Nepal Calls For Help to Settle Mt
Everest Height

Nepal is appealing to the international donors to
help its finally settle, a long-running dispute over the height of Mount
Everest, according to a Government official. The World’s highest peak, Which
straddles Nepal and China, is usually attributed a height of 8,848 meters
following an Indian survey in 1954, but other an American team using GPS technology,
recorded a height of 8,850 meters. Everest was first measured in 1856. In 2010,
Nepal and China reached a compromise under which Nepal measured the height of
Everests snow cap at 8,848 meters and China measured the rock peak at 8, 844

US Court Dismissed a Lawsuit
Against, Sri Lankan President

A US federal Judge on 1 March 2012, dismissed a
lawsuit filed against the Sri Lankan President Mahindra Rajapaksa. The lawsuit
alleged that the president Rajapaksa is responsible for human right abuses
occurred during the civil war in Sri Lanka.

25 EU States Sign Pact For Budget

All but two European Union Countries signed a
fiscal pact to tighten budget discipline on 3 March 2012, making a coup for
Germany that pushed for the accord to prevent a repeat of the loose spending
that led to economic crises. Only Britain and czech Republic did not sign the
agreements , under which all other countries in the 27- nation blocks are to
write a golden rule on balanced budget in national constitutions equivalent
laws and automatic corrections mechanism, if the rule is breached.

China Develops Systems To Predict

Chines scientists claimed to have developed a
system to monitor the movement of the Earth’s crust and predict earthquakes.
The new system will be based on satellite navigation involving a network of 260
constant observing stations and 2,000 part time observing stations with data
processing technology. According to the officials of China Earthquake
Administration, The new system will be used for weather forecasting and
scientific research, among their purposes.

US Sees Vatican As Hub For

The Obama Administration for the first time has
identified Vatican City as a potential hub for money laundering along with 67
other countries. The state department Annual International Narcotics Control
Strategy Report (INCSR) identifies the 67 countries for money laundering or
other financial crimes.It looks at the national laws to fight financial crime,
their enforcement as well as the size of the banking sector. Major economics
including the US, Britain and Japan are identified as countries of primary
concern for money laundering.

Forbes Rich List Of  2012

Maxican Tycoon Carlos Slim  Helu retains his
position as the World’s richest person. An all time high 1,226billion worth a
record $4.6trillion were counted this year. The second is Bill Gates with
61.0billion, Warren Buffett in the third place with 44.0billion, the last three
in top 10 are Stefan Persson with 26.0billion Li Ka Shing with 25.5billion and
Kari Albrecht with 25.4billion.

Russia To Offer Air-Base To US

A new deal allowing the United States and its NATO
allies to use a Russian air base for transit of troops and military cargo to
Afghanistan. It would help Russia’s own security, Russia’s Foreign Minister
said that the plan to permit the US and other NATO nations to use their air
base in the city of Ulyanousk on the Volga River will be considered by the
Russian cabinet.

China, World’s Biggest Art,
Antiques Marketer

China had overtaken the US as the World’s biggest
market for art and antiques in 2011. According to the report, China share of
the global art market rose from 23% to 30% last year pushing the US to second
place with a share of 29%, UK with a share of 22% in third place and France in
fourth place with 6%.

Putin Wins Presidential Poll

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin had won for the third
term as Russian President in the Presidential elections held on 4 March 2012
and gets the highest percent of 63.6% votes in the election.

Oil Discovered in Kenya

The President of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki said on 26
March 2012 that oil deposits had been discovered in the country’s Northwest and
first time in the East African nations. He cautioned that commercial viability
is still uncertain through it was good news for the country, but the discovery
was the beginning of a long journey before Kenya could become an oil producer.
The discovery was made in Kenya’s Turkana region, Neighbouring South Sudan and
Uganda both have oil industries. The discovery was made after exploratory
drilling by Anglo-Irish firm Tullow oil

Syria Accepts Kofi’s 6-Points
Peace Plan

Syria had accepted UN Arab League envoy Kofi
Annan’s six points peace proposal to end the year long violence, a more which
the former UN Chief Kofi Annan described as an important initial step to taken
by the Syria to fulfill.

Syria commits to work with Annan in a inclusive
Syrian political process to address the legislative aspirations and concerns of
the Syrian people.

