Aside from town, Vivocity got to be our most frequent place to hang out at, especially for movies and on days that J get to use the car.

More often than not, the 2 reasons happened at the time, like today, the car is available and (so) I suggested for a movie date :p

Bought the tickets for a 9.35pm show before getting our dinner. 

Dinner at Vivocity is pretty much at the same place 99% of the time because a queue at Earl Swenson's is always non-existent or more "wait-able" than anywhere else. Moreover it is just too much of a dilemma to think of what/where to eat when we both already have a fixed-and-will-always-satisfy item to go to at Earl Swenson's ;p

For today, though we still got a table of 2 easily, the restaurant was more packed than usual at dinner time since it is also time for Iftar (Breaking of Fast during Ramadan)
Our food ordering was quick (since we already know what to order) and the free flow salad bar kept us munching while waiting for our mains to arrive.

And also because it is Ramadan right now, the salad bar had a few addition of local Malay delights like medjool dates

And Fruit Rojak - green apples, pineapples, turnips, mango and guava in thick spicy peanut sauce

Seriously the salad bar has sufficient amount of delicious items to fill me up :p
No pictures of our mains when they arrived as I was too hungry and they are the same (Fried Chicken Delight for J and Charbroiled Black Pepper Chicken for me) anyway
Both the food and service were reasonably good today :)
I wished I had more stomach space for the salad bar :X

Had time to kill before the movie so we took a walk outside the mall and I spotted this beautiful and unique vessel which was "parked" near to where the cruises typically anchor at

Closer looks

Found the below information via a Google search:
"ARC "GLORIA" from Colombia Navy, a beautiful three mast vessel, is in town since 1 Aug at Vivocity and she will be opened to the public for free guided tours from 10am - 5pm this weekend. 
ARC Gloria is the official flagship of the Colombian Navy and represents Colombia at every country she calls" (Extract from Republic of Singapore Navy Facebook)

I guess we caught the vessel too early; at their first night of docking.

Movie for the night is “Grown Ups 2”

A funny but “brainy” movie because certain jokes need some thinking and background information, e.g, Shaquille O'Neal was subtlety mocked about his bad/low free throws percentage (I didn’t catch this until J explained to me). 
The storyline was pretty simple but punctured with enough slapstick humour to keep me entertain.  
As compared to “Grown Ups 1”, I didn’t find much “takeaways” from the show and truth is, it was easily forgotten after a few days. 
It just doesn’t leave much of an impression afterall.

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