Egypt’s Top Court Rules
Parliament Invalid

On 2 June Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court
invalidated the nation’s upper house of parliament and a panel that drew up the
constitution.The upper house, or Shura Council, holds legislative powers. It
will be dissolved after a new lower house is elected.The court dissolved the
lower house of parliament 2012 June.The constitution was drafted by an
Islamist-dominated assembly in 2012 November and approved by voters in

Nigeria’s Parliament Passed a
Bill Criminalising Gay Marriage

On 2 June Nigeria’s parliament has passed a bill
criminalising gay marriage, making it punishable with a 14-year prison term.The
country’s lower house, House of Representatives, followed the action of the
Senate and endorsed the bill.

UN Finds Evidence Of  Toxic
Chemicals and a Worsening War in Syria

On 3 June  A United Nation’s (UN) human rights
investigation report ,finds some kind of chemical has probably been used on
Syria’s battlefield.Paulo Pinheiro, chairperson of the UN commission of inquiry
submitted their latest report at the UN in Geneva .

Obesity and Poor Nutrition Report
Released by UN FAO

On 4 June According to the UN’s Food and
Agricultural Organization (FAO) report ,obesity and poor nutrition weigh
heavily on the global economy and told governments that investing in food
health would bring big economic as well as social returns.Lost productivity and
spiralling health care bills linked to malnutrition “could account for as much
as five per cent of global gross domestic product (GDP),” equivalent to US$3.5
trillion (S$4.4 trillion) a year.In its yearly report, the Rome-based agency said
12.5 percent of the world’s population (some 868 million people) are
undernourished in terms of energy intake, while 26 percent of children
worldwide are stunted by malnutrition.Some two billion people suffer from
micronutrient deficiencies and 1.4 billion people are overweight – of which 500
million are obese.

US Slapped Economic Sanction on

On 4 June The US has slapped new sanctions on Iran
,targetting the country’s already-devalued currency and automobile
industry.This is the ninth set of sanctions that the Obama administration has
imposed against Iran.The executive order also empower the imposition of new
sanctions against those who intentionally engage in major financial or other
transactions for the sale, supply, or transfer to Iran of significant goods or
services used in connection with Iran’s automotive sector. Similar sanctions
were earlier imposed on Iran’s shipping, shipbuilding, and energy sectors.It is
for the first time that the US has directly targeted the Iranian currency.

U.S. and China Hold Bilateral

On 7 June The U.S. President Barack Obama and China
President Xi Jinping concluded their latest round of high-level trade talks.In
the meeting both countries agreed to inject new vitality to bilateral trade and
economic relations.The US and China will work together and with other countries
to use the expertise and institutions of the Montreal Protocol to phase down
the consumption and production of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), among other forms
of multilateral cooperation.Both nations agreed to work together on the crucial
cyber security issues that have spiraled tensions between the two nations.

Bangladesh Amends Anti-Terror Law

On 12 June Bangladesh’s parliament amended the
tough anti-terrorism law re-defining terrorism and allowing courts to accept
internet.The (anti-terror) bill suggests provisions to effectively control
terrorism through inter-state cooperation.It offers the central bank the
authority to freeze suspicious accounts without court orders.The law was first
enacted in 2009 after the December 2008 elections while it was amended last
year incorporating some provisions.The law was first enacted in 2009 when the
incumbent Awami League assumed office after the December 2008 elections while
it was amended last year incorporating some provisions.

EU Launched New Nuclear Safety

On 12 June The European Commission released a new
set of nuclear power safety rules aimed at eliminating the risk of a
Fukushima-type disaster in the region.The directive will require countries to
submit to an international review of their nuclear power systems every six
years, and fix any shortcomings discovered.There are 132 nuclear reactors in
operation in Europe.

Hasan Rowhani Elected As Iran’s
New President

On 15 June moderate cleric Hasan Rowhani elected as
Iran’s new President.Rowhani has won the country’s presidential
election.Rowhani won with 50.7 percent of the more than 36 million votes
cast.Other contenders such as Tehran Mayor Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf got 16.5
percent and Hard-line nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili came in third with 11.3
percent of votes. Another conservative Mohsen Rezaei got 10.6 percent votes.

Kuwait’s Constitutional Court
Dissolved Parliament

On 16 June The Kuwait Constitutional Court has
dissolved the Kuwaiti parliament and ordered new elections.The Constitutional
Court had decided not to make a ruling on the constitutionality of the Emir
Sheik Al-Sabah’s change to the electoral laws after they had examined and
rejected the challenge.

