Weekly Standard Asks If Dr. Ben Carson Is Warming Up For Presidential Run?

Evidently his answer is yes! Good!

I have a dream.

For various reasons I have a dream that his man will soon be addressed by some young, nervous journalist in a press conference by: "Dr. President, sir…"

That may sound weird to my former Adventist friends. How could I, knowing all I do about how Adventists think, want one as head of our nation?

Firstly out of sheer pragmatism. He's ardently, fervently pro-life and I could care less about our theological differences if he is willing to stop the slaughter of our unborn. As a world-acclaimed physician, his voice would hold authority on biological life and as a black man, he could stem the abortion genocide against his own race.

Secondly, I'm patriotic. Dr. Carson would make a terrific president. So yes, I would not only vote for, but pray for and financially back a Dr. Carson presidency.

Thirdly, I am a Catholic who does not want to support Obamacare on religious grounds and I believe he would be very strong in his commitment to religious freedom. (Anyone see the irony here? A SDA defending Catholic religious freedom? Ellen White is clapping in Purgatory!)

Additionally, to my former Adventists out there, think of the brilliance of a Dr. Carson presidency. Let us dream for a moment, shall we?….

Carson: The Candidacy

For several years during the campaign, the Seventh-day Adventist Church would get the spotlight. They would become the center of the world's attention, just as their prophecy foretells. Many Adventists would see it as God's way of sending the Sabbath Message across the globe right before His Second Coming.

Others would herald it as the fulfillment of Ellen White's prophecy of a worldwide persecution of Adventists, for if a Carson presidency became unpopular, the world would rise against the SDA church in retaliation. You would then see the release of many Youtube videos claiming the Vatican was plotting the overthrow of Carson and his Sabbatarian believers.

However, in reality what would happen is that Adventist doctrines would come into the light. You would have national talk show hosts and talking heads mystified at what Adventists believe and the General Conference would be sending out spokesmen to "clarify" what their prophetess's health message and visions meant in today's world.

Think of it. Rush Limbaugh would be talking to Adventists. Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Megan Kelly would all be spotlighting Adventism. Ellen Degeneres would be talking about Ellen White. Adventism would be the butt of jokes for Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Falon, Conan O'brien, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, HBO and Comedy Central.

Doug Batchelor would be arguing homosexuality and women's ordination on James Robison's show and Randy Roberts might be interviewed by the Huffington Post. 3ABN and the Hope Channel numbers would double because of new, drive-by viewers. The SDA church would be hearing its name everywhere at first.

Then Adventists all over the world would be upset because either the press would be making them look like kooks or the SDA spokesmen would be watering down the everlasting gospel.

Many Adventists would be embarrassed as their doctrines are exposed to critical thinking and theological review and many might either leave the church or no longer claim to be SDA. However, the church would issue glorious statements that many are coming into the church because of a Carson presidential bid.

But in my dreams, SDA theology is clearly spelled out in the open and kind, godly theologians would give the true historical context of why Sunday is observed and Adventists would have to defend the indefensible. Faithful Adventists would have to put their brain into a fog of white noise to avoid hearing the truth or accept that perhaps they weren't told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Then, they might observe that no one is upset with them. They might observe that the world is full of kind Christians who would not just vote for an Adventist but would support him and even though they may reject some of his theology, they would stand up for his right to believe in Sabbatarianism.

Carson: The Commander-in-Chief

For eight years the Adventist Church would be in sublime misery, for they would get all the attention they have always wanted, but at the same time, they would be infighting about whether the president should go to this or that political event on Friday night or break the levitical clean meat laws while visiting China.

A new SDA conspiracy would come out each month and each new conspiracy would prove to be foolishness. Then as President Carson would leave the office with much admiration and honors and criticism, the Adventists would be scratching their heads wondering what happened.


No one would be coming after them with pitchforks. No one would be plotting their Sabbatarian martyrdom. They would find that there are millions of wonderful Christians out there who love them and accept them and care not one whit about the day they worship.

There may be another great disappointment in store for the Adventists in this dream. The great disappointment that Christians love them and will never hurt them. That there are Christians out there who understand theology and the Bible better than they do and are not deceived or breaking a commandment by not attending church on Saturday.

Adventism couldn't seclude itself from other Christians anymore. Adventists would be outed. Everyone would know what they believe, there would be no cover. People would discuss what they believe without perilous outcomes for the Adventist.

(Big breath, sigh…)

Then, my dream ends with unity.

Adventists, Baptists, Catholics, Methodists, Anglicans, non-denominational believers will beat their weapons into plowshares and embrace each other in the grace and unity of Christ and then the world will know that Jesus is the Son of God because of this miracle.

Yes, I dream big….

All because of a Dr. Carson presidency.


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