Syria commits to stop fighting and immediately stop
troop movements and use of heavy weapons in populated areas

Syria accepts and implements a daily two hours
humanitarian pause to deliver aid and evacuate the injured

Syria commits to intensify the pace and scale of
release of arbitrarily detained persons and provide a list of all places

Syria commits to ensure freedom of movement through
out the country for Journalists and a non discriminatory visa policy for them

Syria commits to respect freedom of association and
the right to demonstrate peacefully as legally guaranted

Beijing Begins Mapping Disputed
In South China Sea

China having maritime disputes with several of its
neighbours, said that it is mapping South China sea (SCS) with an aim to step
up exploration for oil and gas and reinforce its territorial claims. The
majority of the disputed water used to be beyond our reach because we seldom
put our claims into action. The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told by
drawing a map, the country can reinforce its jurisdiction claims in the South
China Sea, and further actions may fallow, such as exploiting resources near
the Nansha Islands.

Euro-zone Builds $1 trillion
Financial Firewall For Larger Economies

The Euro zone nations have reached a deal to build
up a massive 800billion euro ( around US 1.1trillion) financial firewall to
present the two years old sovereign debt crisis from anguefing larger economies
such as Spain & Italy. The finance minister of the 17 nations using the
single currency agreed at the start of a two day meeting in Copenhagen to boost
the fire power of euro-zone’s financial bailout fund to 700billion euros.It
will be done by bringing together the temporary European financial stability
facility mechanism (ESM) which has an initial funding capacity of 500billion

Coups In Mali Ousted Its

Rebel troops in Mali ousted its president Amadov
Toumani on 22 March 2012. The ousted president Amadov Toumani Toure was due to
leave office after elections on 29 April 2012 The rebels slammed the government
for failing to control an ethnic Tuareg insurgency in the Northern part of
Mali. The Tuareg insurgency includes fighters who supported Munnar Gaddafi in
Libya. USA suspended military and other funds directed to Mali Government.


India & China Move To
Maritime Cooperation

India & China had decided to open a new
bilateral cooperation by agreeing to undertake joint operation against pirated
and sharing technological know how on sea bed research. The maritime
cooperation proposals were made by visiting Chinese foreign minister Yang Jiechi.
This proposal was shared after Beijing was permitted by the international
seabed Authority to explore in South-west Indian ocean

India For Science Ties With

India is making stronger scientific ties with
Africa as science ministers from 31 African countries had gathered in New Delhi
on 1 March 2012. Minister of science & Technology, VilasRao Deshmukh had
Inaugurated the first ever India & Africa Science & Technology
conference and stressed the need to build bridges between the two scientific
communities and also enhance human resources in research and development.

India To Host Trade Show In

The Union Commerce minister, Mr. Anand Sharma and
Indonesia’s trade minister, Mr. Gita Iranwan Wirjawan, will inaugurate the high
profile Indian show being held in Jakarta, Indonesia from 6-8 March 2012. Over
75 domestic corporates would participate in a fair as the two countries aim to
achieve a bilateral trade target of $25 billion by 2015 from the current $

India, Iran To Step Up Ties In
Renewable Energy

India and Iran had agreed to improve co-operation
in the field of renewable energy. Both the countries were called for stepping
up bilateral ties and economic cooperation in tourism, cultural exchanges and
people to people contacts

BRICS Summit Set Pact For Trade

This important move could facilitate trade between
Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa in local currency. Two agreements
had been linked at the Delhi summit level meeting of its leaders. The
agreements are non-binding and the leaders of these countries are to meet for
the BRICS summit scheduled to be held on 29 March 2012.

India & Colombia Signed
Exchange Programme For The Years 2012-16

India & Colombia on 12 March 2012 signed a
cultural exchange programme in New Delhi for the years 2012-16. The CEP was
signed in conformity with the provisions established Government of India and
the Government of Colombia, CEP was signed in Bogota, capital of Colombia. The
CEP includes areas such as cultural heritage, museum’s, Archives, exhibitions,
science Arts, Visual Arts, cinematography, Radio and Television, Music,
Libraries, Book and Literature, Creative Industrial and Editorial Industry for
Cooperation. Both the nations have agreed to set up a joint working group to
look after the implementation of their programme

Turkey Seeks More Flights From
Indian Cities

Turkey plans to not only to set up a consulate or
appoint honorary consul in Hyderabad but it is also seeking direct air
connectivity between Hyderabad and Istanbul. Turkish ambassador said that they
had applied to the Indian authorities for direct air link. Turkey  had
also sought direct connectivity with Chennai, Amritsar, Bangalore and Kolkata.
The envoy was in town to pitch Turkey as an Investment destination and woo
Hyderabad based businessmen, from infrastructure and realty sectors

