Obama signs bill to suspend $ 1.1
bn aid to Pak

US President Barack Obama  has signed into law
a massive $1.1 billion defense spending bill that also seeks to suspend a big
cut of $1.1 billion military aid to Pakistan, despite his ” serious
reservations “about provisions regulating custody and prosecution of suspected

Pakistan wins temporary UN
Council Seat

Pakistan has won a seat as a non-permanent member
of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for a two-year term.

Securing 129 out of 193 votes in the United Nations General Assembly – exactly
the two-thirds majority required to win the seat, Pakistan will now be a
non-permanent member, replacing Lebanon, of the United Nations Security Council
in a term that begins on January 2012 and will end in December 2013.

Pakistan Court issues Contempt
Notice against Prime Minister Gilani

Pakistan top court began contempt proceedings on 16
January 2012 against Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani for failing to carry out
its order to re-open a corruption case against the President, ramping up
pressure on the beleaguered civilian government and pushing the country deeper
into political crisis.

Wikipedia shut for 24 hours to
protest US anti-piracy act

Wikipedia, the popular community-edited online
encyclopaedia from 18 Jan. 2012 evening blacked out its English Language site
for 24 hours to seek support against proposed US anti-piracy legislation that
Wikipedia founder, Mr Jimmy Wales, said threatens the future of the Internet.

White House locked down after
smoke bomb attack

The White House, Washington was locked down on 18
Jan. 2012 for more than an hour after a “”smoke bomb”" landed inside the
compound of the United States president’s residence, breaching the high
security alert around the building.

Once Again Bird Flu Deaths In

Once again bird flu deaths  brings 2nd death
in 30 days in china , over  28 number of people in china  who have
died from the diseases since 2003 .

Younest Sailor To  Complete
Solo Circumnavigation of The World 

Dutch Leeager Laura Dekkar 16 yrs old , on 21 st
Jan 2012 became the youngest sailor to complete a solo circumnavigation of the
world .

25 EU Nations Sign Up For German

All European Union Countries agreed to sign a new
treaty called fiscal compact on 30 th Jan 2012 .When 25 out of 27 EU states
agreed to sign only  Britan and Czech republic refused to sign a fiscal
compact, that will impose quasi automatic santions on countries that breach
European union budget deficit rules in national law .and crippling debts crises
and to stimulate growth and development in economy .

Romney wins first round battle
for GOP’s ( Grand Old Party), ( US Republican Plitical Party )  US
President nominations

Front-runner Mitt Romney stood in course of a
narrow win ( by just 8 votes ) from a 120, 000 party flock in a state New
Hampshire that is considered the heartland of America.

Maldives lifts ban on spas

The Maldives president on 4 January 2012 said he
has lifted a ban on spas in the upmarket tourist destination after establishing
they were not being used for prostitution as alleged by Islamist protesters.The
Maldives on 31 December 2011 has ordered hundreds of luxury hotels to close
their spas after protsts by an Islamist party which claimed they were a front
for prostitution.

Karzai gives go – ahead to US –
Taliban peace talks

The government of Afghanistan gave its blessing to
talks between Taliban insurgents and the United States, and also to the opening
of an office for the Islamists in Qatar on 4 January 2012 .

Obama unveils New Defence Policy,
shifts U S focus to the East

U S President Barack Obama unveiled a defence
strategy on 5 Jan. 2012 that calls for a greater U S military presence in Asia
and envisions cutting troops in Europe as the Pentagon seeks to reduce spending
by nearly half a trillion dollars after a decade of war.

Myanmar Govt. approves Suu Kyi’s party on 5 January
2012, allows to contest by- elections in April

Turkey’s ex – general arrested on
coup allegations

Turkey’s former Army chief Ilker Basbug on 6
January 2012 was detained over an alleged bid to topple the Islamist – rooted
government in the latest confrontation likely to inflame tensions with the
powerful military.

Chinese media slams US ‘look east’ policy Warns
Washington against ‘ War Mongering ‘, says move may fuel military tension

China’s state – run news media warned Washington on 6 January 2012 not to
“recklessly practice” or engage in “war mongering,” a day after the Obama
administration outlined a new military strategy with an increased focus on

Nea Zealand oil slick ship breaks
up in storm

A cargo ship, Reena, stranded on a New Zealand reef
for the past three months has split into two in a severe storm on 8 January
2012, creating fears of a fresh oil spill.  The two pieces of the Reena
have been forced 20-30 metres apart after waves up to 6 metres hit the vessel
according to Maritime New Zealand spokesman, Ross Henderson.

