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Best Root Apps – Hello Everyone, Welcome to Amazetricks where you will be able To know all latest Guides and tricks, So this article is about Top Best Root Apps, we all know in This smart world all persons like to having rooted android phone Buy they don’t know which applications They will download in their rooted android device for making their Phone more Simpler and Greater.So, For This we are Going to post this article In Which We Will tell all about Rooting like what is Root and what are its Advantages and Disadvantages etc, Also we will suggest you some best root apps for rooted Android phone, So Lets Get Started.

Top Apps For Rooted Android

Rooting means getting access to the settings of your phone more deeply, In Simple Words Rooting means getting Administrative  Privileges or else can be said as jailbreaking which means you will be able to access all the unaccessible settings which manufactures want to hide from you and stop you from changing them.Ofcouse, Rooting is very helpful and if we see other side of rooting then rooting is bit riskier also, Your phone may be get brick and may be in any Software  damage issues, Read the full article know about Advantages and Disadvantages of rooting and You may also Find Some Best Root Apps.Therefore, Check our Recently Posted Article Dual Whatsapp.

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Advantages of Rooting android phone

Sometimes you may face some issues while installing apps from different sources like incompatibility with some apps.after rooting you can customize settings and will be able to install the apps which were incompatible before rooting and then you can install The best root apps in your device.

After rooting you could able to browse Root folder and able to make changes in System Files and you will be able to install more powerful apps that a non-rooted phone cannot able to handle.

After Rooting Your android device.you can able to access some specials applications or settings which requires Root authorization as compared to a non-rooted android phone and you can also able to access with some best root apps.

And one the Best advantage of rooting is that you can run Custom Roms also , which makes some tweaks in system and fixes issues , Custome Roms are much Friendly than Stock Roms , Custom Roms are well optimized for performance.

Every phone  comes with  a lot of Bloatware and Annoying Advertisements and you can’t uninstall until you get administrative privileges that is Root access.

After rooting , you can overclock you CPU for a faster performance.

Also you can observe some changes in battery backup after rooting.

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Disadvantages Of Rooting

Rooting is an easy process as well as risky too. your phone may get bricked while Rooting Before doing that keep a backup of all your data in SD card because some Phones are Very tough to root and they require a format of their internal storage to start rooting process.

As soon as your phone gets rooted your phones voids the warranty of it. If your phones gets damaged in case you will be charged for the repairs even if its in warranty period.

Not to store any sensitive data in rooted phones And not to do banking in rooted phones as rooted phone gives invitation to hackers to steal your data.

There are not much Disadvantages of rooting you phone But still we warn that we are not responsible if anything goes wrong in your phone while rooting.

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Important Note – below Sugested apps is Just For educational purposes only we are not responsible for anything happens with your device.

Top Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Phone

So below We have listed The Top 35 Best Root Apps For rooted android Device.From This you may able to Get benefit of rooted android phone.However, If you Do not rooted your android phone yet then you can Check our recently posted article about how to root android phone.So let’s See our Best root Apps.

List Of best Root Apps

Xposed Installer

Battery Calibration

Root Browser

Pimp My Rom

MTK Tools


Titanium Backup

Root Uninstaller




GI Tools

Disk Digger


Root Call Blocker

Gravity Box

Xiui Mod

DPI Changer

Set Cpu


Disable Service

SCR ScreenRecorder

Rom ToolBox Pro

Lucky Patcher

Soft Reboot

ROEHSOFT Ram-Expander




Root Firewall

Repti touch

Android ID Changer

Go Manager

XMOD Games


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#Xposed Installer App

This app is best of the best, it is equivalent to root.Xposed Installer app installs internal binary to your  phone by which you customize the look of your Notification bar, Apply themes, Roms and much more things you can do with xposed installer.Just Like we can say Its Heart Of rooted android device and that’s why we have listed it first on Best root apps.

you can download it by clicking Here – Xposed

#Battery Calibration App

This is one of the best root apps, which needs root access to run. Generally after rooting your phones creates a bin stats file of your battery which decrease the battery backup, Which battery calibration app deletes it and gives a good battery backup.So You must try it if you are facing these kinds of issues.

you can download it from playstore by clicking here – Battery Calibration

#Root Browser App

Root Browser is the best and amazing root app, Root Browser is listed as the best root apps in 2016 for its amazing features. this app helps you to access your system files which normally you cant access and you can even edit your system files like editing build prop and much more.

you can download the app by clicking here – Root Browser

#Pimp My Rom app

This app is best for Advance root users.it helps you to make changes to your Rom.it tweaks your Rom for a good performance Better Than Normal one.This app gives some Decent options to Manage your Rom in your Device.So must try it If You are an advanced root user.That’s why its Comes under the list Of Top best root apps.

You can download it by clicking here – Pimp My rom

#Mtk Tools or Mobile Uncle App

Well this app runs on Mediatek chipset devices only.However, nowadays maximum mobiles are Mediatek Processor as they are powerfull in work and in performance than other chipsets.If you wanna increase volume your phones speaker than you can do so and also this app can restore or Backup your IMEI and you can even boot into Recovery with one click.So, that’s why we have added in our List of Best root apps.

