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  • Banged up and beautiful Short oval racing is perhaps the United Kingdom’s most unruly sport by Dan Giannopoulos[1] Banged up and beautiful Short oval racing is perhaps the United Kingdom’s most unruly sport by Dan Giannopoulos[2] It s a rainy and...

  • Mercedes-Benz in motorsport
    via automobile.wikia

    Created page with "Throughout its long history, '''Mercedes-Benz''' has been involved in a range of '''motorsport''' activities, including sportscar racing and [[rally racing|rallyin..." New page Throughout its long history, '''[[Mercedes-Benz]]''...

  • I cant believe I am even considering this. I purchased this car new in February of 2006. It recently passed its 10 year anniversary with me. It is the only possession I have owned as long as I have known my wife. I have a family now and dont have time...

  • The Wycombe club will be hosting the big saloon oval race of the year when the European Saloon Championships for Hot Rods, Saloon Stox and Ministox takes place on 24 November. For more info, check out the event’s Facebook page here or...

  • There is a persistent belief that the Sport of Kings is only open to those with very deep pockets. Oil sheiks. Bankers. Mafioso. Kings. Nowadays that’s simply not true. Khutulun belts home at Sandown. Photo courtesy of Sarah Ebbett at Victory Media...

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