Iran begins N – activity

Iran has begun uranium enrichment at a new
underground site well protected from possible air strikes on 8 January 2012.

Germany, France warn Greece it
won’t get more funds until it agrees on Bond Swap

Germany and France warned Greece on January
 9, 2012 it will get no more bailout funds until it agrees with creditor
banks on a bond swap and pressed for an early deal to avert a potential default
in the euro zone’s most debt-stricken nation.

Pak PM dismisses Defence

 Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani
dismissed Defence Secretary Lt Gen Khalid Naeem Lodhi, a retired general and a
close aide of the Army Chief with immediate effect for “gross misconduct and
illegal action” according to a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office.


India, Pak exchange list of
Nuclear Installations

India and Pakistan on 1 Jan. 2012 exchanged lists
of their nuclear installations and facilities under a two – decade – old pact
prohibiting attacks on atomic assets, days after senior officials of the two
sides held talks in Islamabad on nuclear  and conventional CBMs. “The
Governments of the two countries are required to exchange lists of their
nuclear installations and facilities on January 1 every year under the terms of
the “ Agreement on Prohibition of Attacks against Nuclear Installations and
facilities “ that was signed in December 1988.

India, Pak set to start trade in
power, petro goods

Plan is to transfer 500MW via Punjab, surplus
Diesel from Bhatinda Refinery”

India and Pakistan are strengthening business links in 2012, with the stage set
for start of trading in electricity and petroleum products.  Officials
from the two countries have decided to trade in electricity through a specially
– built high voltage direct current link between Amritsar and Lahore.  The
plan is to transfer 500MW through the Punjab border with the tariff linked to
the market rate.

China denies visa to IAF officer,
Indian defence team cancels the visit

India on 6 Jan. 2012 cancelled the visit by a
military delegation to China after one of its members hailing from Arunachal
Pradesh, was denied Visa by China.

12 Indian diamond traders return
after detention in China

Twelve diamond traders returned to India from China
on Jan. 6, 2012 after being released from a detention centre in Shenzhen, where
they had been kept for nearly two years.

India to give MFN status to

India on Jan. 6, 2012 said that it was keen to give
Bangladesh ‘ most preferred nation ‘ status for trade across the border and
would try to ensure capital flows to that country for business.

India to seek new waivers from US
on new sanctions on Iran

As new US sanctions of Iran’s oil sector take
effect, India, which expects to be hit, will ask the US for waivers to minimise
the effect of the curbs that may be given to Washington’s key allies like
Japan, Turkey and South Korea, who, like New Delhi, are all importers of
Iranian oil.

India decides to send small tri –
service delegation to China

In an overnight U-turn India has decided on 7
January 2012 to go ahead with sending a military delegation to China next week
but reduced it to 15 members to the original 30 after Beijing refused to issue
a visa to an IAF officer from Arunchal Pradesh.”

India for labour treatises with
Europe, Oz

The government is negotiating human resource
mobility partnership agreements with the Netherlands, France, Australia and the
European Union in a move aimed at greater inroads for Indian professionals into
such markets.

India, South Africa for early
conclusion of Customs union pact

India and South Africa on Jan. 9,  2012
 agreed to ensure an early conclusion of the India – SACU ( Southern
African Customs Union ) Preferential Trade Agreement and the Bilaterial
Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement.

India, Singapore in talks for
changes in trade agreement

The India – Singapore Comprehensive Economic
Cooperation Agreement ( CECA ) would require some amendments, particularly in
the area of mutual recognition of professional qualification in order to make
it relevant to the present business relations between the two countries..

Mali signs $100-m line of credit
with Exim Bank of India

The West African nation of Mali on January 11, 2012
signed a $100 million line of credit with the Exim Bank of India.  This
line of credit will be used for transmission of power from Cote d’Ivoire,
Mali’s neighbour, to the capital city of Bamak.

India’s push for UN veto to stall
reforms: Berlin

As the issue of expansion of UNSC permanent
membership gathering momentum, Germany for the first time on 16 January 2012
has openly warned India that its insistence on veto rights for new permanent
members will not just delay the reform process but also not help turning the
UNSC into a more decisive body.

