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Is Empower Network a bunch of hype or is it a legitimate,  real means to create a lucrative business on the internet?  I'll give you the information without making you fill out a lead form!  If you are a sucker for big, splashy ads telling you that you are going to making thousands of dollars in 30 days, you will not find that here.  What you will get here is real information that you can USE to make an informed decision.

Let me tell you what [http://www.igetpaidonline.biz/empower-network/ the empower network] is.

It IS an affiliate program.  It DOES incorporate some aspects of network marketing.  And it most certainly IS a blogging platform.  Let me give you some details on how it works!

Let's start with blogging.  A blog is a website you can use to basically create webpages from an article that you write.  So, say you have a pet grooming business.  You can create posts on pet grooming products that you recommend, pet grooming services that you provide, pet grooming specials that you are offering, etc.  You get the picture!  People can also leave comments on a blog and sign up for your email or newsletter list.   Blogs are a great, easy way for people and businesses to have an internet presence!

Here's where the affiliate marketing comes in.  There are several different blogging sites, but here is why you want to blog on Empower Network if you want to make money…

You can promote whatever you want on the Empower Network Blog AND if you share Empower Network with people and they sign up to use it, you will receive 100% commissions for their subscription and any training they purchase.

The Details

In order to become a member of Empower Network, you need to find a sponsor.  You sign up for the program under this sponsor and with that membership, you get a pre-configured blog set up with Wordpress.  The basic membership is $25 per month and that gives you the blog.  In addition to the blog, you get access to a training area with education videos, splash (or capture) pages for you to collect peoples information and videos to provide them with more detailed information about Empower Network, and follow up emails to the people who have given you their information.

Now that is what everyone gets when the start up with Empower Network, which is a great value for the money.  If you were to set up your own blog (like this one) for a bona fide and serious internet business, you would need to get a hosting site (like GoDaddy) and install Wordpress yourself.  You would need to configure the layout, set up security, lead capture pages, make your blog pretty, set up social share buttons, etc.  And if that's not enough, get this!  The Empower Network domain gets TONS of traffic, so they are a high authority site, meaning whatever you post has more authority with the Search Engines.

With Empower Network, you can start blogging the same day you start!

For an additional $19.95 per month, you are given an e-wallet money manager, which allows you to receive commissions when people register to use Empower Network or purchase additional Empower Network products through your website.  It's basically your shopping cart, and connects right to your bank account to deliver your commissions.  All the work is done for you and this price is very fair.

Now let me just say that I had NO prior experience blogging before Empower Network.  I do, however, have Network Marketing experience and picking a good sponsor for me is a must.  I didn't want to be left in outer space to figure it out myself.  And to be honest, I am about developing Residual Income from multiple sources, and wanted to learn how to market more than just Empower Network.

So, I got a great sponsor in Rob Fore.  He is the mac daddy of search engine optimization and blogging and has taught me a ton....Quickly!  Thanks to Rob, I am now an internet marketer.  I can promote whatever I want.  I know how to drive traffic, I know how to get people to see my content and I know how to make money with Empower Network and other online programs!! :D

I love Rob's Strategy because he thinks long term.  He is about building a stable, strong foundation with lasting results.  This video pretty much sums it up.  And by the way, he is making $40,000 per month now…. just with Empower Network…

I was really nervous when I first started, but his strategy is proven, easy to learn, and it works.  Even for Newbies.  Period.

Is Empower Network for You?

Nervous about the blog thing?  I know how you feel.  But I will tell you that prior to Empower Network, I SCOURED the internet looking for a way to make money online.  I really wanted to create additional income streams online and after tons of research and hours of time I discovered that it was going to be hard... trying to learn how to become an affiliate and sell products online and I had NO idea how to do it...  dead-end after dead-end.  I was about to give up.

This IS the EASIEST way.

There are 3 main steps to follow to be successful.

1. Blog Daily

2. Promote Your Post

3. Make Money

If you join our Empower Network team, we'll teach you how to blog, what to blog about, and even send you articles to help you get started.  We'll show you how to promote your posts so that you can get free traffic to your blog (a blog's only good if people get to it and read it!).

I have so much to share with you and your success is my success.  So if you're willing to do your part, I'm ready to help you today.  And every day going forward.

Ready to get started and make it happen now that you've found the right person to help you?  I'm right on the other side of this post, ready to help!

Go to IGetPaidOnline.Biz to learn more about [http://www.igetpaidonline.biz/empower-network/ the empower network] and start making money from home today!

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