Afghanistan Rejects Talks With
Taliban And U.S

On 19 June Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai
rejected peace talks with the Taliban in a new office in Qatar .Karzai also
suspended talks on a new U.S.-Afghan security deal that would allow some
American troops to remain in the country after the international combat mission
ends in 2014 to protest the fact that his government was being left out of the
initial process.

China – Russia “Cooperation 2013″
Held in Beijing

Chinese Armed Police Force and the Russian internal
security force’s “Cooperation -2013″  Joint training was held from 11th to
20th June in Beijing at Armed Special Police Academy.46 personnel from the Snow
Leopard Commandoes, an elite anti-terrorism force under the Chinese People’s
Armed Police Force (PAPF), and 29 from a special task force unit of Russia’s
domestic security force.Before this joint training held in Beijing, the two
sides previously conducted a joint anti-terrorism drill, “Cooperation 2007,” in
Moscow .

Russia and China Signed $270bn
Oil Deal

On 21 June Russia’s oil giant Rosneft and Chinese
state firm CNPC signed a agreement to supply China with $270bn worth of oil
over the next 25 years.The agreement was signed by Rosneft chief executive Igor
Sechin and CNPC head Zhou Jiping in the presence of Putin and visiting Chinese
Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli.

UK and China Signed Currency Swap

On 23 June UK and China have signed a three-year
agreement worth 200bn to establish a renminbi currency swap to promote trade
between the two countries.The agreement was signed by The Bank of England and
the People’s Bank of China.Currency-swap agreements basically allow central
banks to swap currencies which can be used by firms to settle trade in local
currencies rather than in US dollars.

Kevin Rudd Re-elected As
Australian PM

On 26 June Kevin Rudd re-elected as Australian
Prime Minister.In these election Kevin Rudd defeated the  present Leader
of the Labor Party and Prime Minister Julia Gillard.Kevin Rudd won 57 and Julia
Gillard got 45 votes.Before three years Julia Gillard  became a Prime
Minister of Australia in place Kevin Rudd is the first Woman Prime Minister of
Australia.Now Kevin Michael Rudd is the Prime Minister of Australia, as well as
Leader of the Labor Party.He was previously Prime Minister from 2007 to 2010,
and Labor Leader from 2006 to 2010.

 Qatar’s Emir Transfers Power To

On 25 June Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa
al-Thani has handed power to his son, Crown Prince Sheikh Tamim.On 26 June
Qatar’s new Emir formed a government from which he excluded powerful former
Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani , replaced him with the
former minister of state for internal affairs.Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin
Khalifa al-Thani was named both the Prime Minister and Interior Minister.Sheikh
Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani is a Qatari politician.In 2005,Nasser
Al-Thani he became the minister of state for internal affairs.


China, Pakistan, India Increased
Nuclear Arsenals

On 3 June According to the Stockholm International
Peace Research Institute annual report ,China, India, and Pakistan have
increased their nuclear arsenals over the past year.India and Pakistan have
each added around 10 new warheads to bring their totals to between 90 and 110
and between 100 and 120 respectively. China now has 250 nuclear warheads,
compared to 240 in 2012.Only the two old superpowers have cut their arsenals,
with the United States reducing its warheads from 8000 to 7700, and Russia from
10,000 to 8,500.

65 Countries Signed Arms Trade

On 3 June More than 65 countries of the world
signed signed the Arms Trade Treaty and the United States announced it will
sign soon. key arms exporters including Russia and China and major importers
including India, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Egypt abstained and have given no
indication yet that they will sign it.The treaty will require countries that
ratify it to establish national regulations to control the transfer of
conventional arms and components and to regulate arms brokers, but it will not
control the domestic use of weapons in any country. It prohibits the transfer
of conventional weapons if they violate arms embargoes or if they promote acts
of genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes.

India – Singapore Signed
Agreement On Joint Army Training

On 4 June India and Singapore have signed a fresh
agreement to extend the use of training and exercise facilities in India by the
Singapore Army for a further period of five years from August this year.The
agreement was signed between Defence Secretary Radha Krishna Mathur and his
Singaporean counterpart Chiang Chie Foo.A bilateral agreement for utilisation
of facilities in India by the Singapore Air Force and Army was signed in
October 2007 and August 2008 respectively.

348 Million Internet Users
Expected In India By 2017

On 5 June According to the Cisco’s Visuals
Networking Index (VNI) forecast (2012-17) report , India has the fastest
Internet traffic growth globally and is expected to have 348 million users by
2017.In India, there will be 348 million Internet users in 2017, up from 138
million in 2012.Internet traffic in India will reach 2.5 Exabytes per month in
2017.Worldwide, by 2017, the number of Internet users will rise to 3.6 billion,
which will be more than 48 per cent of the world’s estimated population of 7.6

US exempted India & Eight
Other Countries for Importing Oil from Iran

On 6 June United States exempted India and eight
other countries from sanctions for importing oil from Iran, noting that these
countries have significantly reduced their dependence on Iranian oil in the
last six months.US Secretary of State John Kerry announced ,India, China,
Malaysia, Republic of Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and
Taiwan have qualified for an exception to sanctions under America’s Iran
Sanctions Act.

