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November 15, 2013 – China – Because of the fashion outside shape and powerful function, the high www.ebedigital.com quality smart phone such as quad core phone has been liked by more and more consumers. But, if people do not pay attention to maintenance or the improper using for the smart phone such as today’s quad core phone, it would be easy to shorten the smart phone’s life or affect the normal appearance of mobile phones. In daily life, people should know about how to care for the appearance of their loved smart phones so the expert from the famous mobile phone online store would provide with people the following tips for the maintaining methods for the smart phone’s case.

The manager from website ebedigital.com said:” In people’s daily life, we could often find that some people’s mobile phone shell is scarred. The real reason for this kind of situation should be the normal wear and tear, drop, knock or shaking. On the other hand, the mass vibration would cause into the loosing of connectors inside the phone and even the loosen of wiring. If people do not pay more attention to protect the outside case of the smart phone and android table PC, the damage would be not only appeared on the surface of cell phone but also damage the phone’s core such as internal circuit.

On the other hand, people should also add a protective sleeve for the phone such as water sets and other transparent silicone case. These protective cases will not affect the appearance but also has a strong protective effect. Some smart phone with the protection of these products are also in the newly condition after using for 2 years. These outside protective layers could not only protect the appearance of the smart phone such as quad core phone but also to reduce the damage from dropping.

On the other hand, people should also better protect the charging port or the USB port. Some phones tablet pc wholesale such as the quad core phone on website www.ebedigital.com have a special rubber protective cap because excessive oxidation of these parts would have great influence with charging and signal of the phone. In this case, people should keep these two interfaces clean enough.

Most of the time, the phone’s screen and keyboard would be easy to be excessive worn. However, most of android phones are touch-screen machines and fewer of them have keyboard. In this case, the improperly usage after few days would be easy to cause into the scarred of screen. In order to avoid excessive wear on the screen or keyboard in the using process, people should pay attention to the length of their nails. However, the long nails’ lethality to touch screen smart phone is greater.

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