It’s the season for setting benchmarks and reviewing your progress from the last year. What steps are you looking to take in the new year to move your career forward?

It’s not just you thinking about your future. Your bosses and managers are also wondering how you’re planning to move forward in the new year. They’re interested in your goals as well, and are hoping to see some initiative on your part. Once you’ve applied, just forward your application to amaadmin@janetkgeorge.com and we’ll send you an invoice to present to your employer.

The AMA offers options of all varieties for marketing professionals to boost our careers including options wherein companies can support their employees with a membership to the AMA. If your employer is seriously interested in their employees becoming competitive in the marketing industry, AMA membership is a great  investment.

But asking for support from a boss can be hard. So we here at the AMA we have compiled a letter (with text options) to help start the conversation with your boss. Good luck!

Dear _____ (Sir/Ma’am/Ted/Supreme Ruler),

As we look toward the end of the _____ (year/quarter/lunar cycle), I know we’re all thinking about how we can improve our _____ (leads/competitive advantage/victim count) in 2017. I would like to propose one option for training up employees: AMA membership.

The American Marketing Association was founded in 1937, and Portland’s chapter in particular is one of the oldest on the _____ (west coast/western seaboard/galactic quadrant). The AMA is focused on developing the careers of marketing professionals in practical, tangible ways through networking and industry-leading education.

The perks of an AMA membership for our company’s employees would include:

Consistent marketing education for employees, including those on the subject of  _______ (social media/analytics/pugs).

The ability to attend exclusive conferences discussing the future of marketing.

Leadership development tools.

Opportunities for networking with other prominent _______ (Portland businesses/industry leaders/secret alien brainwashing organizations).

There are special rates available for AMA members applying as a group from the same company. This would allow for great team building for the folks working in ____ (marketing/ad strategy/the cereal bar).

Let me know what you think of the idea going into 2017. I would be happy to discuss further details with ____ (you/human resources/accounting/that psychic on NW 23rd) if you prefer.

—(Your Name)

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