World’s Most Ethical Firms; Tata
& Wipro

The Ethisphere Institute’s Annual World’s Most
Ethical Companies (WME) list revealed that 145 companies in countries including
the US, Great Britain , Japan, Partuagal and India. Ethisphere evaluated about
5,000 global companies, including those in Standard & Poor’s 500 index on
reputation. India stood out for setting high standards of employees behaviour
and conduct. Tata Steel and Wipro had been named among the World’s Most Ethical
Companies by an American Ethical Institute recently

India, World’s Largest Arms

India was the World’s largest arms importer between
2007 to 2011, according to latest data from the Stockholm International Peace
Research Institution (SIPRI) India accounted for 10% of the global arms imports
in 2007-11. SIPRI said on 19 March 2012 that the four next largest recipients
of arms in the same period were South Korea with 6%of arms tranfers, Pakistan
5%, China 5% and Singapore 4%.

India to Vote Against Sri Lanka

P.M.Manmohan singh on 19 March said that India was
inclined to vote in favour of a US-sponsored resolution against Sri Lanka at
the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva. As regarding the issue of a
draft resolution initiated by the United States at the on-going 19th Session of
the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. The resolution, currently being drafted,
has two main components first, it asks the Sri Lankan Government to implement
the report of its own Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC)
,accept some kind of UN minitoring and report to the UNHRC secondly, UN
monitoring efforts are on to watering down the resolution but the Western
countries are opposed to it

Indo- Israel FTA Likely To Be
Concluded This Year

An Indo- Israel Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is
expected to be concluded this year, paving the way for further expansion in
bilateral trade between the two countries, Mr,Muneer Akbaria Consul-General,
Consulate General of Israel said that the two countries on the FTA were at an
advanced level. At present the bilateral trade between both countries is
$5billion, and is expected to rise by 60% in next two years. The new areas
identified for engagement included water technology, agriculture,
pharmaceuticals and life science. This trade meeting between both the countries
was held in Hyderabad on 19 March 2012

India To Face Sanctions By

Along with India and other countries importing oil
from Iran, could face sanctions by July, If it did not significantly reduce
such imports, the US State Department warned in a conference call, that if such
countries may have other kinds of sanctionable activities. The remarks raised
brows, as sanctions against countries such as India , China and South Korea
appeared more imminent and push for upping the ante against Iran through its
2012 National Defense Authorisation Act (NDAA).

India Offers LNG Gas To Pakistan

After fuel, India is going to offer LNG natural gas
to Pakistan to help the neighbouring country tide over its gas crisis. State
owned GAIL’s just commissioned natural gas pipeline from West coast to Bhatinda
in Punjab is barely 25km away from Pakistan border and the gas utility is
proposing that the line can be extended to Lahore in no time .

Iran To Import Major Farm
Commodities From India

Iran is going to import four major farm commodities
wheat,rice, sugar and tea from India. an export body,the President of the
Federation of Indian Export Organisation (FIEO) said, that Iran had signed
import contracts with India. and for also 1.25lakh tonnes of Soyameal, used as
animal feedstock. The shipment would be delivered in two months. Besides
agricultural commodities Mr. Ahmad said that the west Asian nation is also
interested in purchasing of Pharmaceuticals and auto components from India .

India, S.Korea to Have Defence

There had been bilateral ties between the India and
South Korea to boost up their economic ties in conference held in Seoul. Both
the nations had decided to step up cooperation in the defence sector, which
would include naval ship, aircrafts and ship building

Indian American In US State

An prominent Indian American politician and Deputy
Speaker of New Jersey State Assembly, Upendra Chivukula is all set to run for
the house of Representative in the elections in November. Mr. Upendra holds the
proud distinction of being the first Indian American elected to the New Jersey
Legislature and only the fourth Indian -American to be elected to a state

Indian Exploration In Vietnam Oil
Blocks  Normal

Asserting that China’s opposition to India is
undertaking oil exploration in Vietnam blocks was not in accordance with UN
norms. Vietnam said the blocks are well within its sovereign
territory.maintaining the vietnam will only explore in areas accepted by
international community and that the oil blocks that India has been exploring
is within the territory.