India, China agree on a border
peace mechanism

India and China on 17 Jan.2012 agreed to set up a
working mechanism on border management to deal with important affairs related
to maintaining to peace and tranquility in the border areas.

Mahindra Rajapaksa committed to
settling Tamils issue

Sri Lankan President Mahindra Rajpaksa on 17 Jan.
2012 repeated his commitment to follow the “”13th Amendment plus
approach”" to achieve a political solution to the Tamils issue even as the
External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna urged Sri Lanka to move towards an
expeditious political settlement.

China’s Rail Network To Touch
India’s Border

China has announced it will aceelerate plans to
expand a railway network in Tibet to reach the two towns near the border i,e
from Lasha to Xigaze and the town of Nyingchi which lies in a prefecture
bodering of Arunachal pradesh , under five years plans 2011 -2015.

Indian Factories Fail To Move Up

India’s  states as a competitive industrial
production economy remained unchanged  .India ranked 42nd in 2009 on a
competitive industrial production index lower than much smaller economies like
Thailand , Mexico ,accordingly to the latest report of  (U N I D O ) .

Safeguard Passwords From Phishing

Satistics says India is among the top three
countries targeted for phishing  attacks  .It is estimated that there
are three crore victims of identity theft annually with losses of nearly Rs
10,00,000 crore to the companies . phishing  is among the more popular
security attacks on  banks and personal information , the others being
screen logger and key logger .

India ‘s Anti Subsidy Plan To Hit

The Indian government is ready with a plan to act
against countries that provide subsidy to local producers and make exports more
competitive , Although anti – subsidy action is a trade defence
measure,permitted by the World Trade Organisation (WHO) the move is expected to
hit China . The government is setting up a Directorate General of Trade
Remedies , which will deal with anti- subsidy ,anti dumping and countervailing
actions .

India – Pakisthan Deal

India  has offered to export petroleum
products, including petrol , to Pakisthan .by road , rail and sea assumes
significance in the backdrop of the forthcoming Pakisthan visit of the Indian
Trade Minister .The praposal will be worked out in next few weeks .

India & Thailand Likely To
Sign Free Trade

India and Thailand are likely to sign the free
trade agreement by the middle of the year, The Pm of Thailand Ms YingluckShina
Watra addressing a bussiness conference pitched for opening trade in services
and investment between India and Thailand .

India ‘s Ranks 131 In Press

India’s ranking in a global press freedom index
fallen singnificantly in the past years . India fell to 131 out of 179 on the
press freedom indes compiled by reporters without borders .

India Has The Most Toxic Air

India has the World’s most toxic air which infact ,
the entire South Asian regions fare badly in the analysis .India  holds
the very last rank among 132 nations in terms of air quality with regards to
its effects on human health . India scored a miniscule 3.73  out of a
possible 100 points .

N T P C New Project In Bangladesh

Bangladesh ‘s state owned power development board
had signed  a $ 1.5 billion , 50 : 50 joint venture deal with public
sector  N T P C to build a 1,320 mw coal fired power plant in Bangladesh .

India To Grant $1.5 Million To

India will provide a grant of $ 1.5 million to the
University of Chicago to establish a Vivekananda chair for Indian studies , as
part of the initatives to mark the 150 th birth anniverssary of the 19 th
century Swami Vivekananda and polymath Rabindranath Tagore .

Indian Deal For France ,126

India on 31 st Jan selected the French fighter
Rafale over the Eurofighter  Typhoon in a multibillion dollor contract for
the supply of 126 Medium Multi Role Combat Aircraft ( M M R C A ) the country
‘s largest defence deal . The defence ministry said that the product was picked
upon the basis of it being the lowest bidder , after complex calculations
,including the life cycle costs .The total deal is estimited to be worth of $
10.2 billion ( 54,000 crore ).wich was the mojor supplier from French defence ,
Dassault Aviation who plyed a major role Kargil conflit in 1999 .

Bangladesh To Buy 11 Broad Guage
Locos From India

The Bangladesh Railway on 31 st linked a major deal
with India to Acquire 10 braod guage diesel electric locomotives ,allowing
 the expansion of train services in the country .


Anna ‘ suporters ‘ show PM black

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was shown black flags
by supporters of anti – graft crusader Anna hazare at the Golden Temple in
Amritser on 1 January 2012, leading the congress to condemn the protests that
it said should be directed against the BJP for blocking the Lokpal Bill.