India & Germany Signed
Development Cooperation Agreement

On 6 June India and Germany have signed an umbrella
agreement on financial and technical cooperation in the field of energy,
environment and management of natural resources.The agreement was signed by
German Embassy’s Deputy Chief of Mission Cord Meier-Klodt and India’s Joint
Secretary in the Department of Economic Affairs Rajesh Khullar.

India Ranked 141 in Global Peace
Index 2013

On 11 June According to the ” Global Peace Index
(GPI) 2013″ released by Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) , India ranks 141st
out of 162 in this year’s Global Peace Index (GPI).Iceland (First Rank)
,Denamark (2nd rank) , Austria (3rd rank) ,Switzerland (5th rank).Other
important countries ranks in Global Peace Index (GPI) :- Japan (6th rank) ,US
(100th rank) ,China (101 rank) ,Bangladesh (105 rank) , Srilanka (110 rank)
,Iran (137th rank) ,Russia (155th rank) ,Pakistan (157th rank) , Iraq (159th
rank) and Afganistan (162 rank) ranks at bottom.The Global Peace Index (GPI) is
an attempt to measure the relative position of nations and regions

World Population Projected To
Reach 9.6 Billion By 2050

On 14 According to the United Nations (UN) “World
Population Prospects: the 2012 Revision” report ,The current world population
of 7.2 billion is projected to increase by 1 billion over the next 12 years and
reach 9.6 billion by 2050.India is expected to become the world’s largest
country, passing China around 2028, when both countries will have populations
of 1.45 billion. After that, India’s population will continue to grow and
China’s is expected to start decreasing.

India, UK Signed MoU On
Cooperation In Healthcare Sector

On 14 June India and the United Kingdom have signed
a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for strategic and technical cooperation on
health care policy and practice.The MoU was signed by Department of Health
Research (DHR) Secretary V M Katoch and UK-based National Institute for Health
and Care (NICE) Excellence chief executive Andrew Dillon in London.

33% Of  Women Suffer
Domestic Violence

On 20 June According to the World Health
Organization (WHO) survey ,In the first major global review of violence against
women, a series of reports released found that about a third of women have been
physically or sexually assaulted by a former or current partner.The rate of
domestic violence against women was highest in Africa, the Middle East and
Southeast Asia, where 37 percent of women experienced physical or sexual
violence from a partner at some point in their lifetimes. The rate was 30
percent in Latin America and 23 percent in North America. In Europe and Asia,
it was 25 percent.More than 38 percent of slain women are killed by a former or
current partner, six times higher than the rate of men killed by their

US Senate Passed Landmark
Immigration Bill

On 27 June The U.S. Senate has passe the landmark
comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill ,which provides a pathway to citizenship
to more than 11 million undocumented people, including over 240,000 Indians.The
immigration reform received a bipartisan support in the US Senate; the bill
received 88 votes in favour and 32 votes in against.For further approval, the
Bill has been sent to House of Representatives and after being approved in the
house it will be sent to US President, Barack Obama to be signed into a law.

China – India Hold Border Talks

On 28 June China and India held their 16th round of
border talks in Beijing.State Councilor and Special Representative Yang Jiechi
and Indian National Security Adviser and Special Representative Shiv Shankar
Menon attended the boundary talks, exchanging ideas for solving border problems
and developing bilateral relations.The China-India special representative
mechanism was established in 2003 and serves as an important platform for
solving border disputes between both sides.


Union Cabinet Approved Real
Estate Regulatory Bill

On 04 June The Union Cabinet approved the
(Regulation and Development) Bill 2013.The bill seeks to make it mandatory for
developers to launch projects only after acquiring all the statutory clearances
from the relevant authorities.The Bill has provisions under which all relevant
clearances for real estate projects would have to be submitted to the regulator
and also displayed on a website before starting the construction.The proposed
legislation has tough provisions to deter builders from putting out misleading
advertisements related to the projects carrying photographs of the actual site.

Union Cabinet Approved Extension
Of  The RSBY Scheme

On 4 June Union Cabinet has approved the extension
of the Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY), to rikshaw pullers, rag pickers,
mine workers, sanitation workers and auto rickshaw drivers and taxi drivers.The
scheme became operational from 1 April 2008.

