Today, I took part in Commchat. I'm sorry to say I hadn't encountered the hour long Twitter debate before. I will, however, tune in again. It's a collection of communication brains (PR mainly) debating the topic of the week.

Half way through I decided I'd capture the chat. I've just started.

30 seconds - open Storify, select Twitter, deselect retweets and search for #commschat.

15 seconds - to write the above

45 seconds - click "More" on the 20 tweet selection default to go back an hour and collect 180 results - pressing "add them all"

15 seconds - oh, Chrome browser wobble time...

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The Future of Digital with #commschat

A debate on the future of digital communications - thanks to http://commschat.com/

Storified by Andrew Girdwood · Mon, May 21 2012 16:06:38

I had a good time - Twitter should be this fast-paced always @CommsChat @andrewgirdwood #commschatCat

Thanks everyone, and good to meet you all! #commschatMontse Cano

A belated congrats to them - they both won last years Digital Impact Awards. details of 2012 up at http://digitalimpactawards.com #commschatCommsChat

@mynewsdesk_uk Try balancing hard work w/storytelling, relevancy & usefullness w/o fatigue or staleness! #commschatAccentureInteractive

.@mynewsdesk_uk I think it depends on the brand. Advertising is the tax you pay for being unremarkable - Robert Stephens #commschatMatt Weatherall

@CatTurner yes, it is about relationships. Long live PR! http://get.mynewsdesk.com/en #commschatMynewsdesk UK

@CommsChat @catturner @andrewgirdwood thanks to all another interesting one - now time for a cup of tea #commschatAmanda Coleman

@CommsChat @AndrewGirdwood any more questions? I'm just getting fired up #commschatCat

Thanks to everyone who took part in #commschat! And to everyone else for putting up with busy hour :)Andrew Girdwood

That takes us to 9pm. Its been a great (and quick) hour. A big tweet to our guests = @catturner and @andrewgirdwood #commschatCommsChat

@alexpackham how did you measure that decrease? #commschatJonathan Lloyd

@alexpackham Thanks for the info! #commschatMontse Cano

@AndrewGirdwood #commschat gets out cheque book ! Lolpferron

.@pferron We aim to charge you as MUCH as possible :) #commschat Your pain is our gain!Andrew Girdwood

@alexpackham good work! #commschatCat

@AndrewGirdwood #commschat what's that look like on the client billings? ;)pferron

@AndrewGirdwood yes, iPads for everyone! Digital producers #commschatJonathan Lloyd

@AndrewGirdwood And look at us all now! It's five to 9! Always-on, indeed. ;-) #commschatCommsChat

Brands have to work very hard. They have to tell their stories, be useful, be relevant. Every day. Without getting tired or stale #commschatMynewsdesk UK

Work harder yes, but smarter too - trim the digital fat and get savvy about social - its about relationships, just digital ones #CommsChatCat

Work harder yes, but smarter too - trim the digital fat and get savvy about social - its about relationships, just digital ones #CommsChatCat

For examples of how we're adapting at ODEON, see here: http://www.nma.co.uk/news/odeon-decreased-negative-sentiment-by-61-after-taking-social-engagement-in-house/4001637.article and here: http://www.conversocial.com/customers#case-studies #commschatAlex Packham

We need to embrace the Always-On culture - even if some clients don't yet want it #commschatAndrew Girdwood

#commschat There's the rub. Nobody, but nobody, joined a social network to 'engage' with a 'brand'. Knowing why they did is key to successSteve Downes

#commschat @AndrewGirdwood You have to work SO much harder. People are clever and naturally reject anything falseCat

Therefore we're all going to need to work a lot harder, faster and meet consumer demand for info #commschatAlex Packham

@CommsChat you need to be more integrated with offline endeavours no more working in silos and digital coming last or first #commschatpferron

@CommsChat A lot harder, I reckon. In B2B, things are hard already #commschatMontse Cano

People expect immediacy now. You can access information via Google instantly and so consumers expect the same from businesses #commschatAlex Packham

You have to work much harder. You need to be useful, engaging and relevant. You need to work smarter too #commschatAndrew Girdwood

#commschat If social search is the future then why aren't we all excited about Google+?Matt Weatherall

@CommsChat Just a little Devil's Advocate over here ;) I heart @Pinterest as much as the next scrapbooker #commschatCat

So lets move to topic 5/ User relationships with online brands are changing – so how much harder will you need to work? #commschatCommsChat

