If you like a pretty pink dress that has a swing to it. Then you will love this Lindy Bop Elodie pink bow print swing dress.

A few years ago I did a little series called ‘A change of Dress’. The idea behind this is really simple: I have a pretty serious pretty dress addiction, just ask my husband and he will tell you. When I shop online for clothes, I always go straight to the dress section and then make an imaginative wish list of all the pretty dresses I want to wear. It was only a matter of time before my obsession found its way on here as a fashion series called A Change of Dress It was my special place for all of the lovely dresses that I found.

I decided to stop updating the series – however I’ve now been wanting to bring it back. So today I’m going to tell you why you need to look at this beautiful Lindy Bop Elodie pink bow print swing dress.

Those who know me will know I bloody love Lindy Bop and have a serious addiction with this online shop. Everything on there is so bloody lovely. How can one shop reach into my brain and is able to know all what my dream dress will look like (or at least what I imagine them to look like).

I sometime have to hide my credit card as I could just buy everything. Especially this beautiful Lindy Bop Elodie pink bow print swing dress.

You know how in cartoon you see cartoon character with massive heart shaped eyes If they see something they like. Well that is me when I saw this dress.

Holy Crap – this dress is beautiful. It pink (bang on trend) got little bow printed all over the dress and it a swing dress. This is my perfect dress in a nutshell, how do the people at Lindy Bop do it?

I’m a big fan of swing dress as it covers my rather large apple figure. Which is a bonus as a lot of dress tend to be so figure hugging it become more like a second layer of skin, rather than a dress-wear.

This Lindy Bop Elodie pink bow print swing dress is so chic and girlie. Wear this for afternoon tea in some secret garden or have your own imaginative tea party.  Add a little bow or a ribbon in your hair and you will be prettiest girl at the tea party.

Basically folks I love this dress and if I haven’t maxed out my credit card I would buy this beauty.

The Lindy Bop Elodie pink bow print swing dress is available at £34.



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