“Roshni” Scheme Launched In Naxal
Affected Districts

On 7 June Union Government of India launched a
placement linked skill development scheme ‘Roshni’  targeting 50,000 rural
men and women, mostly tribals, in 24 worst affected districts.Under the scheme,
national-level agencies will be designated to act as monitoring and
coordinating agencies in the Naxal-hit districts.The three-year initiative aims
at skilling and placement of 50,000 youth from 24 Naxalite-affected districts
in nine states.The funding for the ‘Roshni’ scheme would be in the ratio of
75:25 to be shared between the Centre and the states.

National Skill Development Agency

On 7 June The Government has constituted the
National Skill Development Agency (NSDA) by subsuming the Prime Minister’s
National Council on Skill Development (PMNCSD), the National Skill Development
Coordination Board (NSDCB) and the Office of the Adviser to the Prime Minister
on Skill Development.The NSDA will endeavour to bridge the social, regional,
gender and economic divide by ensuring that the skilling needs of the
disadvantaged and marginalised groups like SCs, STs, OBCs, minorities.The NSDA
will be an autonomous body chaired by a person of the rank and status of a
Cabinet Minister supported by a Director General and other staff. The office of
the NSDA is located in the Ministry of Finance.

India’s First Dedicated Air
Ambulance Launched

On 8 June India’s first state-of-the art Air
Ambulance, Flying Doctors India, was launched in NewDelhi.The new aircraft is
tailor-made and equipped with a state-of-the-art Intensive Care Unit on a
dedicated chartered aircraft. The goal is to provide critical care even when a
patient is in transit.

50 Lakh Child Labours In India

On 12 June According to the National Sample Survey
Organisation (NSSO) report , nearly 50 lakh children are eking out their
livelihood in the country, of whom 17.5 lakh are in Uttarakhand.The
second-largest share of child labourers comes from West Bengal (5.5 lakh),
Rajasthan (4.05 lakh) and Gujarat (3.9 lakh).The NSSO estimated this figures on
the eve of the World Day against Child Labour.

Central Cabinet Reshuffled

On 17 June Eight new ministers were inducted into
Union council of ministers headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.4 Cabinet
ministers and 4 Ministers of State were administered the oath of office and
secrecy by President Pranab Mukherjee in the Durbar Hall of Rashtrapati
Bhavan.Mallikarjun Kharge was given the charge of Railways Ministry.With the
new induction, the strength of the Union Council of Ministers has gone up to

List of  Four newly
appointed Cabinet Ministers and their Departments:-

* Sis Ram Ola
       -    Labour and
Employment Ministry

* Oscar Fernandes    -
   Road Transport and Highways Ministry

* Girija Vyas
       -    Housing and Urban
Poverty Alleviation

* Kavuru Sambasiva Rao
      -    Textiles Ministry

List of  Four newly appointed
State Ministers and their departments:-

* Manikrao Gavit    -
    Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment

* Santosh Chowdhury    -
   Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare

* Jesudasu Seelam     -
   Minister of State for Finance and

* E.M.S. Natchiappan     -
  Minister of State for Commerce and Industry

40 Percent Indian Women Use

On 20 June According to the Google study report
,About 40 percent of the 150 million internet users in the country are women
and close to 24 million of them log in everyday to check emails, interact on
social networking sites and shop online.Around 60 million women in India are
now online and use the Internet to manage their day-to-day life.75 percent are
in the 15-34 age group with over 24 million women accessing the Internet daily.

Union Government Launched New
Scheme For Pregnant Women

On 22 June The Union Minister for Health Ghulam
Nabi Azad launched a new scheme for the pregnant women across the country that
would cover all expenses of women from birth of a baby to treatment of the sick
child. Free medicines will be provided to new-born babies up to the age of one
month while expecting mothers, who deliver baby at government hospital, will
receive assistance as provided under the scheme.

Union Govt Banned Anti-Diabetes
Drug Pioglitazone and Painkiller Analgin

On 26 June The Union government has banned three
major medicines – the widely prescribed anti-diabetes drug pioglitazone,
painkiller analgin and anti-depressant deanxit.The decision to ban the drug was
taken in wake of health risks associated with them.

Union Cabinet Approved For
Setting Up Of Coal Regulatory Authority

On 28 June the Union Cabinet has approved the
setting up of a Coal Regulatory Authority meant to address controversial issues
like supply and quality.The coal authority would be empowered to specify
methodology for determining coal prices.Union Cabinet also approved Mumbai
metro line 3.The estimated cost for the metro project has been pegged at Rs
23,136 crore.


First All Women Police Station
Opens In Arunachal Pradesh

On 4 June the first all-women police station in
Arunachal Pradesh has started functioning in Itanagar to specifically deal with
crimes against women.To tackle crime against women, the state cabinet has also
approved the creation of separate cells in all the seventeen district
headquarters and the Police headquarters of the state.