.@JonathanLloyd Yes, I agree. In many ways it's empowering to local managers - and, wonderfully, helps build communities offline #commschatAndrew Girdwood

@alexpackham @CommsChat @AndrewGirdwood full circle back to ambient? ;) #commschatCat

@AndrewGirdwood apply that at the local level and I think it gets really interesting #commschatJonathan Lloyd

SEO still primary strategic focus for many of our customers. Key is creating lots of relevant, rich content & promoting it well. #commschatMynewsdesk UK

@CatTurner @CommsChat @AndrewGirdwood Would you rather search per SEO or social data? Love to see how that pans out. #commschatAlex Packham

Is you want to dabble with "new" social search today pop over to http://bit.ly/JhZOlZ and have a play. I enjoyed it #commschatAndrew Girdwood

@CatTurner 3rd party developers add so much when API given away, constantly push product further. as they did with twitter. #commschatCommsChat

@CatTurner 3rd party developers add so much when API given away, constantly push product further. as they did with twitter. #commschatCommsChat

@KLBarber @socialcamapp @viddy @CommsChat yes! I recall 12secondsTV ALL THE TIME. Sad its not here :( #commschatCat

#commschat Search won't eventually dominate. Online behaviour will mirror offline and search will take it's place behind entertainmentSteve Downes

@CatTurner @CommsChat @AndrewGirdwood Social search is coming. Lets ask the question in 10 years and see!? #commschatAlex Packham

What Search + Social together teach is that "brands" are earned media, not owned or paid for media. Evolution. #commschatAndrew Girdwood

@amandacomms @Stevejuice @CatTurner Relevant content, I´d say. #commschatMontse Cano

Pinterest works like a polished version of Tumblr. Once brands weigh in heavily, it could just get drowned in ads if used wrongly #CommsChatWilliam Osborn

What Search teaches us is that sites should be a digital asset and not a vanity project. #commschatAndrew Girdwood

@alexpackham @CommsChat @AndrewGirdwood - and how about social search - what we're discovering from one another #commschatCat

Re: Pinterest, putting up examples of 2011 Digital Impact Award winners. We'll add 2012 shortlist when out #commschat http://pinterest.com/communicatemagAndrew / Communicate

@AndrewGirdwood Search is getting the hype it deserves, but people tend to forget the big picture. Everything works together #commschat #seoMontse Cano

@Darcie You should tune into #commschat for the last 10 minutes :)Andrew Girdwood

@Stevejuice @CatTurner so true - good content is essential #commschatAmanda Coleman

Sorry if you've seen before but evry time Pinterest's mentioned I'm compelled to show our board of newsrooms http://ow.ly/b3qcz #commschatMynewsdesk UK

@CommsChat Or are users over it already? I Pin less than I did a month ago. I'm like - meh I'll Tweet it. #commschatCat

Pinterest's API may allow brands to run flash sales, to update boards inline with Search Surges and certainly to time/mass posts #commschatAndrew Girdwood

@AndrewGirdwood 100% even awell known online clicks & mortar retailer is tasked with a ROPO metric competition entries not enough #commschatpferron

A recent stat I heard, 90% off web browsing in the UK starts with a Google search. Search is 100% the dominant online function #commschatAlex Packham

@CommsChat please elaborate #commschatCat

@CatTurner agreed - but once Pinterest release the full API I think it has potential to be much much more. #commschatCommsChat

@CommsChat Thanks @mynewsdesk_uk! I am having fun. But where is my wine? #commschatCat

I'm deep into SEO and PPC but I don't think Search will rule. Search is one aspect of Engagement and Engagement will rule #commschatAndrew Girdwood

@alexpackham I agree. #commschatMontse Cano

@Stevejuice CONTENT IS QUEEN! #commschatCat

@pferron and you tweet with great timing - for we move onto topic 4 - Search: Will this become the dominant online function? #commschatCommsChat

@WillOsborn its just freaky - I mean yes, I and everyone in London are fans of @BarackObama on FB - doesn't mean we'll get on #commschatCat

@CommsChat *blushes* (just due to the wine though...) #commschatMynewsdesk UK

.@pferron I think I know the pain you speak of. Imagine you need an online to offline factoring in order to show the value #commschatAndrew Girdwood

#commschat You don't need to worry about platforms. Produce brilliant content and it'll get found. Need to work harder if it's mediocreSteve Downes