Nine Indian Women In Forbes

The Indian women named in Forbes Magazine’s
inaugural ‘Asia Power Businesswomen List’. The list names 50 “Path Breakers”
whose extraordinary business success is driving the region’s remarkable
economic rise.The list includes, ICICI Bank CEO& MD, Chanda Kochchar,
Bincon founder Kiran Mazumdar-shaw and film producer Ekta Kapoor, Britannia
Industries MD Vanitha Bali, HT Media chairman and editorial director Shobhana
Bhartia , A2B& Partner Founder & senior partner Zia Mody, Axis Bank CEO
& MD Shikha Sharma and Tractor & farm Equipment chairman Mallika Srinivasan.
Youngest on the list is Ekta Kapoor 36 yrs.

LIC Launches Jeevan Vriddhi

Life Insurance Corporation Of India (LIC) on 1
March 2012, launched a single premium insurance plan, Jeevan Vriddhi. This is a
single premium non-linked insurance plan where the risk cover is five times of
the premium chosen by the offers excellent guaranteed returns at maturity

Indian Men Among The Most
Dissatisfied At Work

Indian men are among the most dissatisfied people
at work across the world, according to a report by Accenture, The Path Forward-
research report stated that as much as 72% of men in India are not satisfied
with their job. Brazil tops the list with a figure of 74% men dissatisfied with
their jobs. Women cited lack of opportunities and heavy work loaded as reasons
for dissatisfaction in work, while inadequate pay was cited as the main reason
for dissatisfaction by men in their jobs. The overall job satisfaction in India
stands at 34%. over 78% Indian women proactively manage their carriers.

Base Price For Broadcast, Rised

BCCI of India had increased the base price for home
international games in the new broadcast rights, as they kept the base price at
Rs. 31.25crore plus 1crore (that is Rs. 32.25crore) for an international game
for A category. And Rs 33crore, plus Rs1crore (Rs 34crore) for a game in B
category. The basic price for games will be declared in the tenders .

 Asia’s Richest Man

Asia’s richest man was Hong Kong’s Li ka Shing
 stood top with worth of 25.5billion, in second richest Asian on the
Forbe’s list in India was Mukesh Ambani with 22.3billion.

India To Spread A Multi Modal
Transportation Network

India is making a concerned push into Central Asia
by taking charge of a crucial transportation network through Iran into Central
Asia and beyond. 14 stakeholder countries in the region in January, experts
from all countries will meet in New Delhi on 29 March to put final touches to
the project known as the” International North-South Corridor” .The project
envisages a multi modal transportation network that connects ports on India’s
West coast to Bandar Abbas in Iran than over land to Bandar Anzali port on the
Caspian sea, thence through Rasht and Astava on the Azerbaizer border onwards
to Kazakhstan and further onwards towards Russia. Once completed this would
connect Europe and Asia , which serves economic and strategic interests of all
states concerned

Tata Steel Topped The List Of
Most Admired Indian Brand

A survey conducted by Fortune India and Global
Management Consultancy Hay Group, which  was released on 13 March 2012,
revealed that Tata Steel as the most admired brand in India. Several factors
corporate, governance and financial make this brand in top most.

55.5% New Cases Of Leprosy
Recorded In India

According to the Government, about 55.5% of new
leprosy cases were identified in 2010 in India. Minister of Health and Family
welfare Ghulam Nabi Azad said that, of the total 2,28,474 new leprosy cases
detected World wide in 2010, India contributed 1,26,800 cases which is about
55.5% of the global disease burden. The minister is now concentrating on
achieving elimination of leprosy at district level during the 12th plan(

112 Government Websites Hacked

Government websites are turning out to be soft
targets for hackers. In the last three months alone more than 112 websites,
including the planning commission, the finance minister and Government agencies
were hacked. Minister of state for communication and IT Sachin Pilot declared.

Indian Rotocraft to be Produced

Indian Rotocraft, a joint venture of Tata sons and
Augusta Westland, had decided to set up a facility near the Rajiv Gandhi
International Airport (RGIA) here to assemble, customise and flight -test
helicopters for World wide markets. The joint venture, with capacity of 30
units a year, will initially start producing the 8 seat AW119ke light
helicopter with production expected to be from the middle of next year. This is
the second chopper producing facility in city after Tata -Sikorsky joint

 5 Crore People Moved Out Of
Poverty- Govt

Data released by the Planning Commission of India
on 19 March 2012 showed that poverty had significantly declined between 2004-05
and 2009-10. The new estimates are based on a poverty line that averages
Rs.672.8 per month (Rs 22.43 per day) in rural areas and Rs 857.6 per month( Rs
28.65 per day in urban areas for 2009-10. Poverty down by 7.3% points to 29.8%
in 2009-10 from 37.2% in 2004-05. Rural poverty declined faster down 8%points
to 33.8% from 41.8%.