Haryana Govt. Launched
“Priyadarshni Awaas Yojna”

On 8 June Haryana Chief Minister Bhupender Singh
Hooda launched “Priyadarshni Awaas Yojna”  in the state at Karnal to
provide affordable housing facility to the people living in rural areas.People
eligible under Indira Awaas Yojna and those who get 100 square yard plot under
Mahatma Gandhi Gramin Basti Yojna would also be included in the scheme.

West Bengal Tops Chart For Crime
Against Women

On 14 June According to the National Crime Records
Bureau (NCRB) statistics ,West Bengal is the most unsafe place for women in
India.West Bengal tops the list with 30,942 such cases, followed by Andhra
Pradesh with 28,171 cases, UP 23,569, Rajasthan 21,106, Madhya Pradesh 16,832
and Maharashtra 16,353.

PM announced Rs 1000 crore Relief
Fund For Uttarakhand

On 19 June Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced
Rs 1,000 crore for disaster relief in Uttarakhand .Prime Minister also
announced an ex-gratia assistance of Rs 2 lakh each to the families of those
killed in the devastating floods and Rs 50,000 each to those injured from the
Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (PMNRF). He also announced ex-gratia
assistance of Rs 100,000 each to those whose houses have been completely
destroyed and Rs 50,000 each to those whose houses have been damaged from the

Maharashtra Govt To Set Up
Education Commissionerates For Tribals

In Month of June 2013 Maharashtra government has
decided setting up separate education commisionerates in order to provide
education to students of the tribal community.The Commissionerates for tribals
will be named by ” Adivasi Shikshan Ayuktalay ” and will first come up in four
divisons of the state and the head office will be in Nashik.

President Inaugurated Gas-based
Power Plant in Tripura

On 21 June The President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee has inaugurated
first Gas based Power Plant at Palatana in Tripura.The Palatana Gas Based Power
Project is the first such Power Company in India to be awarded with the Clean
Development Mechanism by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate
Change .The Rs 9000 crore project set up by ONGC.

 Nitish Kumar Won Confidence Vote
In Bihar Assembly

On 19 June Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar won
the confidence vote in the state assembly, with the support of 126 MLAs ,after
parting away with BJP. The trust motion was opposed by 24 MLAs.Four members of
congress and one of CPI voted in favour of the trust motion. Four independent
MLAs also supported the motion. In the 243 member assembly, the ruling party
JD(U) has 118 MLAs and it needed just four MLAs to prove its majority.

PM Lays Foundation Stone For
GVK’s Ratle Hydel Plant In J&K

On 25 June Prime Minister Manmohan Singh laid
foundation stone for GVK Power’s 850 mw Ratle hydro-electric power plant on the
River Chenab in Jammu and Kashmir.The 850 MW Ratle project, which is the
nation’s first hydroelectric project that was bid out through tariff based
international competitive bidding, will cost Rs 5,500 crore.The project was
awarded to GVK Power which offered the lowest tariff for generating power.

Prime Minister Inaugurated
Banihal-Qazigund Rail Link In J&K

On 26 June Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and
UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi inaugurated the newly constructed railway line
between Banihal (Jammu region)-Qazigund (Kashmir valley) section.The Banihal-
Qazigund rail link is the 18 km long rail link, which also includes the 11km
long tunnel across Pir Panchal range. This is the longest tunnel of India and
second longest tunnel of Asia.The tunnel was constructed by making use of the
New Austrian Tunnelling Method (NATM). It is for the first time that the method
of this kind was used on a large scale in India. The project was implemented by
Hindustan Construction Company.

Rajasthan Launched A Scheme For
Energy Conservation

On 27 June the Rajasthan government launched a
unique scheme called “Mukhyamantri Bijli Bachat Lamp Yojna ” for energy
conservation. The State government will provide 2 CFL bulb free of cost to all
electricity consumers of villages and BPL consumers in urban areas. This unique
scheme will continue till August 2013.The state Government will spent 100 crore
rupees on this scheme.The purpose of this scheme is to save energy and
conservation of environment.

Karnataka Govt Launched Helpline
” Arogyavani “

On 30 June The Karnataka government has launched a
health information help line service ” Arogya Vani ” .The Call Centre has to
provide information on the nearest Government Hospital, before providing a
private-sector alternative.The main objective of this facility is to assist
people living in rural or remote areas who face difficulty in accessing the
service of qualified doctors and to provide information on any health problem.