@CommsChat The last few people I've had follow me on @Pinterest have been boys! Is the gender gap closing? #commschatElizabeth Sharma

Um - @Pinterest is already the next big thing - content curation is a change in user behaviour already @CommsChat #commschatCat

@AndrewGirdwood SEO great 4 commerce sites ROI agree but conversation with MD of non ecom brands make outreach a tough sell #commschatpferron

I name Rakuten as one of the "magic shop keepers". They're investment in Pinterest is telling. Watch that space. #commschatAndrew Girdwood

Can I just say a big thanks to @mynewsdesk_uk By sponsoring the evening theyre helping it happen. &theyre taking part! #commschatCommsChat

@CommsChat Find reasons behind first! Too many platforms around. So, diversification was always possible. #commschatMontse Cano

@CatTurner Agreed, until apps can really tailor who and what you can find, and who can find you, it's just not relevant #CommsChatWilliam Osborn

@amandacomms @brideyrae yes - and @soundcloud too! Purporting to be the @Instagram of sound following their brand refresh! #commschatCat

#commschat it's all about @viddy - if the muppets have been there, you know it's a safe bet.Heather Healy

.@mynewsdesk_uk @CommsChat Facebook bought Glancee. The brand may not be known but the public will experience the effect #commschatAndrew Girdwood

@Communicatemag Thanks! #commschatMontse Cano

We've seen tremendous growth from Pinterest. &that is before theyve even released their API properly. surely still next big thing #commschatCommsChat

@amandacomms am a big @Soundcloud fan but am still waiting for this network to have it's moment much as I'd like to see it... #commschatbridey-rae lipscombe

.@alexpackham I use @getglue a lot - they pivot in the right direction. Trying to come to the UK. To be decided. #commschatAndrew Girdwood

Ambient location = stalker alert. Right now its too vague to be truly helpful - it just gives away too much @CommsChat #commschat #privacyCat

I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesnt know about Highlight or Glancee. Can someone explain? #commschatAndrew / Communicate

The next network to takeoff will be Zeebox. 18 months time it will be you or someone you knows TV partner in crime #commschatAlex Packham

@brideyrae @CommsChat and don't forget audioboo which has a lot to offer #commschatAmanda Coleman

Location aware apps don't have the following they need to work yet. This gives time for testing out ideas before it really takes #CommsChatWilliam Osborn

.@pferron The ROI question is like a ghost. Best answered through SEO, I fear, when it comes to Outreach but that undersells #commschatAndrew Girdwood

@amandacomms #commschat agree and the clean up a great example of a tangible result as you mentionedpferron

@AndrewGirdwood agreed, even whilst preaching to the converted at #sxsw the uptake was minimal... #commschatbridey-rae lipscombe

@EssexInspector welcome inspector. Always been impressed with comms efforts from police - we've often have @amandacomms here at #commschatCommsChat

@CommsChat if we are to believe the hype then yes, but I'm going to place my bets on no this year. More focus on social video #commschatbridey-rae lipscombe

I just uninstalled Sonar becauase I didn't use it. I needed it to be more aggressive. Not sure the public is there yet. #commschatAndrew Girdwood

We thought so post #sxsw, but in fact I think its social video apps like @Socialcamapp or @viddy @CommsChat #commschatCat

For Mynewsdesk, engaging in a niche community like #commschat is way to better understand concerns of market & also (hopefully) build trust.Mynewsdesk UK

If you're into digital communications and social media, @CatTurner is giving you gold right now - check out her Twitter feed. #commschatNick Bason

I can't see location based services getting the traction they are hyped to get. Too many average services, with scattered users #commschatAlex Packham

The new S in social+search? Serendipity. We want/need it, true, but I'm not sure it's here yet. #commschatAndrew Girdwood

Still 30 mins left to join #commschat - @CatTurner talking about and answering Qs on online comms trendsDirk Singer

Still 30 mins left to join #commschat - @CatTurner talking about and answering Qs on online comms trendsDirk Singer

@pferron it is about finding tangible results - real examples not just facts and figures #commschatAmanda Coleman

“@amandacomms: With disorder last August social media was essential in restoring normality - shouldn't forget this #commschat” +1Sasha Taylor

Are ambient location services such as Highlight and Glancee the next key networks? #commschatCommsChat

Recent @TheRabbitAgency Instagram campaign, launched with 2 super users in community each month resulting in 50,000+ entries #commschatbridey-rae lipscombe