Woman Share In Husband’s Property
After Divorce

Making amendment in Marriage Act for women, the
Union Cabinet on 23 March 2012 approved a Bill seeking to give a woman share in
her husband’s property after divorce. The quantum of share however will be
decided by the courts on a case by case basis, while a wife can oppose a
husband’s plea for divorce, but husband will have no such rights to oppose if
the wife moves the court on the same. Apart from this it also aims at giving
equal rights to adopted children on a par with biological off-spring in case
the parents go for divorce.

Nation’s First Vaccine Park

The Finance Minister had given its approval to set
up the country’s first integrated vaccine park. The Rs. 594crore park spread
over 100 acres at Chengalpattu near Chennai will produce, all six primary
vaccines used in the country’s Universal Immunization Programme (UIP), besides
manufacturing several new generation vaccines.India’s UIP is one of the largest
in the world that targets 2.7crore infants and 3crore pregnant women every
year. the main intention was to establish vaccine security in India.

NTPC Board Approved Rs.
17,000crore Investment In Projects

The National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd (NTPC)
board on 30 March 2012 approved an investment of over 17,000crore rupees in two
power projects in Maharashtra. The projects would have a total generation
capacity of 2540mw. The NTPC board approved the investment for the Mouda Super
Thermal Power project and Solapur Super Thermal Power project.

IRDA Notified Revision Of Premium
Rates For Motors

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
of India (IRDA) notified in March 2012 that premium rate for motor third party
liability only cover will undergo an upward revision bringing 1 April 2012.
IRDA listed the third party liability premium rates for vehicles of assorted
categories. The premium rates calculated on the basis of a specified formula is
to be notified every financial year by the IRDA. The ratio for 2012-13 were
calculated by using the average growth rate in severity assuming that the
average frequency remains instant.

SEBI Decided Guidelines For
Algorithmic Trading

The securities and exchange board of India (SEBI)
on 31 March 2012 issued board guidelines on algorithmic trading based on
recommendations of technical advisory committee and secondary market advisory
committee (SMAC) SEBI decided to enforce board guidelines for algorithmic
trading in the securities market. The market regulator decided stock exchanges
to undertake system up gradation, including periodic up gradation of its
surveillance system so as to keep pace with the speed of trade and volume of
data that may rise through algorithmic trading.

Infosys Co- Founder Narayana
 Murthy Named In The Fortune List

Infosys co- founder N.R.Narayana Murthy got his
name figured in the list of 12 greatest entrepreneurs of our time. The list
published by the Fortune magazine on 28 March 2012 was prepared considering the
economic and social impact and world changing vision of entrepreneurs other
famous personalities who got their names included in the list are Steve Jobs of
Apple, who topped the list, Bill Gates in second and followed by Fred Smith

Union Cabinet Approved Credit
Risk Guarantee Fund Trust

The Union cabinet on 23 March 2012 approved the
setting up of a credit guarantee fund trust with an initial corpus of Rs
1200crore to with an objective to encourage housing for low- income groups in India.
The scheme will work on the key principle that the lender shall secure loans to
construct and upgrade low income housing purely on the assets financed, without
any other collateral. The trust is to be set up under the Indian trust Act and
the Ministry of Housing.

IIT Madras Students To Sign
“Honour Code”

In a first of this kind move, over 7,000 Madras IIT
students studying various courses & staying in 17 hostels decided to sign
an Honour Code. The honour code makes students take a written pledge that they
would attend classes regularly, study well, be friendly with others, maintain
personal hygiene and cleanliness. This will bring a sense of accountability
among students and it will also deal with how they go about acquiring
knowledge, besides their behaviour inside the campus.


Hyderabad City Aims To Set Record
With Sky Lanternns

On 25 March, the Hyderabad city sky would be lit-up
with thousands of sky lanterns, just like that sense out of the popular
animated movie Tangular, when the maiden Hyderabad sky lanterns festival gets
under way at Gachibowli stadium. The event is also an attempt to make it to the
Guinness Book Of Records. And break the current record for the most number of
sky lanterns recorded is 10,000 plus accomplished in Indonesia in 2009. To
break that record 8,000 people participated in flying 12,000 lanterns at Hitek
in Hyderabad .and a New Guinness World Record has been created at last.

