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.NET Standard – Simplifying Cross Platform Development via .NET Curry: Recent Articles


ESPN is on pace to lose more than 3 million subscribers in 2016 via Business Insider

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Inside Magic Leap, the Secretive $4.5B Startup Changing Computing Forever via Hacker News

Google’s new driving app will add a little smarts to your older car via Business Insider

Here’s how Google Maps could grow to be a $5 billion business by 2020 via Business Insider

Samsung is going to include an AI assistant in its next phone via Business Insider

The new Gmail app for iPhone will let you ‘unsend’ emails via Business Insider

AT&T will give away free Apple TVs and Fire Sticks with its new $35 streaming TV service via Business Insider

Apple sends the iPhone 4 to the land of obsolete gadgets via Business Insider

A Bunch Of Kids Probably Pulled Off The Biggest DDoS Hack Ever via Digg Top Stories

Apple’s €850 million data centre is going to be fast-tracked through Irish courts via Business Insider

Can’t Stop Hitting The Snooze Button? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions In The Morning To Lead A Meaningful Life via Lifehack

Pencil: open-source GUI prototyping tool via Hacker News

iOS App Store flooded with fake retail apps via Hacker News

Facebook is harming our democracy via Hacker News

Gmail Account Hijacking Vulnerability via Hacker News

The Plot To Murder Gawker via Digg Top Stories

This test determines if a robot can pass as a human via Business Insider

This hidden iPhone feature will boost your reception via Business Insider

CLINTON CAMPAIGN: If ‘whopper’ email is published by WikiLeaks in next 2 days, ‘it’s probably a fake’ via Business Insider

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains what the world will be like in 500 years via Business Insider

Tim Cook laid out the playbook for Apple’s next big thing via Business Insider

Scientists Can Publish Their Best Work at Any Age via Hacker News

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I watched Facebook Live non-stop for an evening and lost my soul via The Next Web

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Greening the cloud: How Amazon, Microsoft and Google are pursuing the goal of renewable power via GeekWire

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Julian Assange to be interviewed about rape allegations later this month via The Next Web

WhatsApp for iOS joins the GIF party with a ton of new features via The Next Web

Samsung hopes its new AI assistant will blow your mind, not your phone via The Next Web

Need Tech Support? Call Snowden via Gizmodo

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Master the programming language that powers all web browsers with the Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle via The Next Web

Rubik’s Cube Master Sets New World Record at 4.74 Seconds via The Daily Dot

This Is How Coffee Changes Your DNA via Motherboard

Adobe VoCo Allows Editing of the Spoken Word in Your Voice via Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows

The Looming Disaster of the Internet of (Hackable) Things via Motherboard

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ScreenWings prevents malicious programs from taking screenshots via The Windows Club

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Steve Ballmer talks about Bill Gates, Surface, Office 365, Bing, and more via The Windows Club

AI Developer Links Amazon Echo to Big Mouth Billy Bass, Making the Fishiest Personal Assistant Ever via The Daily Dot

Watch Computer Pros Get Excited About Windows 95…in 1995, Chris Higgins


Introducing the The F# Software Foundation Programs via InfoQ

[Video] Office Hours 2016/11/02 (With Transcriptions) via Brent Ozar Unlimited®

Rollout Aims to Enable Live Updates for Swift iOS Apps via InfoQ

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Power BI for Data Modelling via SQLServerCentral.com Articles

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Git Basics: How to Reset your local Git repository branch? via Kunal-Chowdhury.com – Microsoft Technology Blog for developers and consumers

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