George Osborne in The Black Country

The Love Black Country Team

In the last few weeks two significant announcements regarding the economy of our region have hit the press. Firstly, a new West Midlands Combined Authority has been proposed in a drive to make the region of the West Midlands an industrial and economic engine in the nation. Secondly, the Chancellor George Osborne visited the Black Country on Monday to officially recognise the 500th apprentice on the Ladder for the Black Country – a collaborative group who aim to get companies to take one or more apprentices and make a commitment to their future workforce.

One of the groups behind the Ladder for the Black Country is The Vine Trust, a Christian Community Development Trust based in Walsall, that has been working across the Black Country for nearly 25 years. You can read the full story of the Chancellor’s visit here. In addition to the recognition of the fantastic collaborative work of a Christian organisation in our region, is there a deeper spiritual significance of the Chancellor’s visit?

Are both stories just tomorrow’s chip wrappers? Or is God doing something in our region on a scale and by means that few of us would have predicted? Are there men and women of Issachar amongst us who can understand the times in which we live and perhaps see the hand of God in all of this momentum?

Biblical scholars are mainly divided on what is meant by the men of Issachar “understanding the times”. Some argue that the men possessed astronomical and scientific knowledge. Some argue that they understood the religious significance of the times linked to King David being crowned. However, others propose that the men were actually extremely politically astute, understanding how to use current political events to Israel’s advantage. Whoever they were, they sound like wise men!

If the latter is true, then as the Church in this area, should we be rejoicing over what God is doing and asking Him to truly help us to understand the times in which we live? God has promised that He is going to move in our area. This transformational move of God will affect every sector of our society, including the economy. Are we beginning to see the birthing signs of things to come?

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For His Kingdom,

The LBC Team.

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