A picture is worth a thousand words-- True to its word, this adage depicts the robust power of photos and images to convey information effectively than mere descriptions.

We all adore photographs. Taking photographs helps us to appreciate life and store some of the most amazing memories in our lives. These are the main reasons as to why we love sharing photos with family and friends. Social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram are arguably the most frequented places where you will probably share your beautiful photos. However, social platforms have their own downside. Apart from the likes, social shares and comments that you may get after publishing your photo on these platforms, the photo can be easily forgotten with time. Moreover, social platforms do not offer enough intuitive features that you may need for your pictures to customize your images. For instance, you can't order prints on these platforms. It is also difficult to search for your photos by name or date or to edit your images to make them more attractive.

This is why it is important to choose a dedicated image/ photo website for storing and sharing your photos. Most of the online picture galleries have great organizational tools, which can ease in the customization of your images and help you to bring new life to your photos as you showcase your amazing memories.

Benefits of Using Dedicated Image Hosting Services

You can derive various benefits from hosting your images and videos online. They include:

• Free Photo Gallery

If you are worried that you may incur additional expenses by using the services of photo hosting websites such as Photoland, you need to relax. Photoland, like many other image-hosting solutions, offers free photo galleries for their users. Moreover, any person from any part of the globe can create a free account and start hosting their photos freely without much hassle. However, you need to adhere to the terms and conditions of the image hosting solution that you chose. For instance, majority of dedicated image-hosting websites do not allow uploading adult photos.

With this free photo gallery, you have the ability to create various albums for your photos and customize them according to your specific need. In addition to this, online galleries have enhanced features that aid in the sharing of your photos on social platforms. Therefore, you do not only get a sustainable solution to host your images or videos, but you can as well as choose to share them with family and friends on various social media platforms.

• Private Storing

If you are concerned about the privacy of your photos on your PC or phone, then you need to store them online. While online, you have the ability to preset your privacy settings to ensure that you are the only person who can view them.

• Photo Publishing

You ultimately want to publish your photos so that the world can see them. However, the showcase design that you use for your photos can make a huge difference. Most free image hosting websites are designed to help you showcase your images in big and beautiful versions that make them more appealing to others. This ensure that full details of you images are published, thus making them more likeable and shareable.

• Storing Images at Full Resolution

One disadvantage of using social media platforms to share you images is the fact that these platforms are known to compress images. It is true, that social media websites do this to minimize the storage space used by users. The downside of compressing images is that they lose their resolutions and hence their quality.

Online photo galleries provide the best solutions if you want to store your images at the full resolution that helps to keep all the fine details of your photos.

• Photo Enlargements

Nothing beats the ability to customize your photos according to your preferences before storing or sharing them. Photo enlargement is a handy customization tool that helps to enlarge photos to bigger formats. However, photo enlargement can easily result in loss of quality if you don't have the right tools for doing so.

Dedicated image hosting websites offer the best solutions for photo enlargement according to your specifications. This is an important element especially if you want to print your photos in large formats and still maintain the quality and colors of your photos. There are instances when the colors and the contrast of your photos can be improved to ensure that the final image has high resolution and is of great quality.

• Photo Frames and Albums

One great way of getting more attention to your images is by choosing the best frames for your images. Different images may require different frames that complement the images. It is worthwhile to use image-hosting websites such as Photoland to benefit from the robust pool of frames that you can choose from to customize you images. Photoland provide various frames that suit different décor backgrounds, hence finding the most suitable one is not a problem.

In addition, unlike publishing your photos on social platforms, picture-hosting websites enables you to store your photos in various albums. They provide simple drag and drop tools that help in uploading and organizing your photos into albums. Photo albums are important in helping you give a personal touch of your photos by storing them according to the specific events where you snapped them, dates etc. This helps in quick recovery of stored photos as well as ease of navigating through your photos and the ease of sharing related images.

• Photo Editing and Printing

Photo printing helps you to have a hard copy of your photos. However, when you need to make some enhancements to improve the quality of your images before printing them, then it is vital to use the services of picture hosting websites.

These websites offer various customizations tools that can help you in improving your images before printing; you can add frames, enlarge photos or add other customizations such as printing your photos in black and white formats. Adding effects and other photo editing customizations helps you to make your images more attractive and beautiful without losing the original details of your photos.

It is also easy to order prints for your photos. You may choose to have the prints shipping to your physical address or have them emailed to you. However, this is usually a premium service but offers the best hassle-free solution that is convenient for most photographers and photo lovers who want to order prints.

• Photograph Restoration

Photos can be damaged or wear out with time. The best way to bring them back to life is by restoring them. Online galleries have great features that can help you restore a damaged or old picture with ease. The restored images usually are of high quality and look almost the same as original images.

• Availability of Mobile Apps and Backup Solutions

Mobile devices have been great tools to help us capture unique moments of our lives. Most online photo gallery services have developed mobile apps that can help you to upload photos automatically to your free image gallery account. You can set automatic uploading of your images on the app from your mobile device. This also helps in providing real-time backup of your images or videos in case you happen to lose your phone or it gets damaged.

• Storing and Sharing Videos

Videos and photos are closely related. Online photo galleries also allow the storing and sharing of videos. With a free account, you can upload your videos alongside you photos for sharing. However, the downside of using a free plan for doing this is the fact that most online galleries restrict the length of the videos that you want to share. Some offer a limited storage capacity, and thus you have to subscribe to a premium plan if you want to enjoy large storage capacities.


It is worth storing your images and videos online rather than on your phone or computer. Online image galleries help you to store your images on cloud services thus providing the best platform to store, backup and share your images from any region worldwide. Take advantage of free image hosting solution provided by Photoland and host your images freely. Don't let your fond memories be forgotten in your PC when you can freely store and share them with friends today.

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