If you wish to download it than you can do it by clicking here – MTK Tools

#Greenify App

Greenify is Comes under The best Root apps Lost which every rooted user must have in his phone.this app can hibernate the apps which are running your background and gives you a decent or good battery backup and also it helps your friends to give your a good performance.

Every rooted user must give it a try and can download it by clicking here – Greenify

#Titanium Backup Best Root App

Titanium Backup is one of best root apps and most useful app for rooted users. You might think that there are other apps similar to it which can do this work but those apps can only save a backup of the applications but not its data.Titanium Backup can backup the APK and the data of the applications And can change your android id easily and also can able to remove system apps.

if you wanna download it then download it by clicking here – Titanium Backup

#Root Uninstaller App

Root unistaller app is one of the best and useful root app which helps the user to remove bloatware unusefull system apps which are pre installed by the manufactures of the mobiles. This app simply allows you to uninstall any system apps in a single click.That’s Why its comes in 7Th position In our list of Top best Root apps.

You can download the app by  clicking here – Root Uninstaller

#Freedom app

Freedom app Comes under the the top Best root apps and recently featured in Best Root apps for its amazing and mindblowing features.This app can help you to increase the coins or points in games or keys. Mainly this app can bypass In App purchase easily. This is the major reason for which users root their phone to get this amazing feature.The app is not available in Google Android apps market.

Search in Google From Here – Freedom

#Tasker App

This is also one of the best apps and have an usefull feature which can perform automatic tasks for the user. You can customize the settings according to your needs.So We can say this is The best root apps if you are a rooted android user.

You can download the app by clicking on this link Here – Tasker


Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Phone

If you have a low internal storage Phone and want to increase it than this app is for you. well, this app is a bit complicated as you need to do partition from SD card to increase your internal storage.But i can say this app is worthy of a try. So go ahead and give it a try if you wanna increase your internal storage.This app is consider as the Best root Apps by The users.

You can download it from here – Link2SD

#Gl Tools

If you have a low specification Mobile and want to do some Gaming than this is app is comes under the best root apps which give you an awesome experience.You can tweak your mobile gaming performance with the help of this app/ You can even run the games which your GPU is not capable of it.Well if you want to take a high end gaming experince and if you have a low end specs mobile but i can say that this app can help you to get a decent gaming experince with its amazing featurs. You can download it from XDA site

Search in Google From here – GI Tools

#Disk Digger App

This app is one of the best root apps which every one loves after knowing the capability of this app.So what this can do ?? Suppose if you have deleted any file or any media file etc by mistake then this app can help you to recover that file.However, the free version of this app can give you access to restore photos only but you can remove the limitation by upgrading it to Pro version.You can download it from Google Play Store or if you unable to find it.

You can do it by clicking on this link Here – Disk Digger


We can list this app in our Top best Root apps list by seeing its features and its usefullness.A lot of mobile users facing problem in Moving a particular app or game to External storage (SD Card) and some phones wont even the feature of moving it to external storage and Internal Storage gets filled up so fast.So, the best way is you can avoid it with the help of this app.You can move any particular app or large size game to Your External Storage .

If your wish to download.than you can do This by clicking here – CCSWE

#Root Call Blocker

You might need this best root apps in this generation.Suppose if you are getting any calls from unknown numbers or any spammy calls than you can block them with the help of this app. However, this app is a paid app but the feature of this app is very much usefull.You can block the incoming unkown number calls which are not saved in you phone book.at last this app is very useful and best in terms of call blockers.

you can give it a try by downloading it by clicking on this link Here – Root Call Blocker

#Gravity Box

Well, you might have heard about this all and its uses too to run Gravity Box you need install Xposed Installer Gravity Box wont run untill Xposed is installed properly. it can change the look and you can customize the notification bar settings or adding anything new.This is a Best root apps which all rooted users should have installed on their phones , You can download it from Google Play Store.

You Can Search in Google Play From Here – Gravity Box

#Xui Mod App

Everyone loves to experience awesome animations which gives a cool look to the phone with Xui Mod App which is considered as best root apps. you can experience really cool  animations on your phone. you can even make the colour of status bar to gradient this also one of the best root apps.This app deserves a try so dont wait give a try now.

download the app by clicking on this link Here – XUI Mod

#DPI Changer App

Screen Resolution plays an important role in Mobiles. This app is specially for those who wanna play games and videos on different resolutions.you can change your mobile resolution with the help of DPI Changer.Which is Comes under the best root apps list.

you can download it by clicking on this link Here – DPI Changer

#Set Cpu

Some users might face some issues while using it even though they have a good processor.if you facing the similar problem you must try these Best root apps for sure.you can overclock you Cpu with the help of this application. Overclocking CPU brings a major change in the performance of the Phone.You can even observe the change in battery level also.

download Set Cpu App from this link Here – Set CPU


Flashify can be considered as one of the top best root apps with Flashify you can Flash any recovery file or Zip.this app is specially usefull for those who frequently keeps flashing different ROMs with cwm or Twrp Recovery.there are alot of recovery guides available in google kindly check it out and that’s why this app is considered as best root apps.

