Japanese 3.2.2

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Reference
Price: $7.99 -> Free, Version: 3.2.2 (iTunes)


This Japanese/English dictionary is going to become your best friend. Contains more than 174,500 entries and 52,000 examples, as well as stroke order animations for kanji and kana. It works completely offline, an internet connection is NOT required.

・Extreme fast startup and search time
・Search English-Japanese or Japanese-English
・Results are sorted by relevance. The best match appears at the top, saving you lots of time picking the right word
・Begins-with, exact match or ends-in search
・You can enter Japanese words in the Latin alphabet
・Entering conjugated forms (ex. 食べます tabemasu) will find the proper dictionary entry (食べる taberu)
・Enter a number to see its Japanese pronunciation

Enter unknown characters in different ways:
・Drawing using the built-in Handwriting Recognition
・By components (for example 日 + 月 will find 明)
・By SKIP code (for example Left-4 Right-9 will find 福)

・Example sentences including reading hints
・All pronunciations can be shown in the latin alphabet (romaji)
・Conjugations of verbs, adjectives and counters
・Compounds (引く hiku is contained in 引き出す hikidasu, 注意を引く chūi-wo-hiku, …)
・Similar looking characters (人 入 八 …)
・Kanji by radical or school year
・Hiragana/Katakana chart

・Mark headwords with different colors
・Create your own vocabulary lists
・Exchange lists with your friends and classmates
・Add notes to dictionary entries

・Integrated SRS flashcard learning system
・You can use nearly any list as a source for flashcards
・Prepare for the Japanese Language Test (JLPT)
・Study kanji by radical or school year


・Character animations are © 2008-2013 renzo Inc.

・Character components database © 2009-2013 renzo Inc.

・This publication has included material from the JMdict (EDICT, etc.) and KANJIDIC2 dictionary files in accordance with the licence provisions of the Electronic Dictionaries Research Group. See http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~jwb/edict.html and http://www.edrdg.org/

・SKIP (System of Kanji Indexing by Patterns) data is derived from the New Japanese-English Character Dictionary (Kenkyusha 1990, NTC 1993) and The Kodansha Kanji Learner's Dictionary (Kodansha International, 1999). SKIP is protected by laws. The utilization of SKIP in any form is strictly forbidden without the written permission of Jack Halpern, the copyright holder, which is normally granted. Please contact jack@ckji.org and see http://www.kanji.org for details.

What's New

This is a bug fix release that fixes crashes when running on iOS 7.

* 1,689 new entries, 11,575 updated entries
* Fixed a few stroke animation errors
* Kanji references for Remembering the Kanji (6th Edition)
* Bug Fix: Kanji animation background is shifted on iOS 7
* Bug Fix: Auto-correction causes the app to crash
* Bug Fix: Crash when tapping on Undo on the Handwriting Keyboard too often

We are still working on the next major version of Japanese which will feature, among a lot of other changes, a user interface in the iOS 7 look.


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