Bangalore City Station Boost Of

The Bangalore city Railway Station on 2 March 2012
became the first in the railway network to offer Blu-Fi, combination of
Blu-tooth and Wi-Fi that will provide passengers with a wealth of information
.The facility was launched by Railtel corporation of India in collaboration
with TeleBrahma. Bangalore being India’s IT capital, it deserves to be the
first in the country to offer the facility.

Uttarakhand Became The Ninth
Indian State For e-Stamps

Uttarakhand Government on 2 March 2012 introduced
e-stamping in the state, which would ensure a secure way of paying non-judicial
stamp duty to the Government. Uttarakhand is the ninth state in the country to
implement the stamping service. In the first phase, e-stamping is set to be
introduced in the four districts of Dehradun, Haridwar,Udhamsingh nagar and
Nainital. e-stamps would be sold through the branches of Punjab National Bank
in these districts.

New CM for Punjab, Uttarakhand,
Uttarpradesh.Goa and Manipur states

Akali dal leader Mr. Parkash Singh Badal had been
appointed as the new chief minister for Punjab for the second time.Vijay
Bahuguna, a high court retired judge had been appointed as chief minister of
Uttarakhand by the Congress party.and Akilesh yadav had been elected as the new
chief minister of Uttar pradesh.Okram singh Ibobi was appointed as the new
chief minister of Manipur for the third time after the congress won elections
in the state. And Mr. Manohar Parrikar was appointed as the chief minister of
Goa state.

T.N To Move For Kudankulam

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha on 19 March
2012 solved to take steps for the early commissioning of the nuclear plant in
Kudankulam. The cabinet also decided that a Rs 500crore package of development
works should be taken up in Kudankulam with regards to the local fishermen’s

IOCL To Set Up LNG Terminal In

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd had signed an agreement
with the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation for setting up of 4,500crore
LNG terminal in Chennai.

Four States Signed For MoU

Four states namely Jharkhand, Mizoram, Sikkim and
Lakshadweep on 16 March 2012 signed MoU with the Ministry of Statisitics and
Programme Implementation under the Indian Statistical Strenghthening Project
(ISSP) for the states and Union Territories.


The 50th Anniversary Celebration
of (AARDO)

The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has inaugurated
the 50th anniversary celebrations of Afro Asian Rural Development Organisation
(AARDO) on 5 March 2012 in New Delhi. The members of the countries to work
together and to build a favourable international regime axis funds and green
technologies for rural growth. This organization consists of 15 African and 14
Asian countries

International Conference of BRICS

Delegates from Russia, China and South Africa
arrived at the International conference on New World Economic Order organised
at Gitam University in Visakhapatnam on 10 March 2012. BRICS was firmly
committed to the common interests of the countries and strengthens the role of
emerging markets and developing countries in global economic governance

Turkey World Trade Bridge
Business Summit

A seven days Turkey World Trade Bridge
International Business Summit is going to be organized by the confederation of
Businessman and Industrialists of Turkey (TUSKON) and the Indo-Turkish Business
Association (ITBA) from 3 June to 10 June 2012 in Istanbul. More than 15
Hyderabad businessmen are expected to participate in the summit. The envoy said
that Turkey was also seriously pursuing a free trade agreement (FTA) or
economic partnership agreement (EPA) with India to accelerate bilateral trade
that hit a historic high of $7billion last year.

World Telugu Conference At

The Andhra Pradesh state Government had decided to
conduct the third Telugu Conference in December in Thirupati as proposed
earlier. The previous conference, which held at Hyderabad and Kuala Lumpur
which focused mainly on Telugu language and culture. The meet would be
highlights the strides made by the Andhra Pradesh over the years.

Two days 2nd Nuclear Security
Summit In Seoul (NSS)

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has taken part at the
two days Nuclear Security Summit that will be attended by 53 leaders and five
international organisations, which held at Seoul in South Korea. The meeting
will discuss the threats posed by the nuclear terrorism and the measures
required to prevent terrorists from gaining access to sensitive nuclear
material & technologies,  calling Nuclear terrorism as one of the most
challenging threats to international security, the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security
summit had outlined a number of steps the world should take to secure
vulnerable nuclear material.

All countries should sign up to international
treaties on nuclear security like the Convention on the Physical Protection of
Nuclear Material ( CPPNM), its 2005 amendment and the international convention
for the suppression of nuclear terrorism.

