We have published the inclusion criteria, and the detailed evaluation criteria here : http://www.gartner.com/resId=2328015

Clients only for this link to the published research on the criteria. All Magic Quadrants are open to all vendors who meet the inclusion criteria; if you represent a non-client vendor and think you belong in the MQ, feel free to contact me and I can send you the criteria. Please contact me via email or twitter @jkowall you have questions.

The evaluation criteria have been enhanced in terms of the detail we published this year to provide better visibility of how the products are graded.

The note outlines reduced interest and investment in synthetic end user experience monitoring tools, as real user monitoring tools continue to become more mainstream and well adopted. This is a trend which has happened over the last few years, but is increasing as the options and cost of real user monitoring has decreased dramatically. The one area this has not happened is mobile APM, where synthetic is the current state of the art. This will be changing throughout 2013, as this year real user and real device mobile APM is adopted by customers. This is a similar transition web applications have gone through over the past several years.

Some areas of note within the document is the increased importance of analytic technologies, these are not the tools which allow you to build reports and filter data, but actually analyze and provide suggestions and insight into what is being collected. In my discussions with vendors every company seems to do Cloud, Big Data Analytics, and SDN. These terms are washed out to the point of being meaningless without context. Please read Will Cappelli’s research and insight in analytics.

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