Avaton - Mentalism / Mind Reading / Card Prediction / Telepathy Professional Magic Trick
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Version: 2.0
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Welcome to Avaton 2, the 3rd Chapter of the Magic App Trilogy!
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"An unbelievable trick that makes you wonder if REAL MAGIC does really exist! Best magic experience right on your phone!"

"What an INSANELY good magic trick!!!! The method is unthinkable and the illusion itself is like pure magic even for the magician himself!!!"

"Brilliant idea, flawlessly executed in a “magic" way that you and your spectators have NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE!"

◆For THE FIRST TIME EVER, a magic trick app unlocks the secret of extrasensory perception with an unparalleled level of mentalism that pushes mind reading magic to the limit!◆

▶Avaton is a professional magic trick app that uses an advance algorithm that has NEVER been used by ANY other app available on the store! An inaccessible secret, sacred and inviolable, that will captivate your audience and blow their mind away! It is intended for entertainment purposes only / does not provide any real mind reading abilities.

▶The effect:

-Ask from a spectator to use his OWN iPhone and download for free the Zener App, the famous Extrasensory Perception Test as it was originally invented and conducted by the perceptual psychologist Karl Zener in the early 1930s.

-After downloading the app, prompt him to close ANY POSSIBLE wireless communication on his iPhone (WiFi, Bluetooth, even GSM Network...

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