With Kate Mckinnon voicing Ms Frizzle, imagine how upset conservatives will get when they find out a lesbian is using magic to teach kids science. It’s like their worst nightmare.

And it’s even cooler because Ms Frizzle used to be voiced by Lily Tomlin, who is also a lesbian. So basically Ms Frizzle is a lesbian by association.

Of course she’s lesbian what straight woman owns a lizard and drives a bus

she’s also a massive transphobe but as usual y’all never listen to trans people

like pls stop supporting kate mckinnon. i (personally) dont care if people like stuff shes in but stop supporting her fucking career. her transmisogyny is well-known enough that its easily avaliable by googling it. please listen to trans women when they talk about this shit instead of passively agreeing with us for Cookie Points then turning your backs when your transmisogynistic fav does something new.

What’s her transmisogyny?

Why don’t you tell me? Has she abused trans people? Does she advocate against their right to housing, employment or civil rights?

What transphobic behaviour has she demonstrated?

Did you not fucking see the “it’s easily available by googling it”?

Then you should have no problem showing me a screencap! Or a link. Or anything better than “go google it”.

I’m on mobile so it’s not so simple as “provide a screencap or a link!” Don’t be fucking lazy and google it yourself like I did before.

Of course you are!

Why is it that when I ask for sources, everyone’s on mobile?

Here’s a fact for you: I am also on mobile!

Wanna see a neat trick?

If you use this cool feature called copy/paste, even you can post a link!

For example:

wikipedia org/wiki/Idiot

See? Not so hard after all.

I’m literally on mobile 100% of the time bc I hate the desktop version so. Also that wasn’t a link at all. There’s no http:// and you completely forgot the period. Also if I had to google it then you get to as well. Also @gladionagainsttransphobes posted a screenshot. You can check out their blog for that. And now you’re getting blocked bc you’re a Grade A Asshole™

Yeah, and so am I–“I’m on mobile” isn’t an excuse. Seriously, what sort of an excuse is that?

And your butt-buddy up there didn’t prove shit: they posted a screenshot of a google search where the majority of the links lead back to tumblr. That doesn’t tell me shit, other than the fact that people shouldn’t cite Tumblr as a fucking news wire.

And block me if you like. Doesn’t change the fact that you’re a liar and a fraud.

Liar, fraud, and very scary: I bet they don’t even know that the whole reason Kate McKinnon is considered a “terf” is because she once said that she is a lesbian so she’d never seen a human penis. THAT is why she’s “a massive transphobe” and to be shunned and vilified. LOL. Because she equated lesbianism with penis-avoidance. Which apparently makes her a monster.

It’s the willing self-enslavement to

rumors that grow unquestioned into canon that chills me. Do these scary children not want to allow Kate McKinnon to define what lesbianism is for her while they seek to redefine all the terms they themselves are uncomfy with?

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