Countries with resources should contribute more to
the IAEA’s Nuclear security fund

Countries should minimize the use of highly
enriched uranium (HEU) for civilian purposes

Countries should  secure all radioactive

Nuclear safety and nuclear security measures should
be designed, implemented and managed in nuclear facilities in a coherent and
synergistic manner

Countries should  consider appropriate plans
for the management of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste

Action oriented coordination to combat illicit
trafficking urged on all, consistent with national laws and regulations

Countries should work with one another to develop
and enhance nuclear forensis capabilities

Countries  encouraged to develop a nuclear
security culture

Attention must be paid to information security,
preventing non-stake actors from obtaining information required to get or use
nuclear materials as a weapon or to hack into IT-based security and safety
systems at nuclear facilities

World Summit On Accreditation

India, the independence accreditation agency
organized its 1st world summit on Accreditation from 25 -28 March 2012 in New
Delhi.( WOSA )world summit on Accreditation would bring together Indian and
global leaders in Technical, professional education, educational
Administration,Policy makers and regulatory bodies, corporate and Industry
.WOSA- 2012 has been inaugurated by the Honourable union minister for education
Mr.Kapil Sibal.

23rd Arab Summit In Baghdad

The 23rd Arab summit was held on 29 March 2012
Baghdad, half of the Arab world’s 22 heads of states had to meet for the summit
in former president Saddam Hussain’s palace, but only few leaders gathered. It
was the first summit to be held following the people’s power movement. Syria’s
crisis topped the agenda for the Arab summit and discussed about the turmoil in
Iraq’s .

“Indian Aviation 2012″ At

The international exhibition-cum conference “Indian
Aviation 2012″ held at Hyderabad from 14-18 March 2012. A special postal stamp
was released on the eve of completing hundred years of Indian Aviation

Two-Day National Agricultural

Two-day national agricultural conference held at
New Delhi. Eminent scientist and higher authorities from all over the country
participated in this conference

The Fourth BRICS Summit

The fourth BRICS summit was held in New Delhi on 29
March 2012, the theme of the summit was BRICS partnership for global stability,
 security  and prosperity. At the end of the summit a draft was
released as ‘ Delhi Declaration’. In that declaration the BRICS countries
decided to work together on internal trade in local currencies and to establish
BRICS bank. The president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, The president of Russia
Dmitry Medvedev, The Prime minister of India,  Manmohan singh, The
president of China Hu Jinton and President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma were
participated in the summit.


Chinese Architect Bags Pritzker

For the first time Pritzker Architecture Prize,
considered as the Nobel Prize in architecture, had been awarded to Wang Shu a
Chinese, for ” producing an architecture that is time less “, deeply rooted in
the context and yet universal. The Prize includes a $ 100,000 grant, a citation
certificate and a bronze medallion

MANNU To Honour, Gulzar, Former
Chief Justice

Filmmaker & Lyricist Gulzar and former chief
Justice of supreme court A.M Ahmadi along with two other eminent personalities
would be honoured with D.Lit (Honour’s Causa ) by the Maulana Azad National
Urdu University (MANNU) during its fourth convocation on 3 March 2012.

Sahitya Akademi Prize For Young

V.Gangadhar, an upcoming telugu writer of
Rayalaseema had received the Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar for the year 2011,
for his compilation of short stories “Molakala Punnami”

101 Years Old Woman Set World

A 101 years old Mary Hardison, Utah woman is being
honoured with a world record for a Paraglide Ride and entered into Guinness
Book of World Records. The previous record was set by 100 years woman

59th National Film Awards

The 59th National awards had been announced on 7
March 2012 in New Delhi.

Best Feature Film -’ Del’ (Marathi) and ‘Byari’

Best Actor- Girish Kulkarni

Best Actress – Vidya Balan ( The Dirty Picture)

Best Editing – Pravin K.L (for Aranyakandam)

Best Special Effects – Ra.one

A.P Woman Gets Sthree Shakti

President Pratibha Patil had presented the Devi
Ahilyabai Holkar Award to Hypno Padma Kamlakar from Andhra pradesh during the
Sthree Shakti Puraskar 2011 in New Delhi  held on 7 March 2012.

International Women of Courage

On March 8 2012 International Women’s Day Secratory
of states Hillary Clinton and first lady Michelle Obama honoured 10 women from
around the world.