Chief Minister’s Conference on
Internal Security held in New Delhi

Chief minister’s Conference on Internal Security
held in NewDelhi on 5th June 2013.The conference chaired by the Prime Minister
Dr. Manmohan Singh.In his address, the Prime Minister called for effective
coordination between the Centre and the States to face the challenges of
Internal Security.The Prime minister stated that the government has instituted
several measures in 34 Naxal-hit areas to combat the Naxal menace.The key
agenda of the chief ministers’ conference organised by Home Minister P
Chidambaram is the strengthening of anti-terror capabilities and intelligence,
Maoist violence, police reforms and capacity building.

39th G8 Summit Held in North

The 39th G8 summit was held on 17 and 18 June 2013
at Lough Erne county, Northern Ireland .The leaders of the G8 countries –
Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the US, the UK ,attended the
summit.In the G8 countries Summit discussed on syria crisis and advancement of
trade, ensuring tax compliance and promoting greater transparency in the use of
natural resources among countries.At the end of the two day summit, the leaders
of G8 nations agreed on the seven point document and released a joint statement
on Syria.The G8 leaders also agreed on providing new fund of nearly 1.5 billion
US dollar to help the people affected by the raging conflict. Future of the
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was not made clear in the released
statement.Russia to hold next G8 Summit in Sochi on  4 – 5 June 2014.The
Group of Eight (G8) is a group made up of Canada, France, Germany, Italy,
Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States. The European
Commission is also represented in the committee.


Sulabh Founder Pathak Received
French Award

On 4 June Environmentalist Bindeshwar Pathak,
founder of the famed Sulabh project that provides basic and affordable toilet
access to India’s poor, has been presented with the “Legend of Planet” award in
Paris.The award was presented to Pathak by the Vice-President of the French
Senate, Chantal Jourdan, at Palais du Luxembourg.

Hugo Chavez Awarded “Simon
Bolivar National Award of Journalism 2013 “

On 5 June The late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez
has been awarded the “”Simon Bolivar National Award of Journalism 2013 “”even
though he was accused of persecuting the press during his 14 years in
power.Chavez family will be given the award on June 27 at a ceremony in
Miraflores Palace, in Caracas.

Kiran Bedi Received ” Nomura
Award “

On 11 June Former IPS officer Kiran Bedi was
honoured with USD 10,000 ‘Nomura Award’ at Singapore for her outstanding
humanitarian works.Bedi was given the award constituted by Nomura Group of
Japan for improving the world for future generations. The group is one of the
leading financial services group.

Bill Clinton Awarded ‘Father of
the Year’

On 11 June Former President of the United States
Bill Clinton was honored as “” 2013 Father of the Year “” award from the
National Father’s Day Committee at a New York City , which benefitted
international NGO Save the Children.

Shabana Azmi Received Fourth

On 12 June National award-winning actress Shabana
Azmi received her fourth doctorate from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver
.Shabana has received doctorates from Leeds University in Britain, the Jamia
Millia Islamia in Delhi and the Jadavpur University in Kolkata, previously.

Delhi’s IGI Airport Get’s World’s
Second Best Airport Award

On 14 June Indira Gandhi International (IGI)
Airport has been named the world’s second best airport in the 25-40 million
passengers category by the Airport Council International. The airport also has
been adjudged as the fourth best in the world among 199 airports across all
categories.IGI has managed to retain its position of second best airport in the
25-40 million passengers per annum category for 2012 year.

Anish Kapoor Honoured With

On 15 June Indian-origin sculptor Anish Kapoor has
been honoured with knighthood, one of the highest honours in Britain, by Queen
Elizabeth II in her birthday honours list 2013 for services to Visual
Arts.Kapoor is famous for his monumental public sculptures and his enigmatic
sculptural forms that have been exhibited all over the world.

Tan Twan Eng Wins The “2013
Walter Scott prize”

On 14 June Malaysian writer author Tan Twan Eng has
won the “2013 Walter Scott prize” for Historical Fiction for his second novel
“The Garden of Evening Mists”.The Walter Scott Prize for the historical fiction
was founded in the year 2010.

Indian Artist Selected For Dubai
Art Prize

On 16 June Bangalore-based artist Anup Mathew
Thomas, whose works featured at the Kochi biennale, is among five winners of
Dubai Abraaj Group Art Prize.The Abraaj Group Art Prize was established in

Three Biotechnology Scientists
Awarded “2013 World Food Prize “

On 20 June Three biotechnology researchers were
named the winners of the 2013 World Food Prize for their independent,
individual breakthrough achievements in founding, developing, and applying
modern agricultural biotechnology.The three scientist are – Marc Van Montagu of
Belgium, and Mary-Dell Chilton and Robert T. Fraley .The Iowa based award is
often referred to as the “Nobel Prize for agriculture.The World Food Prize was
created in 1987 by the late Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Norman Borlaug, and
is the foremost international award recognizing individuals who have
contributed landmark achievements in increasing the quality, quantity or
availability of food in the world.