@AndrewGirdwood can we know where you're drinking it. Which is my neat segway to topic 3 ... #commschatCommsChat

#commschat interested 2 know what the ROI 4 your outreach efforts equates to? Biggest barrier for adoption is linking the effort to reward?pferron

@AndrewGirdwood Red wine here. Always red with Mynewsdesk. #commschatMynewsdesk UK

Half way line : time for the second brandy, right? :) #commschatAndrew Girdwood

@AdamFairclough you're welcome! Also see @dirktherabbit's super stats blog for more of the same :) #commschatCat

Start by educating your client/sholders that it's better to directly engage with your smaller desired audience rather than mass #commschatbridey-rae lipscombe

@CatTurner Wise words. It takes time & love to properly engage & integrate in a community, so don't spread resources too thin. #commschatMynewsdesk UK

@CatTurner Selective slightly better word :) #commschatAlex Packham

@amandacomms @alexpackham totally - evolution not revolution (I heard someone say this once, but its for real true) #commschatCat

Being selective about your communities is an absolute but don't let that become an excuse for too narrow an outreach #commschatAndrew Girdwood

@alexpackham Picky is right - or rather, selective - and evolve *with* the community - help shape your comms strategy around it #commschatCat

@alexpackham @CatTurner isn't that about having a strategy and keeping evolving and revising it? #commschatAmanda Coleman

@MontseCano dont forget the hashtag #commschatAndrew / Communicate

Find the key influencers in your 'world' and understand the circles they move in. #commschatMynewsdesk UK

@WillOsborn 100% - Never use a scatter gun approach, only target (work with) communities that make sense for you and your brand #commschatCat

@AdamFairclough a blog post and slideshare (mobile stats) I posted recently http://rab.bt/statsmobile #commschatDirk Singer

Communicate to niche communities in their language, in a way that they are comfortable with, practitioners must join & study #commschatbridey-rae lipscombe

...Evaluate performance against those targets and adapt, rinse and repeat. #commschatAlex Packham

Communicators need to be picky, social isn't cheap and never stops evolving. Find a few sites, have a objective + targets...#commschatAlex Packham

Well... @CommsChat simple: immersion. You can't "get" to a community unless you get the community #commschatCat

With more niche communities brands can't aim to get all of them. They need to find the communities that resonate with their brand #CommsChatWilliam Osborn

Communicators need to understand their relevant niche communities. First step is discover them, if they don't already know them. #commschatMynewsdesk UK

...And most have failed. Now these very niche social sites are appearing, yet again forcing companies to respond and get involved #commschatAlex Packham

Agree MT @AndrewGirdwood That personal connection drives mobile (and digital). A what's next prediction; more -personal digital- #commschatCat

@CommsChat Will Osborn, I'm a masters' students in Consumer Psych. with Business #CommsChatWilliam Osborn

Marketers need to be a part of and useful to communities. MUST. There can be no drive-by. This is resource expensive but needed. #commschatAndrew Girdwood

Its interesting, FB came along and had something for everyone, and still does. Everyone tried to copy this model...#commschatAlex Packham

@CatTurner a client appeared on Watchdog - we watched as twitter accounts set up purely to respond, 50% from twitter for iphone #commschatHeather Healy

@AdamFairclough yes! Check it: http://mashable.com/2011/03/23/mobile-by-the-numbers-infogrpahic/ #commschatCat

@brideyrae & @heatherhealy G'd evening. Welcome to tonight's #commschatCommsChat

.@CatTurner Agree. That personal connection drives mobile (and digital). A what's next prediction; more -personal digital- #commschatAndrew Girdwood

....With this mind, how can communicators get to those communities? #commschatCommsChat

topic 2 Social behaviour is diversifying and becoming more select – people are withdrawing to the platforms that work for them... #commschatCommsChat

Lets move to topic 2 (coming in 2 tweets as its so long) but first, a heads up, next week's commschat is an HTML5 special #commschatCommsChat

Evening #commschat. Apologies for lateness. Adam tweeting from behind the red square : )Mynewsdesk UK

We're working on hybrid apps currently but moving towards web apps as the divide lessens #commschatMichelle Allen

@AndrewGirdwood its making mobile personal and totally relevant #commschatCat

@commschat hello! sorry to be late to the party #commschatHeather Healy

.@CommsChat I can certainly confirm mobile projects, native and html 5, are booming. Lots of client interest. #commschatAndrew Girdwood