No evidence against Tata Group in
2G scam, says  Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata, the Chairman of the Tata Group, has
expressed happiness that the Group has come out  safely in the “ 2G “ Scam
on 2 January 2012 which has involved politicians, bureaucrats and executives of
various companies.

Home Min rejects Mundra Port’s
bid to develop Vizhinjam Seaport

Adani – promoted co wanted to develop port which
could become deepest one in India.The Union home ministry on 3 January 2012 has
rejected Mundra Port and Special Economic Zone’s ( SEZ ) bids to develop
Kerala’s Vizhinjam International Seaport ( VISL ) and a few other projects
raising doubts about the company’s expansion plans.

Retire on May 31 : MoD to General

Ministry of Defence on 3 January 2012 said to
 Army Chief General V K Singh to retire by May 31 due to a controversy
over his Date of Birth recorded differently in the Adjutant General ( AG )
branch, the keeper of official records, and the Military Secretary ( MS )
branch, which handles postings and promotions.  It is ‘ May 10, 1950 ‘ in
AG branch, and ‘ May 10, 1951 ‘ in MS branch.

PM asks ministers to fill 50k
quota backlogs

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on 4 January 2012
instructed key ministers to seriously take up the task of filling backlog
vacancies of the SCs, the STs and the OBCs after he was told that the pending
seats stand  at around 50, 000.

NREGS : 9,000 personnel punished

As many as 9, 000 personnel involved in
implementation of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme  ( NREGS )
for the past six years, have been punished on 6 January 2012 in connection with
various irregularities, including simphoning of funds.

NRIs can vote in Indian polls,
says PM Notification on Registration of Overseas Voters

Reminding non – resident Indians ( NRIs ) of the
constitutional provision that allows them to vote in Indian elections, Prime
Minister Manmohan Singh on Jan. 8, 2012 told a gathering of the diasphora from
60 countries that the government has issued notificaton for registration of
overseas voters.  In other words, NRIs can vote in the upcoming elections
in five states.

70% milk in country adulterated
Goa, Puducherry safest places to buy milk; AP too fares well

In the 33-state study, milk was found adulterated
with detergent, fat and even urea, besides siluting it with water.  Across
the country, 68.4% of the samples were found contaminated.Only in Goa and
Puducherry did 100% of the samples tested conformed to required standards.
 At the other end were West Bengal, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa
and Mizoram, where not a single sample tested met the prescribed norms.

Muslim quota : EC show-cause to

The Election Commission on January10, 2012 night
issued a show-cause notice to Union Law Minister Salman Khursheed, asking him
to explain why action should not be initiated against him for his statement 9%
sub-quota for backward muslims in the course of an election rally in UP.

2G note isssued with PMO’s

FM officials tell JPC Word ‘Perusal” replaced
‘Approval’ after Pranab’s scrutiny”

The controversial 2G note that suggested P Chidambaram as finance minister
could have seized the telecom scam, was issued with the approval of the Prime
Minister’s Office ( PMO ), top ministry officials told the Joint Parliamentry
Committee ( JPC ) on 11 Januray 2012.  ”    The committee
was also told that the word “perusal” had replaced “approval” in the context of
finance minister Pranab Mukherjee’s scrutiny of the note in an internal noting
just two days before the “backgrounder” was readied.

Govt. nod for anti – terror

Government on Jan. 12, 2012 finally gave its
approval to set up a ‘specialized’ anti – terror body, National Counter
Terrorism Centre ( NCTC ), which will work as a single-window entity to pool
together and collate terror related intellegence input, draw plans to
nuetralize terror modules and coordinate action among different terror agencies
to defuse threats.

India asks BBC to apologize for
Clarkson’s ‘cheap’ show

India on 12 January 2012 has demanded an apology
from BBC over its presenter Jeremy Clarkson mocking Indian culture during a
Christmas special while driving around the country, calling it a
“”breach”" of agreement.

No polio in a year, India steps
up Line of Control checks

Success in controling spread of the virus hikes
global demand for Indian Docs.India has not recorded a single case of polio in
12 months — the longest ever.  India has increased survelliance against
polio along the Line of Control ( LoC ) bordering Pakistan.