 Taj Mahal Ranked Third Among Top
Land Marks In The World

On 30 June According to the Trip Advisor’s 2013
Travellers Choice Attractions Awards,Travellers from across the globe have
ranked India’s Taj Mahal among the top three landmarks in the world, a leading
travel website has announced. Taj Mahal was ranked third in the list of Top 25
landmarks.The top two places were taken by Machu Picchu in Peru and Angkor Wat
in Cambodia respectively.


Indian Won Six Medals In Slovakia
Junior Table Tennis

On 3 June  Indian paddlers annexed four gold
and two silver medals in the Slovak Junior ITTF Open table tennis championship
in Slovakia.In the girls singles Sutirtha Mukherjee won the title.

Dhoni receives ICC ODI
Championship Shield

On 3 June India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni
received the prestigious ICC ODI Championship Shield for finishing as the No. 1
ODI team in the Championship table on the April 1, 2013 cut-off date.

French Open 2013 Tennis Title

Women’s Singles :- On 8 June Serena Williams from US
won the Women’s Singles title of French Open Tennis tournament. In the final,
she defeated Maria Sharapova .This is Serena’s second French Open title and
16th grand slam. It was the 31-year-old American’s 16th Grand Slam title win.At
31 years, 247 days she is the oldest women in the Open Era to win the French
Open title.

Men’s Singles :- On 9 June Rafael Nadal won his
8th Men’s Singles Tittle of the French Open Tennis Tournament. In the final at
Paris, Nadal defeated Spanish compatriot David Ferrer . With this, he became
the first player to win 8 Singles Titles at the same Grand Slam Tournament. It
was his 12th Grand Slam title overall.

Women’s Doubles :- Russian fourth seeds Ekaterina
Makarova and Elena Vesnina won the French Open women’s doubles title by
defeating top seeds Sara Errani and Roberta Vinci of Italy in the final.It was
a first Grand Slam title for the Russian pair.

Men’s Doubles :- American twins Bob and Mike Bryan
won the Men’s doubles .American twins extended their record by clinching their
14th Grand Slam trophy after defeated Michael Llodra and Nicolas Mahut of
France in the men’s doubles final.

Sebastian Vettel Won Canadian
Grand Prix Title

On 9 June Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel won the
Canadian Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal.Ferrari’s
Fernando Alonso took the second position followed by Lewis Hamilton of
Mercedes, who conquered the third position. This is the third win of the Garman
F1 driver, before the Canadian Grand Prix, Vettel won the Malaysia and Bahrain
Grand Prix of the year.

Srikanth Won Thailand Open

On 9 June Indian shuttler Srikanth has won the
Thailand Open Grand Prix Gold Badminton trophy.In the Men’s Singles final
Srikanth defeated Boonsak Ponsana from Thailand.

Indonesia Badminton Tournament
2013 Winner

Men’s Singles :- On 16 June Lee Chong Wei
(Malaysia) won the Indonesia Badminton Tournament Men’s Singles title after
defeated Germany’s Marc Zwiebler in the final.

Women’s Singles :- Li Xuerui of China won the
title.In the women’s singles final Li Xuerui defeated Juliane Schenk from

Singapore Open Badminton 2013

Men’s Singles :- On 23 June  Indonesia’s
Tommy Sugiarto has won the Singapore Open badminton championship Men’s singles
title .Sugiarto defeated Boonsak Ponsana of Thailand in the final in Singapore.

Women’s Singles :- China’s Wang Yihan won the
women’s singles title , after defeated Li Xuerui in the final.

India Won ICC Champions Trophy

On 23 June India has won the ICC Champions Trophy
2013 after defeated England at Edgbaston in Birmingham with a five-run
victory.Ravindra Jadeja was declared as the Man of the Match .He was also
awarded with the Golden Ball for grabbing maximum number of wickets in the
series.Sikhar Dhawan was declared as the Man of the Series. This was the second
Champions Trophy title of India.

 Koneru Humpy Won FIDE Womens
Grand Prix

On 28 June Koneru Humpy won the FIDE Women’s Grand
Prix chess tournament at Dilijan, Armenia.Koneru Humpy finished her campaign
with a flourish, defeated Mongolia’s Tuvshintugs Batchimeg in the final
.Slovenia’s Anna Muzychuk finished second and Georgia’s  Nana Dzagnidze
finished third.

 Nico Rosberg Won British Grand

On 30 June Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg has won the
British Formula One Grand Prix.Red Bull’s Mark Webber got second position and
Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso claim third position.


