Agario Tool is a new working bot and hack tool for the agar.io desktop and mobile online game, helping people find greater success in the game through its unique features and options.

Agar.io is a new online game for desktop and mobile users that is rapidly increasing in popularity among gamers, as its simple but compelling mechanic mirrors that experienced at the start of all life. Players control a small cell that must devour those smaller than it and evade those larger than it, and players aim to become as large as possible. The game is surprisingly challenging to play at a high level, and that’s why one developer has created Agario Tool.

Agario Tool (http://agariotool.com) is a new bot and hack tool developed for the game, that enables players to increase the mass of their cell to stay alive and make them more dangerous. More exciting than that however is the inclusion of an ‘autopilot’ feature, that will take control of the game while players are unable to play in order to avoid danger and scoop up vulnerable morsels.

The new tool is available to download for free from the AgarioTool.com website, and the site also features a video tutorial demonstrating the tool in action to how users exactly how effective it can be in enriching their experience and optimizing their progress.

A spokesperson for Agario Tool explained, “Agario Tool is a great new feature for the Agar.io game, which is sure to be incredibly popular among all players, as it is designed to help cover some of the inherent weaknesses in the game and make it more exciting and satisfying for all players. The game is becoming more popular by the day and because of that, more competitive, meaning more people than ever are seeking a competitive edge. This tool brings players that edge.”

About Agario Tool:

Agario Tool provides players of the popular Agario game with a free in-game bot that can enable them to get more mass in the agar.io game and become the number one predator in their region. The bot can even be set up to play on players’ behalf, so if individuals need to take a break the bot can actively preserve and increase mass while they are idle, avoiding other predators in the process.

For more information please visit: http://agariotool.com/

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