Best Travel Insurance For Your Next On The Road Adventure

Going on the road for a trip sounds like a lot of fun to most, having the breeze in your hair and the sun shine off the hood of your car. But these trips can sometimes hide weeks of preparation and painstaking forms that need filling in with different travel insurance companies and getting visas sorted can be a long and arduous process. We’re here to look at what travel insurance you’ll need to consider, why you should consider them and how to get the best travel insurance deals for you.

So what different kinds of travel insurance should you be considering and why?

Short/Long Stay Insurance – When going on your trip you want to be sure you’re selecting the right kind of travel insurance for the amount of days you will be going away. There are specific insurances for short and long stays and this is crucial, if you pick the wrong one you may find yourself not covered at all by the end of your trip. Short and long stay packages usually cover medical, cancellation and abandonment. If you’re not sure how long you are staying for then you should choose a long stay insurance just in case, this means you will always be covered. It may cost you a little more but it could cost you more if you weren’t covered at all.

Health Insurance – If you suffer from any kind of medical condition that could alter your holiday then you should seriously consider medical insurance. It sounds a little obvious but not all types of holiday insurance will actually cover serious medical needs such as broken bones or heart attacks. You can actually get specific medical insurances if you already suffer from a serious medical condition such as a high blood pressure, cancers or have heart problems. Obviously if you’re on the road you’ll need to make sure you don’t stray too far from the path, if you’re hours away from a hospital you could be in trouble. These insurances will not all cover car accidents, especially if it is found to be your fault. So drive safely and stay close to civilization.

Rental Car Insurance – You may decide not to take your own car on this road trip and rent a lovely new car instead, which can be quite nice but can fraught with problems. When it’s not your car you may become a little more careless with it, not only this but so much as a scratch can set you back thousands as you pay for the damage done. You need to make sure you’re covered, especially if you’re planning on being a little adventurous on your trip. Make sure you know exactly what you are covered for before getting the insurance, most of these insurances cover the excess and nothing more. Good insurance providers such as Voyager will also cover the car being stolen.

Breakdown Cover – If you decide to take your own car on holiday then you may find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere as the radiator has burst. In cases such as this you’re best getting breakdown cover, this means no matter where you are or how you break down there is emergency recovery for you with another car waiting for you, with no massive costs or expenses. Cars don’t have to be old or withered to break down, a car can break down from something as small as a dodgy spark plug. So before shrugging it off consider the consequences of not being covered, especially if you’re going on a long trip with lots of driving.

General Travel Insurances – These kind of insurance cover pretty much the basics of any trip away, mainly covering health, cancellations, luggage and abandonment. You could go for something like this and pair it with either or both of the above vehicle insurances. Understandably this is a popular option as it is the most cost effective of all, more so for people going on shorter trips rather than longer ones. As with all insurances you’ll need to read through what you’re covered for and make a note of them, it could save you from unnecessary panic.

So how do you choose between travel insurance, which ones are the best?

As with all travel insurances and trips, it all completely varies depending on what kind of trip you are having and whether you plan on driving. With an on the road adventure you will definitely need come kind of car insurance to cover you for theft and minor accidents. You can find the best travel insurances for you in the following ways:

Comparison websites – Using Google you can search for insurance providers for your country or area that cover the specific place you are visiting. Websites such as Confused, Money Supermarket, Compare The Market and GoCompare are just a few examples of comparison website you can use to find the right travel insurance for you.

Word of mouth – Asking around is also a good way of finding out where to get travel insurance, with many of us being fairly well travelled you can ask friends and family which providers they use and why they use them, you could end up with a really great deal this way. Also you will be more trusting of a company that has been recommended to you.

Online Travel Insurance Reviews & Ratings – You can get these on various travel websites and they’re very helpful indeed when it comes to getting yourself insured. Forums and comment boxes means that you can ask people on their reviews more in depth questions and ratings show an all-round idea of how good or bad a certain company is.

Once you’ve picked your top two or three travel insurance you can start asking for quotes and get the best deal for you, don’t be put off by price; think about value for money. Now you’re insured and have peace of mind you can go and have some fun in the sun, you’ve earned it!

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