Lets have a quick show of tweets on those working on native apps or HTML5 (or both). Either for themselves or for clients #commschatCommsChat

@amandacomms exactly - and this trend won't change - we're all sharing a hell of a lot more than this time last year already #commschatCat

.@CatTurner @Communicatemag and in Local Search mobile is already well ahead of desktop #commschatAndrew Girdwood

With disorder last August social media was essential in restoring normality - shouldn't forget this #commschatAmanda Coleman

Responsive Sites and design is very much about building for mobile and desktop in one go http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Responsive_Web_Design #commschatAndrew Girdwood

We see many setting up Twitter feeds on their mobile during times of crisis (or complaint) to make a single query to a brand #commschatCat

There may be a HTML5 rush whenever it's finally rubber stamped as finished. Think Responsive Sites and that 50% figure is likely #commschatAndrew Girdwood

AB-SO-LUTELY @CommsChat - not only for the consumer but behind the scenes with group-messaging apps. Handset is always faster #commschatCat

Mobile usage is growing at a phenomenal pace, but i think mobile websites will eventually out traffic apps for companies. #commschatAlex Packham

@AdamFairclough & @NafisaNathani evening to you both #commschatCommsChat

Mobile+social media can help alleviate but also serve to exacerbate a crisis in any given situation - immediacy response is key #commschatNafisa Nathani

We believe that mobile strategies will surge, as smartphone access is predicted to overtake desktop as soon as next year #commschat eep!Cat

@AndrewGirdwood i read some research saying that 50% of enterprise app in 18 months will be on HTML5. Think that's likely? #commschatCommsChat

Will be taking part in tonight's @CommsChat as much as I can while viewing the discussion through my phone! #commschatAdam Fairclough

@JessicaNorthPR @CommsChat @CatTurner Yes, Bupa, Boots & SimplyHealth all spring to mind. People research health online #commschat #clientsAndrew Girdwood

Interesting! Nature comms industry dramatically changing. Apps one example branded content, offering services to customers #commschatNafisa Nathani

@CatTurner you won best crisis award at last years Digital Impact Awards. Does mobile help with crisis.. speed of response etc? #commschatCommsChat

(hello! I'm Michelle, a graphic designer who currently specialises in iOS and Android apps) #commschatMichelle Allen

@CommsChat @AndrewGirdwood @CatTurner I just wondered if you'd seen many healthcare brands move towards digital campaigns yet? #commschatJessica North

HTML 5 and native apps are different beasts. HTML 5 can't replace all native functionality so we have 3 types #commschatAndrew Girdwood

glad youre joining in @_missallen & @JessicaNorthPR #commschatCommsChat

Cant see mobile apps being a good advertising platform yet. I think most would rather pay circa 69p than have ads in apps #commschatAlex Packham

@CommsChat Hi I'm Jess, an undergrad from Bournemouth and currently working in a healthcare agency #commschatJessica North

Following #commschat with the lovely @CatTurner'Michelle Allen

@AndrewGirdwood Are apps as we know them on the way out? Is HTML5 going to change the rules again? &will that make life easier #commschatCommsChat

@drunk_ondigital dont forget the hashtag when you post #CommsChatAndrew / Communicate

Let's also keep in mind there are different types of apps; native, html 5 and hybrid. They all have different attributes #commschatAndrew Girdwood

@CommsChat yes, we're doing all kinds of awesome stuff with mobile apps - we're just not making them (yet) #commschatCat

Andrew from Lbi @bigmouthmedia here. SEO has become much harder and apps are just one of the many new fronts #commschatAndrew Girdwood

@alexpackham HI Alex, good to see you here again tonight #commschatCommsChat

Hello Andrew (@CommsChat) I am Cat I run a wee kick ass social agency called Rabbit >:) #commschatCat

And @andrewgirdwood, do apps make SEO harder? #commschatCommsChat

Alex - look after Social Media for ODEON Cinemas. Looking forward to tonights #commschatAlex Packham

OK - lets start with a quick shout from @catturner - you guys at Rabbit doing much on Mobile? #commschatCommsChat

Lets kick off straight away w 1st topic - Mobile: is 4G on its way? Are apps proving themselves as an advertising platform? #commschatCommsChat

It's always polite, however, to give a little intro first. & so - my name's Andrew, & I'm the publisher of Communicate magazine #commschatCommsChat

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