You Can Search Flashify on Playstore From here – Flashify

#Disable Service

As you know that some apps keeps running in background by which our battery backup gets decreased. To remove those apps there are a lot of apps which promises that they can do it but they cant do as expected But this app can do it very well Give it a try if your facing the similar issue Because This App Is listed in our Top 35 best Root apps list.

You can download it by clicking here – Disable Service

#SCR Screen Recorder

This app is very useful to record your mobile screen for making Tutorials. Many apps are there in App market but some have resolution issues and some have limit of recording issue. This app capable of overcome of all the issues and that’s why considered as best recorder app in the list of best root apps.

You can Download SCR Screen Recorder From here – SCR Screen Recorder

#Rom ToolBox Pro

If you wanna tweak your phone to get most of the features out of it or wanna install custome recoveries etc.then this app is best for you.it can help you to solve all your Rom related issues which you are facing in your Daily life.

You can Download Rom ToolBox Pro By Clicking here Button – Rom ToolBox Pro

#Lucky Patcher

Lucky patcher is Considered As best Root Apps.Because, This is The Best Application For Removing License Verification Of Various Applications As Like Ditto TV So Guys Use This Application For Removing License Verification Etc.

You Can Download Lucky Patcher From here – Lucky patcher

#Soft Reboot

Wanna Restart Your Phone And Don’t Have Time Then Try Soft Reboot Now Its Help users To Restart thier Phone As Fast As It Can It takes Max 20 Sec To Reboot Your Device So guys Give It a Try Right Now & That’s why its listed in our list of best root apps.

You Can Download It By Clicking Here – SoftReboot


Ram plays a major role in mobiles.If you have low ram than you cant do heavy gaming and you may face lag issues while using your mobile.here is a perfect app which can solve your issues related to ram. ROEHSOFT Ram Expander app is an best root apps which can increase ram On android by swapping a partition of your SD Card.

than you can do it by clicking on this link Here – ROEHSOFT


you might have seen an app called Xprivacy in Google Play Store well some users may dont know about. So, Xprivacy is an app which can prevent apps from leaking sensitive data. nowaways many apps are trying to seek into phones identity without even letting the user to know about it but dont worry.this Best root apps can help you with that.Whenever any app tries to use any sensor or tries to seek in the identity or tries to read sms.Immediately Xprivacy detects that and lets you to decide whether to allow or not.

you can download it by clicking link Here – Xprivacy


Well, in some phones Xprivacy may wont work properly. if you  are facing any issues with xprivacy then i recommend you to try DonkeyGuard. Its is the best alternative of Xprivacy. There are lot of features in DOnekyGuard to explore.Go ahead and explore them yourself Because its comes under the list of top 35 Best root apps.

you can download it from here – DonkeyGuard

#Catlog -logCat Reader

Firstly , this is an usefull app by which you can know that which apps are running in background or not.you can monitor them with the help of this app.This Is the Best root apps is for testers and developers.

Give it a try by downloading it from here – CatLog

#Root Firewall

This app is specially for those who has limited internet connection.There are a lot of apps which runs in background and needs internet connection to fetch the data.all tbese apps runs in background and eats your data.so, if you wanna get rid of this and try this Best root apps with the help of this app you can block the data usage of particular app which you dont need.

you can download it from here – Root Firewall

#Repti Touch

I guess you got a rough idea about this app after reading the name.this app can run the tasks automatically.all you need to do is just to record some tasks and to relax.this app automatically keeps repeating the task untill you stop it its Considered as Best Root apps by its Regular users.

you can download it by clicking on this link Here – Repti Touch

#Android Id Changer

Android Id Changer is Considered as Best root Apps because Android id changer is a very usefull app some apps detects the phone by checking the android id.To be undetected by some app you have to change the android id and you can do it with the help of this app you can download it from the internet.

You Can Search Google For It – Android Id Changer


Many of you are searching for custom recovery etc and ends up with unsatisfactroy results. so this is a best app to install custom recoveries and roms etc.With the Help of Gomanager You can do it Easily Install any Custom Recovery.

you can download it from here – GoManager

#Xmod Games

Xmod games Which Is Comes Under The List of best Root Apps.This app is specially Made for gamers with this app you can patch online games like 8 balls etc. you can also play games in your desired speed like in slow motion or in fast easily.

you can download it from the link here – XMOD

#Super SU

Some users may see an app called SuperSu after rooting  well this helps you to give root permissions for the app which requires root access to run you can even unroot android phone with one click with this app if You have rooted your phone with this.

you can download it from here – SuperSu


So Guys This Our Article About Top Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Phone Which You’ve Must Install These Apps And Unlock The Most Used Feature Of an Rooted Android Phone If Anyone Wanna Ask Any Question About These Apps Then You all can Ask Any Question in Comments We Will Reply Each And Everyone.Thanks For Reading our Top Best Root Apps Article Keep visiting For More Such Great Articles.You may Also Like To See Our Recently posted Article Oginstagram.

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