to play for 2013? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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