 India 4th In World Steel

On 5 June According to the World Steel Association
(WSA) data , India’s rank in the world order of steel production remained
unchanged at fourth slot with an output of 77.06 MT (million tonnes) steel
produced in 2012.China gets first ranked in world steel production .China
produced 716.05 MT in 2012.Japan produced (2nd rank) 107.02 MT and US (3rd
rank) 88.07 Mt in 2012.

Dhoni Ranked 16th On Forbes List
Of  Highest Paid Athletes

According to the Forbes “List Of  Highest Paid
Athletes “Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni,with earnings of $31.5
million, has been ranked at 16th place.Sachin Tendulukar got 51st place.This
list is prepared based on last year annual income.The annual income of MS Dhoni
is $31.5 million.But he earned $3.5 million  from matches and remaining
amount from advertisements and other business.Sachin Tendulkar’s annual income
is $22 million . The Golfer Tiger Wood(America) got a 1st place in this list
with annual income of $78.1 million followed by tennis star Roger Federer at
$71.5 million. Kobe Bryant, American professional basketball player, is third
at $61.9 million.

World’s Highest Density Of
Millionaires In Qatar

On 10 June According to the Boston Consulting
Group’s (BCG) 13th Annual Global Wealth Management Report ,Qatar has the
highest density of millionaires in the world, with 14.3 pc of the oil-rich Gulf
nation’s population holding private wealth of $1 mn.The figure shows 143 out of
every 1,000 households in Qatar holding private wealth of at least $1 million,
much higher than the global average.Kuwait ranks third with 11.5%, while
Bahrain (4.9%) and the UAE (4.0%) rank seventh and ninth, respectively.

World Bank Expected India To Grow
5.7% In FY 13

On 13 June According to the World Bank “”Global
Economic Prospects (GEP) “” report ,Growth in India is projected to rise to 5.7
percent in the 2013 fiscal year and firm to 6.5 percent and 6.7 percent in
FY2014 and FY2015, respectively.Global GDP is expected to expand about 2.2
percent this year and strengthen to 3.0 percent and 3.3 percent in 2014 and

2011-12 Poverty and Household
Consumer Expenditure Indicators Released

On 20 June The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO)
in its 68th round survey has released the poverty and key indicators of
household consumer expenditure in India, generated from the data collected
during July 2011–June 2012 .The National Sample Survey Office’s (NSSO) 68th
round of survey is based on samples consisting of 7,496 villages in rural India
and 5,263 urban blocks except some remote areas.

Highlights of  the Poverty
and Household Consumer Expenditure Indicators Data Report :-

*  5 per cent population on the bottom rung
had an average monthly per capita expenditure (MCPE) of Rs 521.44 in rural
areas and Rs 700.50 in urban areas.

* Poorest of poor in the country survive on barely
Rs 17 per day in villages and Rs 23 a day in cities.

* On the other end of the spectrum, top five per
cent of the population had an MPCE of Rs 4,481 in rural areas and Rs 10,282 in
urban areas.

* On an average on the all-India basis, MPCE was
around Rs 1,430 for rural India and about Rs 2,630 for urban India.

* For the average rural Indian, food accounted for
52.9 per cent of the value of consumption during 2011-12.Among non-food item
categories, fuel and light for household purposes (excluding transportation)
accounted for 8 per cent, clothing and footwear 7 per cent, medical expenses
6.7 per cent, education 3.5 per cent, conveyance 4.2 per cent, other consumer
services (excluding conveyance) 4 per cent, and consumer durables 4.5 per cent.

* For the average urban Indian, 42.6 per cent of
the value of household consumption was accounted for food, including 9 per cent
by beverages, refreshments and processed food, 7 per cent by milk and milk
products, and 6.7 per cent by cereals and cereal substitutes.Education
accounted for 6.9 per cent, fuel and light 6.7 per cent, conveyance 6.5 per
cent, and clothing and footwear 6.4 per cent.


Lightest Alien Planet Outside
Solar System

On 3 June European scientists have discovered a new
alien planet orbiting a young star about 300 light years from Earth.The
exoplanet, ” HD 95086 b “, was observed directly by the European Southern
Observatory’s (ESO) Very Large Telescope in Chile.Nearly 1,000 exoplanets have
been detected indirectly through various means such as radical velocity and
transmit method.Of  the 12 exoplanets ,the newly discovered HD 95086 b is
the least massive planet to have been directly observed outside the solar
system .HD 95086 b orbiting its parent star, HD 95086, is estimated to have a
mass of four to five times that of Jupiter.

Japan Unveiled 500 kmph Bullet

On 5 June Japan has unveiled its new levitating
bullet train, designed to travel at speeds of upto 500 kmph.The track is being

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