BPL health scheme to be extended
to more unorganised workers

The Government on Jan. 11, 2012 reviewed the
implementation of Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana ( RSBY ), the scheme launched
five years ago to ensure health insurance for families living below the poverty
line, saying that it will be extended to several segments of unorganised

Infosys, HDFC Bank among HBR’s
elite 10 growth outliers

Two Indian companies, Infosys and HDFC Bank, along
with the US-based company of Indian origin Cognizant, figure in an elite group
of 10 companies identified by Harcard Business Review as the companies that
have consistently performed better than others around the world over a ten year
period.  This elite group of 10 companies is called “”Growth

Court warns Facebook, Google

The Delhi High Court on 12 January 2012 warned Facebook
and Google that their websites could be “”blocked”" as was done in China
if they failed to devise a mechanism to remove objectionable materrials.

Govt. nod to prosecute Facebook,
Google, Yahoo

The government on 13 January 2012 granted sanction
to prosecute social networking websites, including Google, Facebook and Yahoo
and 18 others, for allegedly promoting enmity between classes and causing
prejudice to national integration, a trial court in New Delhi was informed.

Govt. supports subsidising Rural
Mobile Bills

The Planning Commission has proposed that the
government pay 20% of all mobile bills that are less than Rs 300 a month for
customers in rural India by dipping into the funds set aside for providing
subsided rural telephony.  The Planning Commission had sent the proposal
to the Prime Minister’s Office, which in turn has asked the telecom department
to study the feasibility of the proposal on 13 January 2012.

Army Chief takes Govt to Court
over Age row

Army Chief General V K Singh on 16 January 2012
moved the Supreme Court against the government’s rejection of his claim on his
date of birth.  In a writ petition, he is believed to have questioned the
government’s decision to treat his date of birth as May 10,1950, instead of May
10,1951,as claimed by him on the basis of his matriculation certificate and
other documents.  This is the first time that any Service Chief has
dragged the government to the court of law.

NTRO Scam: SC asks CAG report

The Supreme on 16 January 2012 asked for a copy of
the Comptroller and Auditor General’s (CAG) report pointing out alleged
irregularities in the purchase of intelligence equipment by National Technical
Research Organisation (NRTO).

NAC draws up plan for shelters
for over 3L urban homeless

The National Advisory Council (NAC) on 16 January
2012 has recommended a Rs. 4,250 crore programme to provide shelters and other
amenities to homeless in Class 1 cities in the country.The council has
suggested the National Programme for Shelters and other services for Urban homeless
to set up 6,800 permanent shelters for around 3 lakh homeless.The Scheme to be
run on a 75-25% cost sharing basis between the Centre and the states with the
Union government bearing the entire capital costs.

Centre files a caution against
Army Chief

The Centre on 17 Jan. 2012 filed a caveat (caution)
in the Supreme Court to prevent Army Chief V.K. Singh from getting any ex parte
order in the writ petition filed by him challenging the defence ministry’s
order fixing his date of birth on May 10, 1950, instead of treating it as May
10, 1951.

NTPC To Set Up 5MV Solar Farms in

NTCP is taking decisive steps towords renewable
energy projects . it is setting up a 5 mv photovoltaic power generation unit
close to port blair airport in Andaman and Nicobar Islands .

India is On 6th Nation To Have a
Nuclear Sub

India ‘s long hunt for nuclear submarine  is
finally over . it will take another  10 – 12 months to get an operational
nuclear weapon – triad the capabillity  to fire nukes from land , air and
water .

Renaming Of  Mana Airport

The Union cabinet of India on 24 th Jan 2012
approved  renaming of Mana airport at Raipur in Chattisgarh as the Swami
Viveka nanda  airport.

New Advisor To P M

Senior Television Journalist Pankaj Pachuri was
appointed as communication advisor in Prime Minister’s office  on 19 th
Jan 2012 .and Mr .Harish Khare resingned as Media advisor to prime minister
Manmohan singh .The Union cabinet of India on 24 th Jan 2012 approved
 renaming of Mana airport at Raipur in Chattisgarh as the Swami Viveka
nanda  airport.

India First  Life To Sell
Life  Cover Through Auto Dealers

India ‘s first life insurance plans to sell life
insurance policies through automobiles . Indian life insurer had tied up with
Varun motors to sell the insurance cover including all vehicles .