Shad Begum of lower Dir women of Pakistan received
the 2012 international women of courage award for bravely working for women in
a deeply conservative areas

Afghanisthan provincial council woman Maryam
Durani, for her works towards economic equality

Saudi Arabia’s Samar Badawi for her work preparing
legal challenges to law restricting women’s rights to many works

Brazil’s police Major Pricilla De Oliveira Azevedo
for working to improve health care & education

Myanmar’s political activist Zin MarAung to promote
democracy & the right of ethnic minorities

Turkish Parliamentarian Safak Pavey for promoting
the rights of the physically disabled women & minorities

Maldives Aneesa Ahmed for eliminating domestic

Libya’s Hana El Hebshi for helping properly
document the violence of her country’s resolution

Colombian Jineth Bedoya Lima in pushing for Justice
in unsolved case of sexual and gender based violence

Sudan’s Hawa Abdallah Mohammed Salih for defending
the rights of differences and in particular rights of women & children

Kuchipudi Dancer Anjana In Indian
Book of Records

Ajana Thomas , an eight class student had entered
the Indian Book of Records by performing Kuchipudi dance from Timmapur in
Dubbak mandal to Siddipet on 12 March, walking  the dance which began at
5am, completed at 1 pm

Indian American Wins Science
Talent Search

An Indian-American teenager Nithin Reddy Tumma
topped the Intel Science Talent Search and also two other Indian Americans Neet
Patel from Florida, Anirudh Prabhu from Indiana had been in the top.Tumma had
won the prestigious Science Talent Competition in the US for his research on
devising a more effective and less toxic breast cancer treatment.

Chameli Devi Jain Award

Chameli Devi Jain Award for 2012 was awarded to
Tusha Mittal on 13 March 2012 in New Delhi for her outstanding women
mediaperson for reporting of life in the raw at the margins in deep interior
states like, Bengal, Orissa and Chhattisgarh

Dr. Burgula Award For Babu Rao

Freedom fighter and former member of National
Commission for Backward Classes, B.Babu Rao Varma was awarded with Dr. Burgula
Ramakrishna Rao, who was the first Chief minister of Hyderabad state . this
award was given on 14 March 2012 by the state Government.

NTR Award For Sharada

Veteran actress Sharada had been awarded the NTR
National Award for the year 2010 which was announced by the state Government of
Andhra Pradesh on 19 march 2012

Indian NGO Selected For US Award

An Indian NGO, Chintan had been chosen for American
first innovation awsrd for the empowerment of women and girls, for training and
organizing waste pickers and eliminating child labour from recycling

Gram Ratna Award For Andhra

Kotala Gram Panchayat of Chandragiri Mandal,
Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh had won the Central Government Gram Ratan
Award. It has won the award for showing the best results in the development of

Hungarian Mathematician Gets 2012
Abel Prize

The prestigious Abel Prize of the Norwegion Academy
of Science and Letters for the year 2012 had been awarded to Hungarian
Mathematician Endre Szemere’de of the Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics,
this award was given for his fundamental contributions to discrete mathematics
and Computer science

Phalke Award For Soumitra

Veteran Bengali actor, Soumitra Chaterjee has been
honoured with the Prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke award for lifetime contribution
to Indian cinema.

Bangladesh Govt To Honour 47

The Bangladesh Government has decided to honour 132
foreign leaders, intellectuals, cultural personalities and organisations who
helped in the country’s Liberation war of 1971. The list of people to be
honoured includes 47 Indian’s. The honour was conferred on 27 March 2012. The
Indian’s who has been awarded include Sachindra lal singh, Rajeshawar Rao,
Siddhartha Shankar Ray, P.A Sangma, Justice Sadat Abul Masual, Dr. Karan singh,
Maharani Biva Kumari Devi, Field Marshal Sam manekshaw, Lt Gen Jagjit singh
Aurora, Lt Gen Jacob, Lance Nayek Albert Ekka.

Tamil Writer To Honour With
Saraswati Samman

The K.K Birla Foundation announced on 22 March
2012, its decision to honour Tamil writer A.A.Manavalan with the 21st Saraswati
Samman for his book on Ramayana.

Dalai Lama Winner Of World’s
Leading Religion Prize

The John Templeton Foundation on 29 March 2012
decided to honour Tibetan Buddhist Spirutual Leader, the Dalai Lama with one of
the world’s leading religion prizes called , ‘Templeton Prize’ for 2012. The
Buddhist leader who lives in exile in India had won the Nobel prize in
recognition of his work on science & religion. The Templeton prize to be
presented to him on 14 May 2012 at St. Poul’s Cathedral in London is a
$1.7million award.


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