[A busy press room at the Mandalay Bay Resort]

Panasonic introduced several new innovations and products during today’s 2015 CES Press Day.

[Jim Doyle]

Jim Doyle, President of Panasonic Eco Solutions North America, talked about Panasonic’s partnering with Ford in auto hardware systems including personalized radio experience via Alfredo.

Panasonic is also the global leader in lithium ion batteries, and has also produced 300 million batteries for Tesla Motors. A new Nevada-based Tesla giga-factory facility will employ 3,000 local workers, helping to boost the local economy.

Fujisawa Smart City rendering courtesy of Panasonic]

The lithium ion cells are also used to power Panasonic’s Gogoro electric scooter. In fact, 2018 will see an entire Smart City unveiled including electric cars and plug-in bikes and scooters with swappable batteries.

[Julie Bauer]

Panasonic President Julie Bauer also delivered part of the remote press talk, mentioning that the company’s e-commerce, mobile, and social media divisions are growing, helping online business to double this year.

Smart watches, wearables, smart shavers, precision cooking appliances, and 4K Ultra HD TV’s are some of the top consumer products currently receiving industry buzz.

Cameras and Camcorders

Later this year, Panasonic will release the Lumix CM1, a consumer camera with cellular capability. Two new camcorders, the world’s first camcorders with 4K high-end capability, will launch as well.

Technics Sound Systems

In March, legendary audio brand Technics will deliver two Definitive Sound systems: R1 Reference class and C 700 class, enabling a new generation of audio lovers to enjoy sound experiences.

Connected Home

A new deck-based home monitoring system for security and safety is also being introduced at CES. Four expandable packages will be available, including options for indoor or outdoor cameras, remote features, and no monthly fees. The system runs entirely on wifi and can be accessed via your smart phone. The system is available via Panasonic’s website.

4K Ultra HD TV

Panasonic offers the widest portfolio of 4K Ultra HD TV’s. The company is on onboard with the UHD Alliance, an organization that aims to establish new standards for high quality entertainment.

The C6850 and CX 850 series are currently the new contenders, bringing Hollywood-standard TV to consumers.

Panasonic and Mozilla are also working together to bring users content faster than ever before with new Firefox OS with live stream TV, according to Mozilla CEO Andreas Gal. The option will be available with all 2015 Life+ Screen smart TV’s.


Products in the lineup include gluten-free bread machines, immersion blenders, smart appliances, and virtual mirrors.

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