Eliminating  N T D By 2020

Around 17 Neglected Tropical Diseases ( N T D )
many of which affect millions of Indian’s are all set to get the much needed
attention  .A phrama company Ceo’s , Billgates along with the W H O will
loosen their purse string to annouce  a range of measures to achieve a
common goal . N T D  elimination by 2020,over $ 2 billion is needed to
prevent and treat all people at risk of contracting a common NTD  by 2015,
According to a document released on Jan 26 th by WHO .The programme aims to
improve the lives of over 1.4 billion people world wide and help them to
achieve self sufficiency .WHO identified 17 NTD in149 countries , and found that
one -third of 2.7 billion people living in less than $ 2 a day were effected .

Pushing Up Of Inland Waterways

The Government has moved the process to fasttrack
the development and use of inland waterways transport involving the private and
state run companies . The move is expected to push the high potential of inland
waterways in transporting bulk cargo ,such as coal , food grains , fertilizers
, project cargo , fly ash over dimensional cargo and container at competive
cost for both public and private sectors . It is also expected to ease the
burden on rail and road infrastructure .An agreement has been signed between
the National Thermal Power Corporation and The Inland Waterways Authority of
India and a private developers for the Farakka power project .

Farmer Army Vice Chief Booked

The farmer vice chief of the  army , Lt.Gen
,Nobel Thamburaj ,and two other were booked by the C B I on the charges of
criminal conspiracy , cheating and misconduct in settlement of land dispute .


Madhu Koda has wealth worth about
Rs. 3,300 crore

Madhu Koda has amassed property worth about Rs.
3,300 crore during his tenure as the chief minister of the Jharkhand State by
misusing his office, the income tax department has said on 1 January 2012.

Jagan aide Vijay Sai arrested by
CBI Sai is second accused in Jagan Assets Case

Effecting the first arrest in the alleged illegal
assets case pertaining to YSR Congress president in AP, Jaganmohan Reddy, the
 CBI on 2 January 2012 took into custody Vijay Sai Reddy, the financial
advisor of Jagathi Publications and other companies owned by the son of YS
Rajasekhara Reddy, the former CM of AP.

HIgh Court cancels Srilakshmi’s

Justice NRL Nageswara Rao of the AP High Court on 2
Jan 2012 cancelled the bail granted to senior IAS Oficer Y Srilakshmi in the
illegal mining case and directed her to surrender before the CBI court before
Jan 6.President

Pratibha Devi Singh Patil visited SHAAR Space
Centre in Nellore District, AP on 2 January 2012.  She dedicated PSLV Mark
– 3 Mission Control Centre to the Nation.

Milk sold in AP safe, pure :

According to a survey conducted on adulteration of
milk in various parts of the country, the milk sold in Andhra Pradesh has been
found to be ‘ mostly safe ‘ but that is not the case with many parts of the
country.  According to National Survey on Milk Adulteration 2011 report,
out of the 1791 samples tested in states, 1226 samples were found to be
adulterated and not conforming to Food Safety and Standards Authority
specifications.  The results were made public on January  2, 2012.The
result for Andhhra Pradesh may be happy to feel about.  Its not that there
is no adulteration at all but out of the 75 samples tested, 70 samples
conformed to the standards.  Only 6.7 per cent did not conform to the

Kerala ready for joint control of
New Dam

Kerala is ready for a joint control of the
Mullaperiyar Dam with Tamil Nadu and the Centre, if a new dam gets constructed,
replacing the 116 – year old existing structure, state Chief Minister Oommen
Chandi said on 4 January 2012.

Lokayukta rejects complaint
against Maya

The Lokayukta on 5 January 2012 has rejected a
complaint against Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati and her trusted
minister Naseemuddin Siddiqui alleging a scam of Rs 2.32 lakh crore in the
excise department on the grounds of insufficient evidence.

Poll process kicks off in Manipur

The notification for the January 28 assembly polls
was issued on Jan. 4, 2012 in New Delhi, setting up in motion the poll process
in the five – poll bound states including Uttar Pradesh.  The elections in
Uttar Pradesh will be held in 7 phases while in Punjab, Uttarakhand, Goa and
Manipur, it will be held in a single phase.  Counting of votes in all the
states will be held on March 4.

