Label: and/OAR - and46

激激オススメ!!and/OAR主宰者Dale Lloydが新たに立ち上げた、様々な作家の古い未発表曲や発掘音源をネタに新たな楽曲を生み出していく不定形創作プロジェクトSearch Ensembles。具体的な形が見えない非常に興味深いプロジェクトであり、参加者もAlan Courtis、Slavek Kwi、Jani Hirvonen、Jon Tulchin、Cedric Peyronnet等々、様々な方面から集まった全14名。神秘やら古代などをコンセプトにしている様で、出て来る音が妙に埃っぽくて古臭い、やはりDale Lloydからこそ可能な独特の歪んだテクチャー。これはヤバイ。限定150部。マスト。


Track List:

01. PT SK 2:05

02. DL DT 2:47

03. AC DL MN 2:29

04. DL JT 2:47

05. DL LC 1:40

06. CH CP 1:07

07. SK 1:08

08. AC DL JH LC SK 4:50

09. DL 4:42

10. DL DT MN 2:42

11. DL SA 3:52

12. DL JT PL 0:55

13. DL 5:11

14. PL 1:40

15. CH CP DL 5:50

16. KN SK 6:38

Below is a compiled selection of samples from the album.

Search Ensembles is a new evocative project of and/OAR founder / operator

Dale Lloyd presenting "sonic archeology", unearthing forgotten and

previously unreleased recordings from project participants' archives, plus

new recordings to create a conceptually cohesive album. The name "Search

Ensembles" is a play on the term "search parties" which means: "groups of

people conducting an organized search for someone or something lost or

hidden." This first offering comes across as a collection of inexplicable field

recordings pointing toward a mysterious ancient past - of people around the

world, some of which we still know next to nothing about; some of which

were able to accomplish feats still not properly explained or replicated to this

day. After this first release, the intention for Search Ensembles is to continue

sonic explorations inspired by, and/or pertaining to various mysteries around

the world (and perhaps beyond).

For this release, Search Ensembles was:

- Alan Courtis: field recordings

- Cédric Peyronnet: field recordings, voice, objects

- Cyril Herry: objects, voices

- Dale Lloyd: field recordings, objects, percussion, production, slide whistle,

synthesizer, voice

- David Tobin: percussion, slide whistle, violin, voice

- Jani Hirvonen: electronics

- Jon Tulchin: field recordings

- Katerina Nejepsova: flute

- Loren Chasse: field recording, flute, percussion

- Michael Northam: field recordings

- Petr 'Pedro' Tuzar: guitar

- Phil Legard: banjo, drum, psaltry

- Slavek Kwi: analog echo, banjo, monotar, percussion, tapes

- Stuart Arentzen: electronics

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