EC says all Mayawati statues to
be covered

Chief Election Commissioner S Y Quraishi on 7 Jan.
2012 said all statues of chief minister Mayawati and Elephants, election symbol
for Bahujan Samaj Party, will be covered ahead of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly

UP polls to begin on Feb.8

The Election Commission on Jan.8, 2012 announced a
change in the election date in Uttar Pradesh : instead of beginning on February
4 as previously announced, the polls will start on February 8.

Karnataka for Gita in school

Karnataka chief minister D V Sadananda Gowda on
Jan. 8, 2012 announced that the government was considering introducing the
Bhagvad Gita in primary and secondary schools after seeking public opinion.

Mahindra Solar Rajasthan unit on

Mahindra Solar One, a solar power developer,
commissioned its first 5 MW solar power plant.  A part of Jawaharlal Nehru
National Solar Mission ( JNNSM ) policy, the project is located near Jodhpur in
Rajastan and was first to achieve non recourse financing in the industry.

Karnataka cuts VAT on cotton to

Karnataka government on 10 January 2012 has decided
to reduce tax rate to two per cent from five per cent for value added tax ( VAT
) on purchase and sale of cotton.

Suzion to set up 3,000-mw Wind
Power Capicity in AP

Suzion Energy has signed a memorandum of
understanding (MoU) with the Andhra Pradesh government to develop a wind power
capacity in the state totalling 3,000mw between 2012 and 2016, creating
potential investments of up to Rs 18,000 crore on 16 January 2012.

Setback to Modi: Appointment of
Liokayukta is supported

In a major set back to Chief Minister Narendra
Modi, the Gujarat High Court on 18 Jan. 2012, by a majority verdict, supported
the appointment of Justice R.A. Mehta, a retired judge of the High Court, as
Lokayukta.  The Modi government’s petition challenging Governor Kamala
Beniwal appointing the Lokayukta bypassing the government was dismissed.

US To Set Up LNG Terminal In AP

IL & FS Maritime Infrastructure has teamed up
with  the US based VGS group to up a floating liquefied natural gas terminal
at the Kakinada Anchorage port in Andhrapradesh in a bid to cater to the
growing needs of independent power producers ( I P P s ) .This terminal will
become the first such ( L N G ) import terminal on Indai’s east coast .

Government Takes ECS Route To
Check Black Money

The Andhra pradesh government  has decided to
make all  payments contractors and other through (ECS) Electronic
Clearance Service .Introduction of ECS  payments the money will directly
deposited in their bank A/C and the tax on the same cannot be evaded as the
entire process is recorded by the bank and the Finance department.

NTPC  Another Mega Project
In South

NTPC Ltd the country’s largest power company is
planning to take up mega project in kudgi project in karnataka with 4000- mw .

Revive Sakri Solar Project In

The Maharashtra  government is trying to
revive the , Rs 2,000 crore sakri solar power project in Dhule, near Northern
Maharashtra with 150 – mw .

Bullet Train Between Ahmadabad
& Mumbai

Terming the bullet train as a ‘dream project ‘ of
the C M  Mr Narendra Modi demanded for new railway project and
infrastructure for the financial year 2012-2013 . this project  will be
annouced in the railway budget for 2012-2013 .

Maruthi’s New Diesel Plant At

A new diesel engine plant is expected to entail an
investment of Rs 1,000 crore  for a capacity of 1 lakh engines  under
the Maruthi Suzuki banner  .It will be the first own diesel engine plant
at Manesar in Gurgoan .

Longest Flag Unveiled In AP

The Famous temple town of Bhadrachalam in
AndhraPradesh , as students of Dr .Paul Raj Engineering College created a
history by unveilling a 3.2km long natinal flag  .On the occasion of 63 rd
republic day on Jan 26 th 2012 . The flag weighed about 800 kg  .The organisers
claiming that they had suceessfully unveiled the Worlds longest Indain flag
 .Vedeo recording of this entire programe was sent to the authorities of
Guinnes Book of Record .

L N G Plans Terminal In A P

Petronet  L N G will set up its third terminal
at Gannavaram in Andhra pradesh  . The decision has taken by companeis
 board meeting with estimated cost of Rs 4,500 crore .

500 MW Wind Energy Farms In A P

Welspun Energy Ltd (W E L ) part of the diversified
$ 3 billion Welspun group had made agreement with New and Renewable Energy
Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh to install 500 mw of wind energy
capacity in the state .

Polling In Punjab &

Assembly Elections has been held in the states Punjab
& Uttarakhand  on 30 th Jan 2012  .Elections for 117
contituencies in Punjab & 70 contituiencies in Uttarakhand . All major
parties candiadates are participating in this elections .highest of 77 %
 voting poll has been polled Punjab and in Uttarakhand  70 % voting

U P Lokayukta Recommends C B I To
Probe Against Kushwaha

The former minister for family& welfare & mining
 Babu Singh Kushwaha , prima facie guilty of illegally awarding mining
contracts and laudering  money through his several registered socities ,
Uttarpradesh lokayukta  N .V . Mehrotra  sent a report to cheif
minister  Mayavathi on 30 th Jan 2012  registration of a case against
Kushwaha  with C B I and enforcement directors .


99th Science Congress Conferences were inaugarated
by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Bhuvaneswar, Odisha on 3 January 2012.
 PM announced the decade 2010-20 as “Decade of Innovation”, he also said
that the government would allot 2% of GDP for scientific & Technological
researches in the 12 th Five – Year Plan.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh inaugurated 15th
Global Sanskrit Meetings in New Delhi on 4 January 2012.

Confederation of Indian Industry ( CII ) Global
Partnership Summit 2012 has been inaugurated by Union minister of industry and
commerce and textiles Anand Sharma in Hyderabad, AP.  AP gets 233 investment
proposals worth around Rs.5.57 lakh crore with employment generation potential
of 4.7 lakh on day one of the event.

10th Pravasi Bharathiya Divas in

The 10th Pravasi Bharathiya Divas was commenced on
7 Jan, 2012 in Jaipur, the pink city.The chief guest, Indian-origin Prime
Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Kamla Persad Bissessar, arrived in Jaipur for
the 10th Pravasi Bharathiya Divas.  The conference took place from 7 Jan –
9 Jan. 2012.


Flair play Award For Dhoni

Indian Cricket Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was
awarded with International Sports Press Association’s ‘ Fair Play Award ‘ on 30
December 2011 for showing sport-spirit by calling back Ian Bell even after the
umpire declares him out during the Team’s visit to England.  This is the
first time that this award is given to a cricketer.

Gates Vaccine Innovation Award
for Nitish Kumar

The Bill Gates and Melinda Foundation has accepted
the proposal for conferring the Gates Innovation Award to Bihar Chief Minister
Nitish Kumar for the first Gates Vaccine Innovation Award for  effectively
strengthening the immunization programme.The Bihar Chief Minister will thus be
the first recipient of the Vaccine Innovation Award, introduced globally by the
Foundation having carried a cash of U.S. $ 250,000.

Grand Master Honour

International Chess Player Musunuri Lalith Babu
received the honour of  ’ Grand Master ‘ on 2 January 2012.  He is
the 26th Chess Player from India to receive the Honour.

S.K.Singh award for nuclear
trouble – shooter Venkatesh Varma

Senior Indian diplomat D. Bala Venkatesh Varma — a
key member of the negotiating team that saw the Indo – U.S. nuclear deal
through from the first agreement of July 2005 down to Additional Protocol in
2010 was given the first S.K. Singh award  ”" for his extraordinary
efforts to strengthen India’s position in the Global nuclear order “” by
 UPA Chair person Sonia Gandhi at a high – profile function in New Delhi
on 6 January 2012.

Bagged By AP Team

Union Home Ministry Award  ’ Jeevan Raksha ‘
has been bagged by AP Team.  The Union Home Ministry released Sarvotttam
Jeevan Raksha, Uttam Jeevan Raksha and Jeevan Raksha Awards for the Year 2011.
Rs. 30,000 will be given for ‘ Jeevan Raksha Award ‘ .

British honour for culture secy

In a rare honour, the British Museum, the oldest in
the world, has decided to give its maiden British medal to culture secretary
Jawhar Sircar on 7 January 2012.  The medal is being given as a “”tribute
and recognition of the extraordinary contribution made by Sircar in piloting
museum reforms in India”".

Award for Saluri Vasu Rao

Noted cine music director, Saluri Vasu Rao, was
conferred with the title, ‘ Sangeetha Siromani, ‘ by the Guntur District Music
Artistes Association at the first anniversary celebrations held recently in
Guntur, AP.

Manjubhargavi presented Lifetime
Achievement award

Kuchipudi dancer Manjubharga

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